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The Proposal

“Oh, look, Draco. It’s Mr. O’Sullivan, the Arithmancer. We should introduce ourselves,” Harry said in an overly-chipper tone.

Draco eyed his boyfriend speculatively over his glass of champagne. Harry usually hated Ministry events such as this, and he hated meeting the people there even more. Draco did not for one second believe that Harry wanted to meet Mr. O’Sullivan, especially considering that the man’s job was one of the most boring in the Wizarding World.

“Should we now?” Draco asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.

“I just said we should, didn’t I?” Harry kept talking in that annoyingly buoyant way and Draco rolled his eyes.

“If you insist, love.”

Harry and Draco crossed the crowded room, Harry’s hand placed possessively on Draco’s lower back. The smile on Harry’s face was about a mile wide when they reached Mr. O’Sullivan. Draco was smiling too, but not in the manic way that Harry was, his was simply a polite nice-to-meet-you smile.

“Mr. O’Sullivan?” Harry said and the middle-aged man who had been gazing out the window turned to face the two gentlemen.

“Yes? Oh, my. It’s you.” O’Sullivan’s eyebrows lept up to where his hairline should’ve been, had he not been bald. Draco’s smile widened almost imperceptibly, as he found it quite amusing when people twice his age were awed to be in the presence of his boyfriend.

“Yes, it’s me,” Harry responded. “I’ve heard that you’re a very talented Arithmancer and I wanted to introduce myself.”

O’Sullivan turned a horrid shade of scarlet as he said, “Oh, my. Oh, my. That’s very kind of you, Mr. Potter, but I’m just one of many Arithmancers in the world. But you, Mr. Potter, there’s only one of you. It’s such an honor to meet you.” O’Sullivan gazed admirably at Harry and only when Draco cleared his throat did he seem to realize that Harry was not alone. “Oh dear. I’m sorry. It’s an honor to meet you as well, Mr. …”

“Malfoy. Draco Malfoy,” Draco said, forcing himself to ignore the way O’Sullivan’s eyes widened as he realized that Harry Potter was accompanying an ex-Death Eater.

When O’Sullivan failed to reply, Harry spoke up, “He’s my fiancé.”

It was now Draco’s turn for his eyebrows to rise to his hairline and his eyes to widen. He and Harry weren’t engaged. If they were, Draco was fairly certain he would know about it.

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For the 7th time since picking up the Daily Prophet (and yes she was counting) Calhoun read over the article again. Lara Baker was dead. Worse than that, she’d been murdered. And Calhoun was sick and tired of finding out that terrible things had happened to her students. Normally Calhoun wouldn’t put much stock in conspiracy theories, but it was starting to feel a lot more like there was something wrong in the world. Some ominous something just out of reach and just out of sight. Reaching the end of the article, Calhoun closed her eyes and let herself just be sad about the loss of so young and innocent a life for a moment.

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Rfa and minor trio as superheroes???discuss

✿ god i was literally just about to launch stardew valley and then i got this and i was JUST shitposting on the RP blog about superpowers and


  • Omfg this boy wants to save everyone. He is an Actual Pure Superhero with Actual Pure Intentions. Unfortunately…
  • yoosung is basically the hulk.
  • He’s got this yin/yang thing going on where he has a superpowerful ‘dark side’ that’s hard to control. He’s pretty afraid of his power, but he also desperately wants to help people…
  • Just like his idol, Rika, who was a superhero before him and whose powers he seems to have “inherited”.


  • he’s an alien from the planet of love, Venus, and he loves reminding people of that.
  • His alien biology gives him lots of weird powers, like extreme stamina, shapeshifting, and the ability to heal really quickly.
  • It also gives him vaguely prophetic dreams, which aren’t as good as Jumin’s and he’s real mad about that.
  • Always thinks he knows better than the Rich Clairvoyant Jerk. 


  • insane martial arts ability.
  • super powerful and super stressed. 
  • no supervillians mess with her before she has her coffee.
  • She had bought a building to start a cafe and a day later her entire block was destroyed by a supervillian. Suddenly put into debt, Jaehee was bailed out by Jumin. Now she serves as his assistant to pay off what she owes…
  • and she works every day to become strong enough to wreak vengence on the villian who crushed her dream.
  • Basically the lovechild of Genos and One Punch Man.


