Let me be the first to tell you:

I am a pervert
Flattery does zilch for me
I am vain
Why wouldn’t I be … I am a Virgo
I am curious of simple things
My curiosities
Lead me to decisions that I just wing
I love it
I may get upset with myself
But those are my experiences
My impulses have helped me grow
I will tease a mf
And walk away
Still judging????
Grow up
I’m laughing
You think I don’t see but I do
I will talk and talk and talk
Never gossiping
I don’t do that
I am sensitive
Which is an awesome thing
The wolves haven’t changed me
Just as you have pranced in
As I have kindly recognized you
Sadly enough I will forget you
Careful now


took me 18 years to get to a point where im not constantly putting myself down because i feel like im too dark or constantly stuffin my face makin myself sick to gain weight and be thicker or where i dont look in the mirror and wanna break it cause my nose is too big or my eyes are slanted weird. i actually love tf out of myself more than ever and i truly am a genuinely compassionate person who only wants the best for ppl and to see them prosper even if they dont wish the same for me (unless ur my ex that i hate). if that makes me vain or conceited then so be it. im gorgeous as shit and happy in my skin and if that makes me a conceited bitch then i hope that you find whatever it is troubling you on the inside to make you so insecure. if me telling myself im beautiful is conceited or vain then im sorry that my confidence offends you?? god bless?? lmao.

I'm conceited and vain; and I don't care.

My whole life I was insecure and everyone told me how beautiful I was, that I shouldn’t be insecure.

Finally I became comfortable with myself and began talking highly of myself.

Those same kinds of people who were telling me to feel beautiful were now calling me a bitch, conceited, and even trying to convince me that I’m ugly.


I think vanity and conceitedness are far better alternatives to being insecure so fuck you.

I’m 10/10 hot as shit and if that bothers you, feel free to leave the queen’s presence.

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