“Like all of Jo Rowling’s works, [Fantastic Beasts] is populated with a variety of people, and that will be the same in this series over the course of the films. There will be people of various types of ethnicities. In New York in the 1920s, there was a segregation between white and black; the neighborhoods were largely separate, and that is reflected in [the film]. But the wizarding world is a much more open and tolerant society where people of color and different ethnic backgrounds exist harmoniously together. There are people of color filling this world in an organic way.” - Fantastic Beasts Producer David Heyman

It’s really frustrating that we’re always TOLD that the HP books/movies and the wizarding world is full of all this diversity, and yet we never actually get to see it.

All the main character in the movies are white. We didn’t know Dumbledore was gay until after the series ended, and even with that knowledge, if you go back and read the books it’s barely even vaguely inferred. And every confirmation of diversity we get from Jo is an afterthought tweeted in response to someone desperately looking to see themselves in a beloved series and coming up empty-handed.

Sure, the fandom wizarding world is diverse and developed, but that’s because we saw it was lacking, and we took it and made it so ourselves. But how are we supposed to believe the film wizarding world is this magical open and tolerant society if we never actually get to see it?

Day Three: Sacrifice and Day Four: Selfishness

Technically, these are supposed to be separate, but I wanted to go really in-depth on Keith and Pidge’s conflict in Fall of the Castle of Lions (Season One, Episode Four) and Tears of the Balmera (Season One, Episode Five) so here we are.

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buckoe  asked:

hi! hello! so I've been having a lot of this captive prince stuff pop on my dash (mainly from you XD) So I googled it and the summary sounds sooooo interesting but I always like to get reviews from people who've read the books so what makes these books so good,or more like what made you love them? thank you!!


Okay so, I am so far from coherent when talking about why I like what I like so please bear with me here.

First of all, what is Captive Prince???


Damen is a warrior hero to his people, and the rightful heir to the throne of Akielos. But when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity, and sent to serve the prince of an enemy nation as a pleasure slave. Beautiful, manipulative, and deadly, his new master, Prince Laurent, epitomizes the worst of the court at Vere. But in the lethal political web of the Veretian court, nothing is as it seems, and when Damen finds himself caught up in a play for the throne, he must work together with Laurent to survive and save his country. For Damen, there is just one rule: never, ever reveal his true identity. Because the one man Damen needs is the one man who has more reason to hate him than anyone else

Tbh the summary doesn’t do the story justice, and it wasn’t what caught my interest at first. But I, despite my job as an English language teacher in which I have to practically check my students’ coherency in their essays every other week, cannot do the story justice by attempting to summarise it.

Where u can buy them: bookdepository offers free delivery worldwide,, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstores, idk, man, I bought mine off bookdepository, for somebody who doesn’t live in the US, this is the best option for me.

What makes the books good (According to Me™) :


GAY EVERYWHERE. In one of the two main kingdoms where the story is set, having intercourse with the opposite sex outside of marriage is even considered taboo. I literally shed a single tear when I found out. 


The main protagonists, Damen and Laurent will make you want to cry parental tears because they are your children and you want to protect them at all cost. 


Laurent, Laurent LAURENT MY CHILD MY DEAREST CHILD is a character you will not start liking from the get go. You probably want him to just s t o p. But jesus christ on a cracker the character development he goes through in the books are so amazing, I have yet to see something like this in any original fiction I have read (and take this with a grain of salt bcs I don’t read original fiction much ajhdfas). By mid book two you will fall in love with him as Damen is falling in love with him. My feelings for Laurent can be described with this one line ‘I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.’ You will be slapped and attacked by so many emotions about this Cast Iron Bitch Prince™ (actual nickname from the book), and you will Suffer when he Suffers. 

The antagonist will make you want to gouge your eyes out everytime he comes into the story and g o d please just send him to the deepest corners of hell and incinerate his soul. 

THE SIDE CHARACTERS ARE EQUALLY AMAZING I don’t think I can make this answer any longer than it already is with my thesis on how great the side characters are. I will just say, remember this name: Charls the Renowned Veretian Cloth Merchant.


There is a queendom where literally females rule everything, but they don’t demean the males, when they are worthy. Different cultures, beliefs, taboos, and fASHION IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES LIKE I HOPE SOMEBODY WILL MAKE THIS TRILOGY INTO A TV SERIES *whispers at netflix*


Book one might be difficult to go through, due to the master/slave dynamic that is not for everyone and abuse in many different forms (physical, sexual and they are written explicitly or sometimes just vaguely inferred). Please heed the warnings. But, it does such a good job setting up the world, characters, and plot base.