  • He’s a medium. Clairvoyance, precognition - he can see the future. Unfortunately, he has trouble understanding and relating to people because of this because he can’t really separate what he knows from what other people know. It seems obvious to him, but to everyone else…? Nope.
  • Jumin functions as a ‘support guy’ for other heroes. He gives them warnings about things that are going to happen, but unfortunately the people who really need it (Zen) don’t usually take this advice.


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  • am i wrong.
  • He can meld directly into technology and control it. Unfortunately, he’s so eccentric and all over the place that a lot of people really distrust him.
  • Thinks his brother died in the accident that made him a superhero, and he blames himself Every Single Day for it.


  • He used to be able to bring his photographs to life and use them to help him fight, but after a tragic incident, he’s started losing his powers (and his eyesight along with them.)
  • V won’t tell anyone this is happening though, so no one really knows why he’s basically retired (other than sadness at losing Rika).
  • Yoosung is pissed at him because V used to help him out a lot, but has basically abandoned him to his really unpredictable and dangerous powers.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Same general powers as 707. He can take control of any technology he touches, but unfortunately, the accident that gave him his powers also left him a bit… 
  • Well.
  • Short a few limbs.
  • Saeran’s a cyborg
  • and he’s really not happy about it.
  • He’s got cybernetic implants in his head, making him questionably human, and he leaves copies of his personality in the technology he takes over.
  • With Saeran around, any computer is a malevolent AI disaster waiting to happen.


  • Actually, they’ve got telekinesis, but that really helps them with the whole ‘tidying things up’ thing.
  • They’re part of a dubious organization that monitors people with superpowers. Occasionally, young supers just… disappear at the hands of this organization.
  • Seven is also part of this same organization.
  • What are they doing…? What are their goals…?
  • Will Vanderwood ever get 707 to clean underneath the cushions…?

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"hey karkles" dave smirked sexily putting his arm against the wall like a cool dude secure in his sexuality does "brother dear david" rose extrapolated fancily as she and kanaya juggled teacups "im only here to offer vague prophetic gay advice" she gesticulated while eating a copy of the communist manifesto

I’m literally in tears but also this is the plot of every davekat fic I’ve ever read

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Prompt: James and Sirius discussing what their girlfriends are like during their periods.

Sirius sighed loudly, dropping onto the couch of the flat. “Marlene just ate my entire stash of chocolate in three days.”

James looked up from his Daily Prophet with a frown. “Why?”

“She’s on her period.” Sirius groaned.

“Ah,” James nodded. “At least it’s not Lily. When she’s on her period she just yells at me.”

“Marlene does that too!”

“It makes no sense!” James exclaimed. “She’ll yell at me about not the dumbest things, like a joke or—”

“What are you boys talking about?” James and Sirius whipped around to find Lily standing in the doorway, arms crossed. The boys sputtered around, gesturing vaguely to the Prophet and the tea kettle.

“Mhm, that’s what I thought.”

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apparently, it's all ending this week or the next: srslycris*tumblr*com/post/141860271595/the-end-is-in-sight

(x) March 28th, 2016. 575 notes. 

“I know a lot of people are on edge, nervous, scared, worried, excited, hype, and every other possible emotion right now in the 1D fandom, but here’s the thing - an end is in sight.” 

“The Syco contract seems to be over now (and if not now, it will likely be by Friday), babygate is rapidly heading towards the big finish, Jeff Azoff’s new management company is a known entity even if he hasn’t formally announced it yet.” 

“But whatever the answers are, they’re on the way. This week or next. So breathe deeply, plant your feet firmly on the floor, and hang in there. We really, truly don’t have much longer to wait… for whatever is coming.”

This meme is too relevant again:

“Babygate is rapidly heading towards a big finish” Haven’t they been saying that since last July? Realistically they’ll just make up another excuse when BG doesn’t end in two weeks. And “for whatever is coming”- false prophets making vague prophecies. Classic. Thank you, Anon! <3