LeafyIsHere X Reader

Suprise fanfic because everyone needs a Cal fanfic. + I’m sick and it’s the weekend :) lil’ shitty since I typed it under 10 minutes

LeafyIsHere X Reader - Bedtime

You quietly shut the door behind you, locked it and then made your way to your bedroom. You wondered if your boyfriend was even sleeping or recording. You cracked open the bedroom door and peeked your head in. On your shared bed was a sleepy Calvin. He was half awake- checking his twitter. 

You walked in and sat down on the bed. Calvin greeted you with a smile, too tired to say anything. 

“You need to go to bed.” You smiled back as you laid down next to him. He scooted closer to you, closing the gap. He wrapped an arm around your waist and snuggled up against your warm body. He buried his face into the crook of your neck. He let out a satisfied sigh. Calvin closed his eyes, you were left to stare at his handsome face. 

“Goodnight, my dude.” You whispered to him. He smiled. Calvin and you fell asleep next to each other, and Calvin actually got some sleep. :)