Baltic mythology: Forest goddess and wind goddess

Miško motina (Forest Mother) – protector of all trees, birds and animals living in the forest. Portrayed as a tall woman with green hair, wearing a green mantle.

Vėjų motina (Winds Mother) lives in the forest near the great oak where her family’s dwelling is located. The goddess has a real know-all daughter, who can show you a needed pathway using her ball of yarn, and four sons: Šiaurys (North), Pietys (South), Vakaris (West) and Rytis (East). Vėjų motina owns a magical apple tree garden. These apples have power to bring people fertility, love, beauty and health. The goddess is portrayed with white hair, covering herself with a gray mantle.


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Lithuanian Velykos (Easter) traditions and beliefs from the pagan times

o   Velykos’ celebration lasted 4 days and each day had its own name: ugnies diena (the Day of Fire), dievo Perkūno diena (the Day of Thunder god Perkūnas), gegužės diena (the Day of May or the Day of Cuckoo) and ledo diena (the Day of Ice);

o   It was believed that you can kill evil spirits by shooting while walking around the house during Velykos’ night or early morning;

o   In the morning sun bounces up into the sky;

o   Apple trees were shaken to wake them up from žiemos miegas (winter sleep);

o   Weather was predicted based on the winds and the sun on Velykos’ morning: Šiaurys (Northern wind) meant cold summer, Pietys (Southern wind) - warm summer, Vakaris (Western wind) - rainy summer, sunny morning meant bright cloudless summer;

o   The main traditional dish is margučiai - boiled eggs decorated with Baltic ornaments.