Video: New Balance Excellent Makers – Vagrant Sneaker

Huuuuge shout out to my friend, Angel, for getting some long due recognition. ✌️If you guys are into sneakers and photography, Angel is one of the best to do it and if you don’t already follow him and know who he is, you should! It’s great to see him doing big things and to see how he’s progressed over the years. I lowkey remember having a fanboy moment the day he followed me back on Instagram LOL but real talk tho, he’s a creator. He’s not another guy with a camera and some shoes. Like he says in the video, it’s about storytelling. That’s the big difference between a “pic” and a photograph. Again, it’s nice to see stuff like this. It’s inspiring. Maybe one day if I ever land in NY, we can cross paths, homie. Go on a photo walk or something. I can teach you some things hahaha! Jk. ¡Felicidades, hombre!👏👏 Keep up the solid work & may it only progress. 👊

Ronnie Fieg x Asics GT-II "Super Reds 2.0"

We get some clear images of what happens to be the next Ronnie Fieg x Asics collabo in a GT-II model once again with its follow up from the “Rose Golds.” These don’t really have much of  a similarity to the Super Reds that these are claimed to be the follow up to. It is more of a follow up to the Ronnie Fieg x Nice Kicks x Asics collab. With a pigskin upper giving the red a very rich look. No word yet when these will be available. One thing we know for sure these wont last very long once they go on sale. Pics via Vargant Sneaker.