Posting pictures of women with thin arms or thigh gaps and captioning them as “ana goals” (or whatever pro-anas are saying these days) makes you seem incredibly vain, shallow and vapid as a person. Not to mention completely out of touch with the reality of eating disorders. Not sorry. 

He That is Jealous Is Not In Love

Summary: In short, Dan one hundred percent, absolutely, utterly hated when people flirted with Phil but that is nothing, nothing compared to watching Phil flirt back.

Genre: Fluff
Words: 700
Tags: Jealous!Dan, Fluff, Friends to Lovers,
Warnings: Some swearing cause Dan needs to was his mouth out with soap.

It had started out innocently enough really. When Hazel was formally introduced to the gang Dan had instantly taken a like to the girl. She wasn’t like the other friends that Louise had introduced them to, vapid, vain, all of them coming and going in no time fly. Hazel was actually pretty damn sound and they had become quick friends bonding over music, films and a shared apathy for the world in general. She had quickly integrated herself as a staple part of their small group of friends. The only thing that bothered Dan was that she was a bit too friendly. More specifically, towards a certain bespeckled man that goes by the name of Phil Lester.

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