In conclusion, please read Captive Prince trilogy. I haven’t been so in love with original fiction in such a long time, and I love these books so m u c h.

Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 40 Thoughts

1. Sasaki 

First and foremost. This is the first time we get to see Haise fight post his fight with Takizawa and semi-acceptance of Kaneki. His flashbacks have become more common and it is already well known that he becomes more prone to experiencing memories when he is fighting with his kagune (such as the time with Nishiki).

And I do think there is a high possibility he might be forced to use his Kagune because A. He’s already said these opponents are fast and strong and B. since they were given names I doubt they will die easily. Also it might be time to show an example again that he is having the flashbacks more frequently since while we’ve heard they’ve been more recent we haven’t seen much clear proof of this since Chapter 32.

If Sasaki does end up remember anything I believe it may have been foreshadowed as to what he will see. Recently he has met Jason’s torturer and begun to think about Jason himself.

Also as Sasaki is surounded by the “Yamori Clan” if any memories where triggered it would make sense that they would be about Yamori .

2. Mutsuki

Following the auction raid and under the teaching of Suzuya Juuzou Mutsuki has seemed to gain some much needed strength, speed and courage since last fighting Torso. Many many kuddos to Mutsuki’s character growth. 

Secondly if anyone was under the impression that Torso didn’t actually want to kill Mutsuki after Saekitechnically saved Mutsuki from Kanae we learn that this is simply not the case. Torso still possesses a disturbing possessive streak (”My Tooru”) and seems to even have a perverse sense they are connected by the violence they share. What else can you expect from a guy that cuddles and hangs Torsos in his home, *shudder*

However I’m not to terribly worried about Torso as he has been proven in this fight with Kanae not to be incredibly strong and Mutsuki seemed to be overpowering him just fine. The trouble seems to lie with the new female ghoul who has arrived.

“Hakatori” has certain marks that seem to suggest she could be a half-ghoul. A. She has blackened nails. B. She fights with a quinque with seemingly great skill, which would make sense if she was an investigator in the past.

I’ve also heard note that some people thought she was Kurona on first look due to the marks on her mask semi-resembling the marks Kurona and Nashiro had on their hoods. However due to the obvious difference in names this does not seem to be the case. This could however still point to her being a half-ghoul as the twins weren’t the only half-ghoul creations of Kanou to appear with a version of the mark (see Seidou Takizawa).

Another less noticeably sign she may be a half ghoul lies in the fact that her leader is Tatara. It seems judging from the fact that Tatara seemingly “collected” the investigators to be used in the newer half-ghoul experiments and the fact that Tatara stopped Ayato from fighting Seidou that he may have some form of fairly direct leadership over the project or at least those who survive it.

However there are some questionable elements that could lean away from
the possibility of her being a half-ghoul. For instance as Hakatori seems to have her sanity it’s questionable as to why she would support Aogiri if she was a previous investigator.

Of course there is other options for who or what this “female ghoul” could be. A. She could ultimately use her kagune and quinque together like Sasaki. B. She could be like Banjou and have little to no use of her Kagune. or even maybe C. She is one of the few weird “supporter of ghouls/pretender ghoul” humans we heard about once from Amon and never saw sign of again. After all we have seen humans with near ghoul level ability before.

Perhaps we will get a better glimpse of Mutsuki’s kagune in this fight. Or a fight where both parties involved use quinques and kagune.

3. Yamori Clan

It seems as Though Naki has fully taken over for Yamori as he seems to have become the new “Aniki” of the “Yamori clan” which seems to now have been confirmed as the same as the “White Suits” Naki led during the auction raid.

Aogiri’s Name: Yamori Clan

CCG Name: White Suits.

One thing I find interesting is the way the leading white suits talk about Naki “in Naki Aniki’s place” almost as if Naki has gone off somewhere. In the past I have offered the opinion that Ayato is likely to leave Aogiri at some point to save Hinami and maybe Naki would leave with him. But at this point the idea that Naki and he could have left Aogiri since we last saw him is just a very vague inference.

