vain party

There is an anecdote that Lord Stirling at the execution of a British spy was standing near the gallows. The American soldier who was to hang him allowed him a few moments to pray before the spy fell on his knees, and in a voice cried out to God, “Lord, Lord, have mercy on me!”. Lord Stirling, believing this was addressed to him, turned to the man, and said, in a loud voice, “None, you rascal, none!”

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any thoughts about Types of Parties

Here are all the types of parties I know:

- parties where you wear your clothes

- parties where you don’t wear your clothes

- parties where you glance out at the people smoking on the porch and think, why is it that they look so cool and relaxed with their cancer sticks, maybe cancer is worth it, god I wish I had something to do with my hands right now

- parties where you turn up too early

- parties where you are overdressed (actually a subset of ‘wearing your clothes’ parties, but worthy of special mention)

- parties you wish you didn’t have to go to

- parties where you didn’t want to go but then you have an amazing conversation with someone and the host, who has been inviting you in vain to party after party in an attempt to make you meet this person, looks smug

- parties where the Introduction Gambit detailed above fails badly and it’s really awkward

- parties where you dazzle everyone with your charm

- parties where you were very very drunk (possibly the same type of party as the one above)

- parties where you just don’t give a shit anymore (actually fun!)

- My Upcoming Wedding, a party category rapidly taking on a life of its own

headcanon time!

due to morishige’s lack of interest towards most people (and him being extremely demiromantic) he never had crushes before mayu. because of this, when he started developing feelings for her it would cause a whooole lot of confusion - he wouldn’t really even know what those feelings were supposed to be! he had nothing to compare it to, since there were no past experiences.

however, he’d slowly start noticing that he could suddenly relate to love songs, or to the romantic nonsense some of the scripts he’d rehearse for drama club would have. most importantly (only to confuse him more) those would always make him think of mayu

— this would naturally drive him deep into denial…
“i-it’s not like that!!” he’d try to convince himself, but in vain.