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Tomorrow is Transgender Visibility day!

A day for trans women, men, agender, bigender, third gender, genderfluid, queer, neutrois, or just anything other than cis to be heard and to share their stories. Respect your fellow human beings and support them. You don’t have to embrace it but you NEED to accept it. Trans pride is important and you can’t stop us.

My hospitalization!

The rumors were true!

I was rushed to the hospital by my partner Val (cinnieminni) and my buddy Caleb early yesterday morning.

I had a violently fluctuating fever (too low, too high, then too low, etc), my joints felt like needles were being shoved in them, my head was throbbing so much I could hardly think, and most importantly breathing hurt and was very labored.

After tons of tests, blood work, X-rays, and plenty of stuff I can hardly remember because I was on a cocktail of “can’t even fathom how to pronounce these drugs”, I was diagnosed with a severe Sinus Infection and Walking Pneumonia.

My white blood cell count was extremely high and my breathing was still very labored, so they said I’d have to stay until my test results showed improvement.

Luckily at 7:30pm (Austin Time), they said I would be able to be discharged so long as I STAY HOME, DON’T DRIVE, and GET PLENTY OF REST AND FLUIDS, at least for the next few days to make sure I don’t fuck my body up further.

So, with my prescriptions in hand, and Nurse Val (cinnieminni) taking care of me, I should make a decent enough recovery to head back to work on Monday.

My full recovery will take at least 10 days, so I should be back to normal by the time RTX rolls around!

I realize it was partially my fault that I got this bad because I tend to push myself too hard and stress out too much. The doctors, the nurses, my coworkers, and of course my partner Val (cinnieminni) all told me I need to RELAX. Which I really don’t tend to do, at all.

That said!

Thank you so much for the HUGE amount of well wishes I received! I got so many messages on Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and of course the RT website wishing for my quick recovery! So thank you to all of you who took the time to send the lovely messages!

I’m going to go rest now.