daario naharis was a fuckboy pure and simple he thinks he’s hot shit but he’s so typical he’s arrogant, vain, pushy, dumb, vapid, belligerent, obnoxious, etc. i mean jon snow has his faults but at least he doesn’t encourage dany’s worst instincts

for example:


vs this

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What are the similarities and differences between Lydia and Stiles?

I mean, the biggest difference I think is that Lydia’s capacity for compassion is far higher than Stiles’. Stiles is always going to be more focused on himself and his friends, Lydia will focus more on strangers than he will. 

Lydia’s also way more vain, not in a vapid way, but I think she has a genuine enjoyment of fashion. It’s not a requirement for her anymore, but like… she definitely loves clothes and makeup and I think will eventually find a balance between now and s3, in a way to express herself and be comfortable within herself. Whereas Stiles will throw on whatever is comfortable and style his hair in a way that he thinks looks good but actually doesn’t and he’ll go forever without getting a haircut because he’s too focused on other things. 

Their brains definitely work the same way, in that they’re both impatient people who think incredibly quickly, but I think Stiles’ brain is more wild whereas Lydia’s thinking is more sifting through knowledge and a catalogue of what she knows, not making fast, point-by-point deductions like Stiles does. Their information is based from different things, you know?

Stiles is also a meaner person, I think when it comes down to it. But he wears his whole self on his sleeves, something that’s so beautiful about him. When he loves, he loves with all of himself. His emotions are right there at the surface. But it also means that when he hates someone, he doesn’t bother to disguise it. 

Lydia, on the other hand, really hides her feelings inside of herself. Lydia could hate someone and, if she didn’t want them to know, they never would. She’s a brilliant actress in a lot of ways. 

But they’re also hella judgemental, both of them, and their senses of humor are similar and I think that, in the end, both of them value family and people a lot when they’re close to them. Lydia will eventually learn to be able to fully care about people without being afraid and Stiles is going to help open her up to that. 

Plus both of them are sapiosexuals so everybody wins


I took the trouble of translating this bullshit for you all. 

1) So fucking what if you like to decorate your glorious nails. HE doesn’t like it so you’d better cut that shit out right away. HE doesn’t like you having ‘tantrums’ over broken nails like those silly, vain, unworthy ladies he’s seen in films written by men. (Has anyone actually ever had a tantrum over breaking a nail? I’ve hung around with girls my whole life and I’ve never once seen this happen.) Better to just get rid of them. What’s the point if he doesn’t approve, eh?

2) Guys like to be on time so don’t you dare be late! 

But wait, ladies! There’s more! He wants you dressed well (not too sexy, not too prudish), and he wants you with a perfect face of 'natural’ make up (as evidenced in point 8). Also you must smell good and be smooth all over. Somehow you’ve got to get this shit done in a way that makes it seem effortless, and also in the same amount of time it takes him not to shower or bother to look decent and just roll up at your door. 

3) Don’t stalk him. This is actually great advice. 

Oh, wait, that includes not calling him out when he sends flirty texts to other women? It includes not questioning why he won’t refer to you as his girlfriend? It includes not asking why he’s never home when he says he’s going to be?

I get it. Don’t be 'crazy’ and obsessive. Just accept these things as a fact of life. He’s a man. He needs his freedom. (But god forbid you paint your nails a pretty colour without his say so). 

4) He wants you to look skinny (with big boobs and butt), but you mustn’t diet to achieve this end! Oh no! It must happen by magic. Without his notice. He doesn’t like to be reminded that you are a real person so maybe starve yourself silly when he can’t see you, eh? (Seriously, though, don’t do that. Do not. You’re gorgeous how you are. Eat what you want.) 

5) Don’t talk. Only HE can talk. Smiling and nodding and forcing yourself to giggle at his shitty jokes is acceptable, but don’t overdo it otherwise he’ll think you’re 'crazy’ and obsessive and you don’t want that! Make sure to keep your thoughts to yourself because if you say them out loud they might irritate him. You’re only there to look good, remember? You don’t have a mind of your own.

6) Never express any emotion other than adoration for your godlike boyfriend. Don’t be sad or he’ll get fed up of you. Don’t be angry or he’ll call you a 'crazy b*tch’ or a 'nag’. Don’t enjoy anything too much without his approval or he’ll think you’re vain and vapid and irritating. Happiness is okay, so long as it’s on HIS terms. God forbid you cry. You’ll spoil your 'natural’ make up and ruin his illusion of you having flawless, poreless, smooth, doll-like, hairless skin 24/7. This may frighten the man. 

