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I don’t know if anyone else has posted these yet, but here’s the stuff that happened in @atllas​‘s drawpile! : D

Near the end I seem to have created a hell AU where everything is combined with Temmie //sweats//

I’m not sure all of the tumblrs of the people who were in these, but I know there was @vai-russ​, @linssins​, @uzurimia and many others. Feel free to tell me if you are one of the people who was drawing in this, or you know the tumblrs of others who were in this as well!

A Whole Bunch Of Thanks!!

Hey everyone, taking a moment to do a bunch of cheesy thanks to some special peeps >u>

A huge thanks to @napstablook-the-dj​ / @vai-russ​ for being my beta reader for Playbacktale and for helping me with Sans’ dialogue in the last part! Thank you buddy chum pal ;w;

Thanks for over 300k views and 13k+ likes on the Rolling Papyrus animation!
T-That’s… a lot holy crap [wheezes]

And lastly, thanks to everyone who has read/stuck around while I was drawing Playbacktale (that most likely means you >wo). It was fun reading everyone’s responses, and it was a great learning experience for me. Here’s to future comics!

Wishing all of you the best!

Watching Stargate with Lisa
  • Lisa: Daniel...
  • Me: Don't do it, Daniel.
  • Lisa: Don't touch the alien artifact, Daniel, remember what happened last episode.
  • Both: DANIEL NO.
  • Lisa: We told you, Daniel.
  • Me: You're an archaeologist. For fuck's sake.
  • Lisa: Every week.