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Everyone is getting worked up about Chris Cavanaugh, but what about Chris Vail? The name has shown up numerous times as well.

Chris Vail signed in above C. Cavanaugh on the dentist’s patient sign-in sheet, also met with Ackard. (S04E17)

Chris Vail in the sign-in book for the school for the blind on the night that Alison disappeared…visiting who? (S02E16)

Chris Cavanaugh also signed the book the same night. (S02E16)

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Oh hey, Christopher Vail is on Radley’s Board of Trustees! (S04E16)

Spencer’s rejection letter from UPenn, signed by Vail.

We haven’t actually met this character yet, but I’m definitely sensing a connection.

Chris Vail and C. Cavanaugh: Are the PLL writers REALLY just messing with us?

So obviously a lot of us have been wondering what is going on with this Chris Vail guy, and now we are also wondering about C. Cavanaugh…. AKA Chris Cavanaugh?

Who are these guys? Where do these names come from? Well for starters, both of these names have been floating around PLL for a few seasons now.


2x16 - In the sign in sheet at the Blind School in Philly that Jenna went to

When Spencer got her Rejection Letter from U-Penn

He’s on the Board of Trustee’s at Radley, along with Jessica DiLaurentis

AND NOW He was on the Dental check-in list the weekend of that labor day…

C. Cavanaugh… Chris Cavanaugh?

ALSO in the Check in/Out book for the Blind School from 2x16.

And now ALSO in the Dental Sign in sheet.

Now if you ask me, I definitely think that C. Cavanaugh is the name that we were supposed to pick up on when looking at this paper, because it is the only name that is neatly written and completely Eligible. And the fact that it doesn’t have a full first name, just the initial, I think it supposed to make us curious and wonder.

But I couldn’t help being curious about why Chris Vail has popped up so many times as well, and I know that a lot of PLL blogs have also made theories about this.

To me, I always kind of brushed it off that Chris Vail was just an extra name that they threw in there that might be part of the cast and crew on set or something… But now that they added it YET AGAIN in the Dental records from 4x17, now I am definitely more curious..

So I did a little research… and I’ve come to the conclusion that the PLL WRITERS ARE MESSING WITH US AND IT’S JUST NOT FUNNY.

Look at what I found…

So there you go… Chris Vail is a Prop. Master… in other words, he is in charge of the props. I think it’s safe to say that the name Chris Vail is not any importance to the PLL story line.. and his name is probably just included in these props since he IS the prop master.

So now I’m thinking, okay it’s DEFINITELY Chris Cavanaugh that we are supposed to be suspicious of now.. right?

Well, IDK… because I did research on this as well.

Soooo, what? Are the PLL writers really only adding these names into props because they are workers on the set of the show?? Or are they actually important.

Here’s my guess: I think that since Chris Vail is directly related to so many props, and he’s the prop master.. it’s probably safe to say that it doesn’t mean anything.

HOWEVER, maybe since this Chris Cavanaugh guy is a REAL person that works on the set in REAL life, and his last name just happens to be Cavanaugh like Toby… and they have been spending so much time focusing on the Cavanaugh’s family’s storyline… My bet is that they are using this Chris guys’s name as both an actual clue in the show, AS WELL as a Shout Out to the Crew worker… Get what I’m saying?

Bottom line: I am convinced that Chris Cavanaugh is actually someone to think about, and Chris Vail is not important.

That is my official theory on the idea of these two people/characters.