7) Never tell the man what to do. Even when you’re doing everything and he isn’t pulling his weight. In fact, maybe you should do everything for him? Uncomplainingly. He doesn’t put his washing away? Don’t nag, woman. He’s watching the game. He’ll do it later. (He won’t.) But that’s okay. Keep him happy by never expecting him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Never expect him to contribute to the household chores. Never expect him to keep that promise he made. That makes you a nag. Nag nag nag. 

He wants a girlfriend, not a mother, silly. That means in addition to doing all the household chores you also have to be sexy. 

8) He wants you looking perfect at all times, but without having to acknowledge that you are a human being. Never mind that you love that new glittery eye-shadow. Just look natural, okay? It’s easy….

But you can’t look natural natural. You can’t just roll out of bed like he can! You’ve got to have flawless skin, kissable plump lips, long lashes, perfect brows… you know, the natural stuff. 

(Don’t take longer than ten minutes to achieve this or you’ll be late and we’re back to point 4). 

Notes: Just wanted to add here, on a more serious note, that if this and all the many many articles like it isn’t an indicator of a patriarchal society, then I don’t know what is. Notice that the woman is always required to change her behaviour to please the man. It is never the other way around. You don’t get articles telling men to suck it up and compliment their girlfriend’s beautiful sparkly nails. Also, worryingly, this 'article’ was written by a woman. See how internalised misogyny poisons us all? How many of you have seriously considered one or more of these points at some time in your life? I have. Most of my teenage years were spent poring over magazines that taught me how to improve myself for the male gaze. Well fuck the male gaze, quite frankly. And fuck any many that agrees with this way of thinking. Any man that requires you to hide your humanity is not worth your time. 

I also wanted to point out how heteronormative these articles are. The attitude seems to be that if a man doesn’t like it, then there’s no point. Well, we’re not all out to bag a man. Sorry to break it to you, but some of us are lesbians, bisexual, pansexual etc… Not to mention that some of us aren't interested in relationships. Where does that leave those people? Are they entirely useless? I guess so, if they’re not there to be entertainment for the men. 

(This was going to be my new YouTube video but I still don’t have a voice so I thought I’d make it a post instead). 

just another modern au: jamie chung as cosette

Euphrasie ‘Cosette’ Fauchevelent is quite possibly the sweetest, most charitable woman ever to try to stab someone with her stiletto heel.

The most common misconception about Cosette is that she’s a shallow, vain, vapid little girl who only cares about her looks. In reality, she’s just exceptionally well-rounded. She’s not going to pretend she doesn’t know she’s pretty just to please other people, but she’ll always make sure you realize how beautiful you are, too. She likes pretty clothes and cute things, and she helps run clothing drives and donation centers so others can have nice things that make them happy along with the necessities. She’s got a smile that lights up a room and makes sure to greet every person she meets with it, just on the off-chance they’re having a bad day. Yes, she can be silly, yes, she spends a good half hour in the morning getting ready, and yes, she’s kept every stuffed animal she’s ever been given and has them all on her bed. However, don’t think for a second that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take her seriously.

Cosette’s adopted father, Jean Valjean, is a man whose daughter is essentially his entire world, as well as an ex-convict  who knows that a young woman needs to be able to protect herself. Because of this, Cosette is well-versed in self defense and mixed martial arts (she teaches a free class every Saturday at the local community center) and could probably break most of the bones in your body if she needed to.

She knows that not everyone has been as lucky as she has and wants to help in any way she can; contributing to feminist movements, spending her free time running reading programs for kids at the library, working in shelters for teens and kids who don’t have homes to go to anymore, and just trying to make the world a better place.

She may not be the most violent of world-changers (except for the aforementioned incident involving a misogynist, an unsolicited hand where it should not have been, and Cosette threatening to stab a man with her heel but settling for breaking his nose) but she does believe in the power of kindness, love, and generosity, and sometimes that makes a world of difference.

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“ Aphrodite held up a gold sequined top. "No…this would make me look ridiculous.”

Piper laughed uneasily. “You? You can’t look anything but perfect.”

“You’re sweet,” Aphrodite said. “But beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself–avoid trying to be something you’re not. For a goddess, that’s especially hard. We can change so easily.” “

The Lost Hero, pages 429-430

What I’d like to know is why people make Aphrodite and her children so vain, vapid, and even stupid. This is the best passage I have read from the books, to be completely honest. Aphrodite may not be smart in the way Athena is, but she isn’t stupid. Aphrodite and her children understand people, and most of the time that is a greater feat than understanding concepts. People are always changing and have to deal with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To understand people you have to be very intellectual. That’s what makes Aphrodite’s children so great–they have a huge capacity for empathy and understanding, and that is far too underestimated. Just because some of them are more into their appearance than others doesn’t mean that they’re unintelligent and obnoxious. Not all Aphrodite kids are "mean girls” like Drew Tanaka. In fact, Drew is the exception. All the other Aphrodite kids in the books are a lot kinder, more understanding, and quite empathetic. They may not be strong in battle, they may not have the skills that other godly children have, but with their social skills, these kids are essential to keeping people together, for raising spirits and encouraging the others to be the best they can be.

