Namo almost screams when he first sees a dwarf. Suddenly there was a ruckus in his Halls that sounded as if someone was swinging his pillars into each other. Not to mention the very loud “click” and “clanks” that echo throughout his halls.

Upon his investigation, he meets a group  of very angry, very hairy, very short things, who somehow have managed to bring weapons (hammers, males, axes) into his halls, and are quickly building a hole in the walls, trying to escape. When they speak angry Khuzdul to him and he doesn’t respond, they turn their weapons on him.

He doesn’t know why he leaves the room. He’s just  never seen something quite like them, and to be frank he is quite terrified. He tries to coax them out and dissuade them from leaving his halls, but it does not work, and more than once they try to kill him.

Eventually his Vaire points out that they look very similar to Aule, and must be his famous mistake.

Following that episode, Namo sends all dwarven souls to Aule’s domain in the form of tiny maia.

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(1) oh my god dude holy shit like two years ago or something i saw a replay on showdown for the first time and i just remember being so shocked at it because someone managed to KO a blissey at 91% with their mega houndoom and i was like "FUCKING WHAT DAMN" and that's what inspired me to get into showdown a couple months ago and i looked back at the replay now and the guy's username was "Vair" and i'm laughing so hard holy shit

Ahhhh I remember that but HOW on earth did you manage to find it? I linked to it on my blog when I covered Mega Houndoom but aside from that I can’t imagine how you would’ve stumbled across it. 

In any case though that’s awesome! Hopefully you’ve been able to make some progress over the years. I’m glad that battle had that big of an impact on you because it certainly had a large impact on that Blissey as well as its trainer. And thanks for telling me, this definitely made my day!

Oh and I believe this is the replay in question if anyone wants to watch! (it’s only 4 turns long)

I really like the idea of most of Fiona’s dresses, when she starts needing more, consisting of dresses that can be easily modified. (EX: detachable vair or jeweled edges, detachable collars, modifiable bodices, etc, akin to, but not the same as robe à transformation, or even dresses that were, say, pale green for the spring, that could later be dyed over with, say, pink, to make an acceptable fall or winter dress.) 

After all, Ferelden is not exactly a rich country. It seems pretty poor, and I feel like an Orlesian queen who had many dresses would be seen as a wasteful spender of what little money the country had.

But an Elven queen who only had two or three dresses would be making the country look too poor, also not good. 

Dresses that could be modified would strike the perfect balance. They’d look different, if tweaked, but, even if she didn’t tweak them herself, which she probably wouldn’t cuz she can’t sew, wouldn’t cost nearly as much as a new dress or gown.) 

Since Finwe Is stuck in the Halls of Mandos, and Miriel is doomed to document the actions of her family under Vaire, I imagine she and Finwe seeing a lot of each other.

Just imagine him peeping into her work station, pulling up a stool and sitting beside her. He does little things to make her laugh, plays with her hair while she’s working, tickles her and does everything to prevent her from finishing her job.

Vaire has to chase him out every day.

But their giggles fill the entire Halls of Mandos, and even Namo is struggling to hide a grin.

All in all, their relationship is adorable.

So this is the Mandalorian Lullaby I used in Chapter 6. I used an ancient welsh folksong called “Ar Hyd y Nos” as the base for it (

Then I changed it to suit my story and translated it into Mando’a. The image is sized to be used on a desktop cause I wanted it myself! haha

Written lyrics after the cut

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Izmet savu veco dzīvi,
Atstāj to kaut kur,
Kaut uz smilšu kalna,
Kā pieminekli stulbumam
Un jaunam sākumam.
Atstāj šo vietu vien tālab,
Lai ikreiz palūkojies turp
Ka šajā būdā
Vairs nekad neieiesi,
Lai kā tevi nespiestu.
Aiznaglo un aizmūrē
Logus un durvis,
Lai skumjās dienās
Atpakaļceļa nav.
Pagātnē nākotnes nebūs

#Vecmīlgrāvis #Rīga #Latvija #2016 #architecture #abandoned #cityscape #urban #soviet (at Vecmīlgrāvja Primārās Veselības Aprūpes Centrs)

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I’ll be away for about four weeks starting tomorrow because of both work and vacation combined – in China. In other words, that means my activity will be lower than usual, though you can definitely catch me in the evenings as long as I have some internet connection. (Let’s not test my luck here because Vaire knows how things went so far whenever I was not at home ahaha.) For mutuals, I’ll be available through IM on here as well as Skype.

As for threads, feel free to check out here to know which ones I’m keeping (too many). I have them all in my drafts in hopes that my writing muse gets stronger again during my vacation. Furthermore, I have a starter drafted from @unxpapillon and I also owe a starter for @latetdolorx.

Also pinging the following people to let them know that I’m keeping our threads–

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Stay safe, everyone! ♥

Bēgot no vientulības, esmu sapratis to, cik patiesībā tai tuvu esmu nonācis. Bēgot no tās, esmu sapratis, ka tā ir mana iespēja radīt, jo neviens necenšas tai cauri lauzties un no manis to laupīt.

 Apguvis savu klusumu, es vairs nevēlos ar to dalīties.

 Apguvis savu klusumu, es vairs neredzu sev vietu cilvēku caurvējā, ko kādreiz esmu centies uzrunāt.

Esmu ar mieru ar to sadzīvot kopīgi līdz pat brīdim, kad manās ausīs klusums durstīsies un šo kvadrātmetru tukšumu es vairs neatzīšu par savu vietu.

—  Matīss Mednis
Ideas For Finding A Great Countertop

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Of course, the for the best free will if you have the budget is the go-go and jaunty granite peel. It remains as one of the extremity countertop ideas for those who chouse embarras de richesses to spend. The natural proportion about the regolith countertop will give your home the classic graciousness that you necessity it to have. Through dignified use and regular upholding, it should perennate for a only too long time.

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