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The beautiful @itcouldntbe tagged me to share 10 selfies of 2016. These are the ones that I felt the most beautiful and alive in. I have come so far this year in loving myself. In being myself. And being true to myself. (And had more hairstyles than necessary) I can’t believe it’s almost over. Here’s to a better year full of love, truth, and creative journeys
I’ll tag @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman @ewipperling @shed100please and @journeytobutterfly


2015 selfies aka oh my god why am I so self-centred. tagged by the lovely @dijlah and @tulkrm I tag @zaman-al-samt @tufayyurr @freedomismywish @fenrises @imjustaromantic @babbaaye @3ishtar @itshouda @iraqifeminist @newjork @namrekeya @7afla @bintofmaghreb @khaleesibeyonce @swaiyyer @teknaitous @tekhmem @seedo-amjad @thawrah @mskhota @yil3anak @layaloooo @dhrvti @5alas @thenorthafricanmiddleeastern @ataysquad @therockinmoroccan @maghrabiyya @bey-gypt and whoever else 💞