Full offense but I hate those posts that “correct” misconceptions about Heaven.

Amazingly enough, other people had different experiences and might not have even been in the same Heaven. Your experiences are not universal. Just because you remember Heaven one way doesn’t mean that was how it was for everyone, and “correcting” people’s memories is really fucking rude and condescending. 

i was five seconds from saying out loud, “wow I don’t have any more fics I need to finish!” and then like ten of you astrally screamed “VICTOR ABO FIC????????” at me and five more yelled “MEET??? CUTE???? WITH???? CATS?????????” so I’m back in the salt mines.

  • book: shows a character info dumping, having shutdowns, having special interests, not picking up on social cues
  • book: character has a recurring verbal tick, goes from silent to extremely talkative at random
  • book: character is constantly described as having "a brain condition"
  • me: autism is a six letter word my dude

// and there’s the dirty mccree plays i was expecting out of my boy nochu – jk is killing me with these vids but PLS ANTICIPATE MY OVERWATCH AU (that has been sitting in my drafts/to do list for like 2 months lmfao)

anonymous asked:

Maya, I love your blog! And Ed fan and you support H&L? Jackpot 😃 I just recently followed you and you're always so kind and patient with people, that's so rare and appreciated! I hope you don't mind me asking, but when was the last time you heard something about Harry and Louis? In any way? Thanks and have a great week x

Hii, really nice to “meet” you, then! Very very much an Ed fan and the deepest Larrie at heart, haha! Thank you so much, I’m super happy my blog is a pleasant, safe space for you! Always doing my best :)

To be honest, I’m still in a position where I actively try to avoid mixing 1D stuff with my private life, but someone here was talking about something Harry had said that totally implied doing a certain thing with Louis just the other day (Friday, I think), therefore I assume everything’s very fine between them! Thank you again, have a lovely week yourself x

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I love your vague AU so much omg After Thomas falls in love with Alex how does Alex get him to punch him and hurt him??

Thomas retorts to slapping because he doesn’t want to hurt Alex so badly, but Alex still insist that he should try and hurt him harder which he does as long as Alex promise to spit out the safe words as they go.(and Alex has the habit to not say the safe words even tho he couldn’t take it, which worries Thomas so much)


Frank Sinatra with Count Basie and His Orchestra | Come Fly With Me