vain idc

the signs as feelings
  • aries: taking cookies out of the oven, walking down an empty hall, getting in line for a rollercoaster
  • taurus: walking into a used book store, looking at fish at a pet store, watching an old movie for the first time
  • gemini: cotton candy melting in your mouth, watching dark clouds appear before a storm, climbing a tree
  • cancer: taking the first sip of tea, painting your room, watching the sun rise in Winter
  • leo: being in a bouncy castle with your friends, finishing a good book for the third time, having a first kiss with someone new
  • virgo: finding a mistake in a book, the last bite of a really good meal, when your favourite store has a sale
  • libra: finding something new, singing your favourite song, when strangers smile at you
  • scorpio: accomplishing something great, moving to a new town, going to bed early
  • sagittarius: walking onto a plane, planting flowers, getting pushed into a pool
  • capricorn: walking a dog, shopping online, tanning
  • aquarius: finding shapes in the clouds,checking into a fancy hotel, laying down after a long day
  • pisces: when you first see the buffet, cracking your back, winning a board game