vail effron

Charla Vail Effron || 22 || Photographer || Adjustment Disorder & Somnambulism || Taken

Ever since Charlavail was little, she always had a problem with sleepwalking. She started seeing a special doctor at the age of 12 who would molest her every single time she would come in. She couldn’t tell her parents, nor did she want to - instead she kept to herself and let it continue. When she turned 16 she noticed how fearful she was of her male friends, not understanding why, she decided to talk to a doctor. The doctor told her she had adjustment disorder, and that it was caused by events that the victim couldn’t let go of. He contacted her family, her step-father taking his chance at having her sent off to a wacky house.  

Please don’t send me away.. I promise I’ll do better, you can lock me in my room again. I won’t pick the lock, I swear! Just don’t leave me here, this is only going to make things worse!

  • Secret:Shhh!

Megan Clarke | 24 | FC: Charlavail Effron | Relationship Status: Single | Love Interest/Crush: Harry or Zayn, potentially. | Taken by Raiddy

Bio: Although Megan has always been a close family friend of the Tomlinson’s, she hasn’t seen them nor the other’s in quite a few years. Megan’s always been a bit shy, especially around new people. Once you get to know her and she gets to know you, however, she’s quiet eccentric. She enjoys venturing out and doing things not many people would. She enjoys art and crafting things, as well as doing many different things with her hair.