4. Saiko

I am very worried for Saiko’s safety. First of all this ghoul’s dual colored eyes could very well imply he is another insane half-ghoul. Of course as the color doesn’t clearly seem to be kakugan related the color difference could be for some other reason. (the angle of the lighting, he is half blind, he just happens to have different colored eyes to symbolize insanity, etc.)

Second of all we’ve already heard from the other Aogiri members “his pace is crazy.”

Thirdly Saiko is quite a distance away from the rest of the Quinx Squad and all the other members are busy fighting their own ghouls.

I hope this match up will serve to show us the power that Saiko supposedly has that was only hinted at in the fight with Nutcracker because if not Saiko’s fate could be grim.

Perhaps since all Kanae has told these Aogiri members is that they are killing “ghoul investigators” these ghouls could be completely blind to the true power of the Quinx so far. None of them except Kanae has seen any of the Quinx’s kagune perhaps they will hesitate to kill them as their leaders might want them. Then if Saiko is unable to fight she might escape death and just be kidnapped.

5. Shirazu Urie & Kanae

Shirazu seems to be mirroring Kaneki’s issues with Rize in reverse. Unlike Kaneki who seemed to be be battling the idea that he would lose his humanity to his ghoul side, Shirazu is battling with the idea and resulting guilt that comes with recognizing the humanity of ghouls.

This has taken a rather troubling turn as Shirazu does not even seem to be able to make use of his new quinque. This is or could rapidly become a more pressing if cannot force himself to use it all. Because A. The quinque is the main weapon of the ghoul investigator and his kagune is not the type that could always last the full length of a battle and B. If he can’t use his quinque he’ll have to lean a lot more on the use of his Kagune which has it’s own inherit risks, especially since Shirazu was initially shown to have the highest RC cell count of the Quinx. 

Unlike Shirazu Urie has certainly grown in strength rather than lost it. His power obviously shows in his fight with Kanae. However it also seems that he has become quicker to jump to blood thirstiness than ever before as well.  This could have numerous implications both with his RC cells rising and his likelihood to harm his fellow investigators again also most likely rising.

I certainly hope Kanae will not end up dying by Urie’s hand, and I think Shirazu might be the one to s stop him. Here’s why.

A. Shirazu has already been shown lately to be having trouble dealing with the idea of humanity in ghouls so he might maybe even without thinking about it stop Urie from outright killing Kanae. B. Shirazu’s placement as squad leader may finally come into play for him to be able to tell Urie to stop. C. Shirazu could have a good excuse as to why Urie should stop because he could say that because a member of “rose” specifically came to save him from a very dangerous circumstance, Kanae must be important the organization and could be used as bait.

Also if Kanae is captured and Haise and the Quinx prove to much of a danger the Aogiri members may back off from the fight as they have already recieved their down payment and wouldn’t recieve their death payments for each Quinx if their employer is trapped. (Conversely this may cause all the Aogiri members to come to Kanae’s aid).

Of course Kanae being captured could cause a massive amount of Chaos. Tsukiyama’s plan to bring back Kaneki’s memories may speed up. If Saiko is captured he could be used as a hostage to get her back (if the CCG refuses to get her then maybe by Haise and co. giving them a chance to wear Uta’s masks?)

Whatever happens judging by the fact we have a battle placement diagram we could be in this for at least a few chapters. I hope everyone makes it out alive.

anonymous asked:

how you imagine the relationship of hiccup and astrid will develop in the 3rd and 4th season of dragons? or how they will become a couple?

Thanks for the fun question! I guess we will see in a few months, but it’s always fun to guess and see how wrong I am hahahaha.

So Hiccup and Astrid have had a crush on each other for a loooooooong time, and it has crept into their relationship more than once beginning when they are but teenagers. We see kisses when they are fifteen and when they are sixteen, but there are noticeable times their body language points out they are noooot quite a couple yet. The most obvious example is how Hiccup and Astrid, after realizing they are holding each other, scoot away during “Animal House.” Thus, though they have feelings for one another that have been developing and deepening over time, they have not verbally dealt with the issue yet.

By Season 3 of Dragons, the fact they care for each other, and on more than a platonic level, is something the two of them can no longer just keep to the background. They have to discuss it. I feel like the relationship will officially happen and they become a romantic couple because they have already been acting like one. They just finally get the courage up to talk about it rather than dancing around the truth and make the title official. I am guessing that Hiccup will be the awkward one who brings up the conversation first, for Astrid is a woman of action rather than words.

