vaguely creative stuff

Look, I generally try to not let fandoms ruin things for me, and generally, I succeed. 

But the Undertale fandom, almost, almost ruined the game for me, to be honest. Which was sad, because it is a great game, one that I loved playing a whole lot. I mean, the Mother series is, without a doubt, my favorite videogame series of all, so, it’s not surprising that Undertale, a game that was so inspired by it, and has the same quirky charm, got me hooked.

It wasn’t even because of any drama, personal or otherwise. The fandom, that extra weird part that all of them have, just started to weird me out way too much (more than fandoms, as a whole, tend to do, and that’s saying something) , to the point where I even started to feel kind of embarassed to say that I enjoyed this game and these characters (and Sans, holy shit, Sans).

But lately, after setting the game up for my young cousins and just seeing them play it and enjoy it and laugh at it, I just… kinda remembered what made this game so great for me, in the first place. It’s such a nice, pleasant, creative game. I almost forgot that, but I’m glad I remembered it.