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What is the worst thing that happened to you this year? My Grandma got sick and had to go into the hospital
Favorite band/singer? Imagine Dragons,Adam Lambert, Taylor Swift all 3 sorry
What is the most recent dream you remember? Me and some other were traveling to another place. I can’t remember where
when did you join tumblr? Because of all the fandom stuff
Favorite movie? The Notebook
What are your talents? I can sing, make videos
Are you going to watch Catching Fire? If so when? Yes, premiere!
Do you have any pets? A dog, A Cat and two Turtles
What is your favorite childhood memory? No Clue
Do you ever wish there was a zombie apocalypse? No, not at all.
If you had any power, what would it be? Invisibility

My Questioons

01.Favorite fictional character?
02.Favorite book?
03.A NOTP?
04.Favorite tv show?
05.Favorite Actress?
06.Biggest celebrity crush?
07.First fandom?
08.Favorite food?
09.A OTP?
10.Biggest fear?
11.Favorite generation?