Stop making Aphrodite children vain and unintelligent. They’re probably some of the greatest people you will ever meet. Just look at their mom.

He That is Jealous Is Not In Love

Summary: In short, Dan one hundred percent, absolutely, utterly hated when people flirted with Phil but that is nothing, nothing compared to watching Phil flirt back.

Genre: Fluff
Words: 700
Tags: Jealous!Dan, Fluff, Friends to Lovers,
Warnings: Some swearing cause Dan needs to was his mouth out with soap.

It had started out innocently enough really. When Hazel was formally introduced to the gang Dan had instantly taken a like to the girl. She wasn’t like the other friends that Louise had introduced them to, vapid, vain, all of them coming and going in no time fly. Hazel was actually pretty damn sound and they had become quick friends bonding over music, films and a shared apathy for the world in general. She had quickly integrated herself as a staple part of their small group of friends. The only thing that bothered Dan was that she was a bit too friendly. More specifically, towards a certain bespeckled man that goes by the name of Phil Lester.

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Why do people call me arrogant for taking selfies? (Not even revealing ones or anything although theres nothing wrong with that)

Because we live in a stifling patriarchal society which cannot stand to see assertive, confident, happy women that do not need the validation of outside influences (ahem men) in order to feel good about themselves, because that means the patriarchy loses power, capitalism loses money, and women get more of a say in the way they are portrayed, which is not what a lot of men (and a few women, shame on them) who have made money from our objectification want to happen.

Please note the following translation: 

That arrogant woman is taking pictures of herself. How vain and narcissistic. 


That gorgeous woman feels confident about herself and isn’t afraid to show that even in this self-esteem crushing society in which we bring little girls up both to associate beauty with goodness, success, popularity, and overall happiness, and then to hate themselves for not managing to adhere to almost impossible standards that should they attain, they’ll get called vain, vapid, unintelligent, or sexually objectified and dismissed for anyway. 

(In other words, you rock those selfies). 


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what's the meaning/explanation behind your installation? it looks super cute (including you haha) o:

Thank you ♡
Wow it’s hard to explain in one post so this might be a tad long!!

The work is mainly about pink, subcultures, girls’ culture and the female experience. I am really really interested in pink as a colour because even though it is something that has so many varied and contradictory meanings (eg, pain, pleasure, natural (flowers, sunsets), unnatural (plastics, barbie, bubblegum etc)) it’s almost never taken seriously and is most always associated with femininity (in western culture). So I wanted to present the work all in pink because I think that it’s the best colour to represent the female experience of pink-washing consumable objects, not always being taken seriously and having a lot of contradictory expectations placed on you.
I find that things that are seen as stereotypically feminine (makeup, fashion, etc) are often made synonymous with vain or vapid or without value, and I want to break this down. In the past, subcultures have been mostly male driven so the eruption of kawaii fashion subcultures is really important because it’s such a female-led culture and the girls participating are reclaiming feminine and girlish things and using them as a form of self-expression that diverges from the mainstream. I think kawaii girls are really brave, especially in the western world, because even though their aesthetic falls into the hyper feminine, it’s nowhere near the mainstream expectation and the scrutiny and judgement experienced in public spaces can be terrifying, especially for girls.
So I guess that brings me to the bedroom installation which is a representation of a sanctuary for the kawaii subculturalist. Bedrooms are really important in girls and youth culture as a form of escape and expression (they have the most power in this space and can decorate it as they wish). So I’m presenting the kawaii space to the viewer as something they cannot influence, a space where the public doesn’t have power. But also want to highlight the importance of bedrooms to kawaii subculturalist a because so much of this culture exists within bedrooms and online (especially in the west in terms of online experience but even Kyary talks about the importance of her bedroom and you have people like Sebastian Masuda making the girls’ room etc). Also the sense of geographical displacement for western kawaii enthusiasts who have to create new kawaii spaces in their homes is touched on.
I want to show how girls can be girly but still empowered, intelligent and valuable and how kawaii fashion is not aimed at pleasing the male gaze but more an expression of femininity by girls for girls (and of course men are welcome to participate so long as it is respectfully).
I hope this explains it a little ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ xx


Posting pictures of women with thin arms or thigh gaps and captioning them as “ana goals” (or whatever pro-anas are saying these days) makes you seem incredibly vain, shallow and vapid as a person. Not to mention completely out of touch with the reality of eating disorders. Not sorry.