I am less sure about whether Hiccup or Astrid will tell the gang about the official hook-up, though. I can see that going either way. And I can see it be a more comical scene than anything else.

Some people will have been expecting Hiccstrid to officially get together forever. Gobber will have zero surprise. He was astute enough way back when Hiccup was fifteen to notice the boy staring after Astrid. He will react to the news with, “Finally,” or some other equivalent. 

Others, though, will not be expecting it. By “others” I mean Snotlout, who has the ability of a tree stump to detect returned romantic interest - or at least, he keeps trying to gain love even when romantic interest clearly is not reciprocated. Snotlout flirted with Astrid when she was fifteen and sixteen, after all, for a very long time, even when it was probably more than obvious she was more interested in Hiccup (you mean like the entire first two seasons of Dragons???). In a similar way, Snotlout still keeps on pushing for romantic attention past hope in HTTYD 2 with Ruffnut. So if anyone is going to be surprised about official!Hiccstrid, it is going to be Snotlout. I can imagine him making some disappointed comment to the other youths in the Dragon Academy, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut responding with, essentially, a “Well, duhhhhh, Snotlout,” comment. 

The other Dragon Academy reaction option, given how the scriptwriters handle Ruffnut and Tuffnut, is to have them be pretty baffled or slow about it, too. But SOMEONE is going to have a “Wait, what?” reaction even if official!Hiccstrid is OBVIOUS in the coming.

It will be most interesting to see how Stoick responds. Parents reacting to their kids in a relationship is ALWAYS interesting, after all! We cannot just SAY he will be calling her his “future daughter-in-law” right away or act as exuberantly as we see in HTTYD 2, given that opinions of children’s significant others can morph over time. Still, I am guessing, given the fact that Astrid kisses Hiccup in front of Stoick in HTTYD 1 and he just smiles away, that Stoick will totally be on board with his son getting together with Astrid. He will be pleased. 

I hope that they do something funny about Stoick’s pleasure. Have him give Hiccup a nice long talk about how to date a lady properly. Talk a little bit too loudly and too frequently about his son’s girlfriend to the point he embarrasses Hiccup. Ask Hiccup awkward relationship questions. If the scriptwriters are feeling devious, maybe even slip in a hilarious vague sexual inference or double entendre. SOMETHING to make Hiccup squirm.

The Hiccstrid episode will last an entire episode and be the entire focus - or one of the two main focuses - in said episode. It will also happen near the beginning of the season so that they have time to develop it through the other seasons.

So then… how does it develop through the next two seasons beyond the get-together?

I imagine there will be teasing and times alone akin to what happens at the start of HTTYD 2, albeit in a less dynamic manner. I also wonder if they will have another argument, perhaps near the end of Season 3, between the two of them. A new relationship and the kinks it can have is pretty good story material, after all, and I suspect the writers will use it.

Overall, though, I think the relationship overall will be supportive. Astrid and Hiccup have been a “team” throughout Riders and Defenders of Berk, and they treat each other as equals in HTTYD 2. I would imagine they would have a decently smooth, supporting relationship given what we have already seen of them during their past platonic times together.

And there will be more than one kiss in Seasons 3 and 4, versus the one kiss that happens in the first two seasons. There will not be toooo many, but there will certainly be enough to show they are in a relationship! Woohoo!

once-upon-a-captain-swan  asked:

19 please?

19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au
Fair warning that I really got carried away with this.

To be honest, Emma Swan was never fond of taking Henry to school on the first day each year. It’s always been both painful and mesmerizing to see her little boy grow up. Painful because he’s growing up, and mesmerizing because he’s… growing up. And don’t even bring Neal into the picture, he’s been long gone ever since, and she hasn’t been looking for relationships ever since her utterly failed one with Neal Cassidy.

Taken to Storybrooke, being convinced by her friend Mary Margaret (who is a teacher at the school Henry’s attending) now has her and her son standing in front of the school for the third time in a row now. There are a handful of children already running around being all joyful. There are parents crouched down in front of their children, adjusting the collar of their jackets, tying unlaced shoelaces, and far more. It’s a familiar view, considering she’s already seen it three years in a row, multiple times a week, for six months in a school year.

As usual, Emma wishes her son to have a good first day back, to grade five, she watches her boy run off to meet with another boy, who she vaguely infers that he’s Liam. He’s apparently new around town, has a father, but no mention of a mother.

“Appears our lads get along,” a voice from behind claims.

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