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A Fraction of Your Smile

Donut Siblings return! Even more specifically, General Martha makes her return! 

Martha got an alien sword for like five seconds in Here Comes the General, and as we all know, those have a tendency to result in alien babies. So when @goodluckdetective asked for one of the sisters and a baby, I saw my chance and took it. (For the Charlie verse fans, don’t worry; Locus still manages to get Charlie somehow. I would not deny the world Charlie.) 

Prompts are still open!

Pairings: Gen, implied Tuckington

Warnings: Non-consensual pregnancy. 


Martha has long since given up on being able to predict the course of her life. She joins the army after her brother dies, only for her brother to show up nearly a decade later, alive, well, and using a different name. She spends her whole life looking up to him, only to find out he let them all think he was dead for years, and that he shot her little brother. She thinks she’s fighting a war for the right reasons, but it’s all a joke. She thinks she’s just a grunt in the army, but she ends up a general.

She thinks she’ll get to go home, when the war is done, but there’s the awful truth of politics. She can’t leave Kimball alone to deal with all of this.

She thinks she’ll die in Armonia, in the heart of a nuclear explosion, but Carolina is close by with her speed boost and drags her out just in time, barely making it to the Pelican before the words “too late” can pass her lips, but not before apologies and requests to Wash make themselves known.

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Doctor Who Headcanons: What It’s Like Being A Witch/Wizard And Traveling With The Doctor (Harry Potter Universe)

A/N: I felt inspired to write this because I recently saw Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. I normally don’t do crossovers, but oh well. Just this once ;) (yes that was a vague Tenth Doctor and Martha reference)

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  • The Doctor does not completely trust you at first. He’s trying to shove science into everything about you and your magic. He’s trying to disprove magic because he’s really against it (Shakespeare Code). He really encourages you to not use magic even if it helps you both in the long run.
  • You will get agitated by the Doctor “trying to explain” what you are. It leads to arguments.
  • You will apparate in front of him to scare him.
  • “Stop doing that!” “But it’s fun!”
  • If you’re an animagus, you will turn into your animal to help the Doctor on your missions. He’s weirded out by it, but it’s useful.
  • Casting random spells in the Tardis to show off.
  • “Accio!” “Gah! You nearly took out my head with that flying book!”
  • The Doctor eventually stops trying to be all science-y about your magic. He even begins to ask you questions about Hogwarts/Ilvermorny.
  • You telling the Doctor which house he belongs in and he just goes along with it.
  • The Doctor taking your wand and playing around with it, which scares you because you’re afraid he’ll break it because he came close one time.
  • Explaining wizard terms to him. Muggle, Squib, etc.
  • Flying around on your broom and laughing at the Doctor shouting “that’s not physically possible!”
  • If you’re an American witch/wizard you have to be careful an make sure no one finds out about the Doctor knowing who you are… Which would lead to him having to forget. (Based off of FBAWTFT) 
  • Fighting bad guys off with peculiar spells… The Doctor doesn’t quite approve.
  • Sometimes you have to go off and join the Wizarding world for important matters, which leaves the Doctor feeling worried and lonely. Voldemort etc. 
  • The Doctor avoiding certain time eras like the Salem Witch Trial era even though there’s a potion to prevent you from burning.
  • Overall it’s certainly a new experience for you and the Doctor.

Tenth doctor + stethoscope