Cyborg Queen’s Senior Yearbook

Someone asked me about my extra curriculars in high school, which inspired me to fish out my senior yearbook. And since I thought some of this shit was pretty funny, I figured I’d share it with you.

They spelled my name wrong.

LOL. God.

Some things don’t change - I still listen to Slipknot.

Some things do - I’m not the “girl who can draw” anymore… (and I’m not with Sean, lol)

It’s true love, guys! TRUE LOVE!

We broke up two months later, lol :P

^ TL;DR - I was an asshole in high school, and I’m still one today.

Imagine the possibilities! 

Also, if these sound super impersonal, that’s because I had, like, two friends in high school.

Also, I did not keep in contact with any of these people. 

Still funny though!