Vahram Muratyan. Paris vs. New York: Minimalist Illustrated Parallels of Culture.

For the past two years, graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, a self-described “lover of Paris wandering through New York,” has been chronicling the peculiarities and contradictions of the two cities through “a friendly visual match” of minimalist illustrated parallel portraits.

Today, Muratyan joins the finest blog-turned-books with Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities — an absolutely charming collection of these vibrant visual dichotomies and likenesses. (by Maria Popova)


After the virtual lookbook “Prada Parallel Universes” made in collaboration with Illustrator Vahram Muratyan at the beginning of year, now comes a unique capsule collection of basic unisex T-shirts with different prints inspired by creations from Prada’s spring/summer 2012 collection - from heels with flame detailing to statement sunglasses! The shirts hit specific stores in mid-July priced at €150. Need!

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Based on Vahram Muratyan’s Book, Paris vs New York, Edition Penguin Book
Paris vs. New York: Graphically Speaking

Strolling the streets of Manhattan about a year ago, Vahram Muratyan, a Paris-based graphic designer, wondered why it was that being in New York made him miss Paris, and being in Paris made him long for New York.

To try to pinpoint his pining, he kept track of the differences and similarities between Gotham and the City of Light. Rather than photograph the objects that define each metropolis, Muratyan started a sketch a day for family and friends back home, and the inevitable “Paris versus New York” blog was born.