vaguely creepy if looked at in the right way

Neighborhood Watch (Seokjin/Jungkook)

Prompt: “i’m the private investigator that was hired by your ex to track you down and you totally caught me sitting outside your apartment in a rental car so hi what up” au. Jungkook is the investigator, Namjoon is the ex, Seokjin is the pretty high-school drama teacher that’s making Jungkook consider doing things classified as “unprofessional”. Any rating or warning is fine.

Genre: Mature / Brief Smut

Words: 10K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Male/Male, Masturbation, Mentions of Masturbation, Breaking and Entering, Swearing, Suggested underage relationship, student/teacher romance, etc.

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Aram and Tom and TBL’s blatant disregard for past canon events

Though this post makes a valid point I will agree with forever, I had a lot of fun watching the Aram bits in this with @foronceiwannabethecarcrash​, because we actually didn’t see the level of amnesia I was expecting. 

Unlike Cooper, who’s deeply creeping me out by encouraging Liz to marry the guy who sent a garroting his way in S1, Aram seemed adorably terrified throughout this whole experience. I was so glad to see someone not fully insane that I will now illustrate what I mean with gifs.

First, let’s look at the way they meet. Tom approaches Aram as he’s decorating the “getaway” car. But this is no ordinary approach–this is the beginning of a scene from a horror movie.

Here’s the protagonist, innocently working alone…

when he spots a strange man–not in a straightforward way as he approaches, but through the car window.

Tom is literally a sinister dark shape moving past the camera (and Aram). But wait, there’s more!

I have absolutely no way to describe this other than “the creepy hand drag over the car.” There’s no good reason for it, either, besides framing Tom as vaguely menacing.

And this is totally the way you greet your good friend’s fiance who you are in no way scared of:

But it’s not like JacobTom is helping, with a face that says “I’m totally casual and friendly, just joking around” while his eyes reserve the right to take care of business. (His business is murder.)

“We’re all friends here, ha ha please don’t hurt me…

Aram proceeds to lick his lips nervously while Tom continues looking at him as though he’s trying to gauge whether Aram goes on his “standing between me and Liz” mental hit list, and then Tom makes a not-really-a-joke joke about Aram knowing him from his mug shot. Aram counters that he recognized him from a description–which based on this scene must have included “creepy hand dragging skills” and “murder eyes.”

He’s so uncomfortable shaking Tom’s hand that he praises his grip, then chuckles without making eye contact. “Yes, this is going well, please continue not hurting me.”

Things don’t get better from there. The rest of their first scene together includes awkward arm punching and Aram making more “totally joking not at all scared” faces.

And then the ceremony begins. Every time Aram looks at Liz from his position in the background, he’s beaming love and support her way, because most of the people who love her are showing it by supporting her wedding for some reason.

But when we finally focus on Aram, his attention wanders from the ceremony…and the way his eyes linger on Tom is EVERYTHING. This is a cinnamon roll of a man who knows the groom could just snap and decide to kill him at any moment. 

And he can’t say anything about it, because if he gives away even a hint of his awareness that all is not well in Liz’s happy perfect second-chance land of growth and change…the groom could just snap and decide to kill him at any moment.

The Sniffing Debacle

written for knottymccall, mostly for being an angel. Sorry it took me forever and is a little short but I tried? Yay friendship?

The first time it happens, Stiles doesn’t take much notice. I mean how could he with everything else going on. Between Peter being creepy and Derek being an idiot, he didn’t have much time to pick up on Scotts weird habits.

They were all in Derek’s loft for a pack meeting Peter had claimed was necessary. Erica, Boyd, and Isaac all squished on the couch with Derek in a recliner and Peter lurking on the stairs, leaving Stiles seatless. Of course. He plops down on the floor and considers all the strange stains near his spot.

“Where’s Scott?” Isaac demands and Stiles glares at him. Stupid best friend stealer. On cue the door to the loft slides open and Scott slides in. His hair is wet and his t-shirt is sticking to his chest in a way that makes Stiles want to…he stops that train of thought before it can get out of hand. Scott takes a seat on the floor next to Stiles and finally the so called “pack meeting” can begin.

It goes about the way you’d expect it to; with the betas bickering like children, Peter being ominous and vaguely creepy, and Derek brooding in silence. Scott tries in vain to keep it under control and fails miserably. Eventually he just plops his head on Stiles shoulder in defeat, which is perfectly normal.

What isn’t normal is the way Scott starts to sniff him. He inhales Stiles t-shirt quite obviously and even Derek gives them a look. But Scott is still getting a handle on his senses, so this is perfectly normal right? Stiles dismisses it to the back of his mind and yells at Erica for tackling Isaac.

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