Hearing Walken say “vajiggle jaggle” is so worth making it through the obnoxious host. 

💙🐰When someone calls me ugly🐰💙

Bitch look at my sexy ass! *slaps ass as it vajiggle jaggles* my ass jiggles when I slap it. Look at my eyes, my eyes be flawless. Look at my hair, blessed by the Angels of the wind. Look at my nose blessed by the ancient bunny gods. Look at my skin, touch by the lady of the lake shining like EXCALIBUR!

*runs off singing*

Excalibur! Excalibur! I’m from the United k. I’m going to California!

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Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA as of late. School is starting up soon, and I just moved into a new house for the school year so things are hectic.

I have some bad news. It turns out I won’t have any internet connection (in my house) in time for Honey Boo Boo tomorrow, so I won’t be able to live-blog, OR approve submissions (if I opened submissions). I will more than likely have internet for NEXT week’s episode, and I will open submissions then.

Thanks for following the blog, and sorry if I can’t fill your Honey Boo Boo void this week. That sounded dirty.

Anyways, I have a bunch of gifs from last week’s episode that I haven’t posted yet, so I’ll do that today!