I’ve got a case of Vaginal Hubris… BAD. 


Reason #1 you should be watching The League on FXX


Jon Lajoie - Vaginal Hubris (Extended Version)

I hate it when gay dudes on tumblr talk about how gross vaginas are :( vaginas are awesome

they’re so neat and intricate and delicate and pretty  and they clean themselves and it’s just so cool  how they are all a little different


Oh no! I just found a profile I really like. Even though the whole thing is a joke, he’s not trying to hard and I’m actually LOL’in in hurr. Somehow my browser scrolled to the bottom and his ‘You should message me if’ section fully sold me before I checked out his entire profile:

Repeatedly visiting someone’s profile without saying something is the three second ‘I find you cute’ check out at the bar that becomes the creepy, lingering stare of an eternal spinster and/or successful serial killer.

Ignore common sense, practicality, logic. Reasoning is for squares, say hi. I’m the worst that could happen? I mean what, what is the worst that could happen?

Also if you have vaginal hubris.

Hahahaha!!! “Her vagina is a church and her clit is the steeple”

I’m tempted to write him now. So true about the creeping. But I like to get written to first, I’m done chasing. Should I tell him my vagina is a Mount Zion, and I need to king to conquer it? Gotta come up with something better…

anonymous asked:

What can you do really well when it comes to sex?

(oh my glob, I never thought I would have an excuse to use that gif)

isn’t it best to discover that on your own [or, more likely, never learn, but at least you won’t be tortured by thoughts of all the fantastic things I could have done to you…]?~