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Jan Matura ends his career

15 years after he made his debut in the Ski Jumping World Cup in January 2002 in Innsbruck, Jan Matura has now decided to end his long career.

During these years I had the chance to meet many great, interesting people, exceptional athletes, coaches and fans. I could gain countless experiences, had many ups and downs and learned a lot about life. In some competitions I could beat all the big names of Ski Jumping, like Schlierenzauer, Malysz, Stoch, Ammann or Ahonen (Sorry guys, but it always made my day), the Czech wrote on his facebook page.

The biggest thanks goes to my family, my wife Veronika, my kids, Dukla Liberec, the club in Lomnice nad Popelkou, Czech team, jumpers, coaches, officials, volunteers and everybody who supported me in all those years”, he continued.

Jan Matura considers the two World Cup wins in Sapporo 2013, the 5th place in the large hill event of the Nordic World Championships 2013 in Val di Fiemme and the fourth place in the Nordic Combined team competition at the WSC in Trondheim 1997 his biggest successes.

The career of the 37-year-old is not over just yet. This summer he plans to compete in a few more events like the Continental Cup in Frenstat and the Czech national championships in Liberec.


MY incredible partner.  - Zendaya, March 2013 (x)

MY teacher.  - Zendaya, April 2013 (x)

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MY special someone.  - Zendaya, September 2013 (x)

MY favorite people in the world.  - Zendaya, September 2013 (x)

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MY Zendayachka.  - Val, December 2014 (x)

MY only dance partner ever.  - Zendaya, December 2014 (x)

TOP VALDAYA MOMENTS of 2013: #6 Val visiting Zendaya at her photoshoot

#6: Val visiting Zendaya at her photoshoot in NYC

On 12/13/13 Zendaya was in NYC for one day, hardly 24 hours. We had no idea why she was there, if she would see Val, or if he even knew. We should learn never to doubt these two:

Thanks to some digging we learned Zendaya was in town to shoot a spread for W Magazine (whoop whoop!). We also knew Val had to teach a class at DWM that day. With their busy schedules a meet up didn’t seem to be in the cards. They easily could have said “oh well…we tried but next time we’ll see each other”. NO, they refused to let that happen. Val went to see her during her photoshoot. Even though it was a quick reunion, even though they were both busy, it didn’t matter. They always make time for one another. Bastards.

Bonus: no “big bro” in sight.