Rules: Tag 9 users who you’d like to get to know better. Tagged by @itsspark1ing :3

Relationship status: i uhh … have a fwb .. but thats all at the moment, ;_;

Favorite color: blues and greens i guess :b i really hate yellow tho

Pets: my neopets

Cats or Dogs: cats ftw ! owo

Coke or Poop: uhh coke?

Chapstick or Lipstick: i play clarinet so chapstick all the way :) it doubles as cork grease in an emergency and vice versa … (cork grease makes AWFUL chapstic tho ;_;)

Last Song I listened to: Vana vaksal - Ivo Linna .. 

Favorite shows: Hannibal is my new religion, i watch Game of Thrones, tho i really prefer the books, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, all the anime … help

First Fandom: as hard as it is to admit …. i think it was x-men xD since i clearly remember playing xmen in elementary school :b

but the first official is either Eragon or Harry Potter uvu

Hobbies: i mean i try to draw, i play clarinet (in 3 orchestras, and looking to join like 4 more x_x) uhh … does being a disappointment count lol?

I tag: @aph-puffinbutts, @ninakoll, @purplemoonflower, @trashcan-temmie, @imidjit, @floccinaucinihilipilificationa, @vihkan-sind, @spartalabouche, @egberts