Hesitate - A Kurtofsky Fanfic

Okay, so here’s what I’d like to happen with Kurt and Dave, please. :D

Contains spoilers and speculation. 


“Hey, Karofsky, do you mind? I’m changing here.”

It was a throwaway comment that Dave could have easily ignored if Nick hadn’t said it loud enough for the whole locker room to hear. But it was loud enough, loud enough that every half dressed football player had now turned to look at them, each of them wondering exactly the same thing – what did Nick mean by that? Dave suddenly felt like someone had doused his cheeks with gasoline and lit them on fire, desperate for those eyes to look somewhere else, anywhere but on him.

And how was Dave supposed to respond? Denial would get him nowhere, not with what Nick knew, but he could hardly agree with the guy. He opted for silence instead, fixing his eyes on his bag and gritting his teeth.

“Then again, that’s probably what you were hoping for, to get a peek, right, homo?”

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"It Was You" - Part II of Kurtofsky 'secret admirer' ficlet.

Part two of this! Now Blaine finds out who Kurt’s secret admirer is. 


Blaine hadn’t been angry when Kurt first told him Dave was the secret admirer. Kurt supposed it was a sort of return courtesy for not killing Sebastian. Hell, he’d been a little too blasé for Kurt’s liking, brushing it off as a funny, kind of pathetic anecdote. 

For some reason, that pissed Kurt off a lot. 

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Kurtofsky - There Goes My Baseball Cap

Here, have this one while I work on the others :D It has almost nothing to do with the song, other than the title, I’m sorry!! 

Kurt rarely felt such animosity towards inanimate objects, but the hat was certainly an exception. 

He wasn’t exactly sure why Dave wore it; before Dave was outed, Kurt had some theories that it was to do with hiding himself or something. Now, he thought he might wear it to try and look older, but he had his doubts. Perhaps it was a self esteem thing. 

Whatever the reason, Kurt hated the thing. It was unflattering, and a clear abuse of denim, and Kurt would be damned if he was going to let Dave become a baseball hat addict like his dad.

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“It Was You” - Part III of Kurtofsky ‘secret admirer’ ficlet.

The final part! And here's Part I and Part II

Okay, so the plan didn’t exactly go how Kurt intended. He was aiming for the whole romantic movie thing, with Dave walking out to his post box and finding a red envelope. He’d stand there looking confused for a moment, before opening it and you would just see the moment of realization as he read it, the tears building at the edge of his eyes and a small smile gracing his features. And then he’d run to Kurt and they’d embrace in the rain and it would be a romance of epic proportions. 

This was…well, different. Kurt somehow found himself standing beside what might or might not be Dave’s locker, clutching a letter in his hands and looking a little bit ridiculous, judging by the stares he was getting from those passing by. Well, screw them. This was a different kind of romance, all spontaneous and wild. 

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Kurtofsky - Scary Movie Night

Still got a few old prompts to get through, but here’s another! :D

“It’s not that I don’t like scary movies!” Kurt protested, setting down the popcorn on the bed. “I just don’t really see the point of them.” 

“Yeah, we know, Kurt, shut up.” Puck jumped onto the bed beside him. “But in case you’ve forgotten, this whole male bonding experience was your idea, and I’ll be damned if we’re watching any of that Twilight shit you and the girls watch.” 

“I seem to remember you taking Lauren to see Breaking Dawn.” 

“Dude, don’t bring up the ex. Not fair. Besides, you gotta love what the woman loves, right?” 

“I wouldn’t know.” Kurt replied, scathingly.

“Bet Dave does.” Puck snickered back, just as Dave walked in. 

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Stimulate Me, Chapter 2

Pairing: Kurtofsky
Warnings: Mentions of gay sex, masturbation, swearing. 
Summary: Kurt didn’t even know why he’d created a Karofsky Sim in the first place. As for what came next…what the heck was a ‘WooHoo,’ anyway?

Simulate Me

Dave was just about ready to kill Kurt.

He had him locked in the room, all the doors deleted. Then he’d filled the room with the cheapest wooden furniture he could buy (even though, thanks to motherlode, Kurt and his little Glee friends were rich as fuck) then sat and waited for the room to catch fire. He just couldn’t watch it anymore, and he knew that this was probably a little overkill, but he’d worked hard on this family and he couldn’t just delete the whole family because it was too painful to see Sim!Kurt.

But then, just as the first wooden desk burst into flames, he felt his stomach lurch horribly, And before he knew it, he was frantically pausing the game and dragging Kurt out of there as quickly as he could.

It was almost sad, really.

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Kurtofsky, Safe

blzrgurl71 said: I always want Kurt to do something to make Dave feel safe…?

“You know you don’t have to lie to me.” Kurt’s voice is gentle, soothing. It’s so warm compared to the biting cold Dave is used to. It’s the voice he used in the corridor when Dave broke down, and in the bar when he reassured Dave that he never would have told anyone.

But it’s the words that really get Dave. Because how can he lie to Kurt? How can he keep up this smile, this happy façade, when Kurt is looking at him with those eyes, those big, expectant eyes? There’s no judgment there, no anger or resentment, and it fucking kills Dave. Why can’t anyone else look at him like that? Why does everyone else get that other look, the one of fear, or god forbid, pity? Even his own family has it now and he can’t see it every day, he just can’t.

So maybe it’s a blessing that they kicked him out.

“I just want it to be okay.” He admits, a tear already rolling down his cheek. “Not even just for them, for me too, you know? I…I want this to feel okay.”

“I can’t do that for you, Dave.” Kurt says, softly. “All I can do is tell you that it’s okay right here, right now. I know that out there, it feels scary and wrong but they’ll always be someone who

“Wow. You’re, uh, really good at that. That whole comforting thing.”

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot, I mean, what I’d say to you if you needed me.” Dave quirks an eyebrow and Kurt blushes, “Just, after the bar…you seemed so happy and at first, I thought that was great and then…”

“You figured it out.”

“Yes. Look, Dave…” Kurt takes a deep breath, “If you want, you can stay here for a few days. I’ll have to tell my dad about…well, about you, but he’ll agree.” Kurt will make him agree. “I just want you to know you have somewhere safe.”

Dave’s eyes widen, and Kurt can see them welling up again, even as Dave fights back the tears. “Seriously?” He chokes out, and Kurt nods.

For that brief moment, Kurt was sure Dave was going to kiss him. But instead, thick arms wrap around his back and pull him into a loose hug. Dave clearly doesn’t want to be too forward, so Kurt hooks his own arms around his waists and tightens it, burying his head in Dave’s shoulder. Dave is warm and smells of old spice, which makes Kurt smile a little.

“Thanks.” Dave murmurs, and Kurt squeezes his back reassuringly. For a little while, neither of them move, until Kurt finds his hands drifting higher on Dave’s back. He pulls away, then places his hands either side of Dave’s face, before jerking away, realizing how inappropriate this is. He has a boyfriend, for God’s sake, and there’s a line.

Still, there’s no denying it. He won’t say it out loud, but he knows it’s true. When Dave hugged him, he was disappointed it wasn’t a kiss.