Is Nike bringing out a iD option for the popular Flyknit silhouette..?
Well, Vagrant Sneaker posted the above picture on his blog today, after receiving the image from a friend, hinting Nike could be about to further expand their customer’s ability to put personal touches on yet another fantastic shoe.
Whilst only time will tell and the Flyknit does look like it could be a potentially more difficult shoe to custom… Let’s hope it’s true.
Click here to read the full post on Vagrant’s blog.
- Alexei

Keep your thousands of notes. I’m content with just a few from guys like Angel. I respect his work hella much. No doubt he’s always ahead of the curve and a true creator. Not just some scrub behind their screen liking and reblogging but not out there creating.

I’ll be out in NY in the near future brotha! We gotta link up. Would love to learn as much as I can from you. I’ll trade you for a burger and some tea lol 👊