With the help of high-speed cameras, CT scanners and some nail-art supplies, scientists in Japan have managed to catch a glimpse of the elaborate way that ladybugs fold their wings to tuck them away.

The research could have implications for everything from aeronautics to umbrellas.

The study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, explored how ladybugs can have wings strong enough to fly with, but quickly collapsible so they can be tucked out of the way.

The wings, after all, are much larger than the black-spotted wing cases they fold down to fit inside — as is immediately obvious easy to see if you just watch a video of the wings unfolding.

But the researchers at the University of Tokyo explain that no one knew how the ladybugs put the wings away, since they actually shut the wing cases first — then pull the wings inside. The interesting action is tucked out of sight.

Scientists Sneak A Peek At How Ladybugs Fold Their Wings

Photo: University of Tokyo

Magick for Spring Time

❁ Do a ‘spring cleaning’ by cleaning and cleansing your whole house.  

❁ Do a ritual to welcome spring. 

❁ Begin devoting your time to learning, reading, and writing about your craft.  

❁ Use divination to determine your goals and outcomes for the year. 

❁ Start your seeds inside.

❁ Spoil your houseplants by watering them, fertilizing them, and talking to             them. Add crystals to their pots. 

❁ Spend time outside noticing signs of springs return. 

❁ Change your altar to correspond with spring. 

❁ Collect rain water from spring showers.

❁ Collect flower blossoms to dry and press for your spells and grimoire.

❁ Collect spring stream water.

❁ Meditate in the greening grass.

❁ De-clutter your home to bring forth fresh, new energies.

❁ Plant wild flowers for the bees.

I meant to post this sooner but life seems to have gotten in the way. 

May the moon light your path!
Moonlight Academy

Not Like This (Part 4)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here
Part 3: Here

Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 7,263
Rating: Teen+
Tag List: @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr @littlecarowrites @trekken81 @lurkch @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens  @alwaysinnarnia @mccoymostly @dolamrothianlady @stormsnevercometostay @bkwrm523  If you would like to join my main tag list, please let me know!
Author’s Note:  I’m sorry it took me so long to write this part, but I think you’ll like it!  There WILL be another part to this story, and it’s already almost done, so I promise there won’t be such a long wait for the next one.  Enjoy!!

              Everything seems like a horrible dream.  You feel like you’re treading through the thickest mud, barely able to move forward. Your mind is full of cobwebs, making everything muffled and dull.  You moan as aches and pains come back to you in full force, sending waves of agony through your body.  Your chest in particular is throbbing, through you can feel spikes of pain coming from other areas, like your injured arm and leg.

              You slowly open your eyes, blinking sluggishly, your eyelids feeling very heavy and weighed down by your extreme fatigue.  Everything looks too bright and blurred, and you blink a few more times, trying to clear your vision.  It helps a little, but nothing really comes into proper focus, leaving you feeling dizzy and disoriented.  You realize that someone is touching you, and you can feel something warm and wet against your neck.  You feel it move away from you and eventually realize someone had a washcloth on your skin. Why?  You can’t think clearly enough to figure out an answer.  You can’t remember what’s going on, and your heartrate spikes as fear and confusion start to take over your brain.

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Spring Time Legends & Lore


The Easter Bunny is of German origin. He shows up in 16th century literature as a deliverer of eggs, in his own way a springtime St. Nicholas bent on rewarding the good.

In Celtic mythology and folklore the hare has links to the mysterious Otherworld of the supernatural.

The Celts believed that the goddess Eostre’s favourite animal and attendant spirit was the hare.

Many Buddhist and Hindu texts describe the hare as a creature of fire, but not just any fire, the same consuming sacrificial fire of the phoenix, then to rise again out of the ashes.

To the Romans, the hare is an emblem of fertility, abundance, sexuality, lust, rampant growth and excess.


Eggs have forever been associated with spring time. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Gauls, and Chinese all embraced the egg as a symbol of the universe. 

Druids buried eggs dyed red, the color of menstrual blood, in freshly plowed fields to draw the goddess of spring from her slumber and to ensure abundance and fertility for the year.  

In Egypt and Persia eggs were decorated at the beginning of the year. The decorated eggs were exchanged at the equinox, the eggs symbolizing creation and fertility. 

Early humans thought the return of the sun from winter darkness was an annual miracle, and saw the egg as a natural wonder and proof of the renewal of life.

As Christianity spread, the egg was adopted as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection from the tomb. Hardboiled eggs were dyed red in memory of Christ’s blood, then given to children as a talisman to preserve their health over the ensuing twelve months.  

Pace eggs are kept year-round in British households for luck.

The protective qualities of the scarlet-dyed egg are still invoked in parts of Europe to guard fields and vineyards from lightning and hail, one is usually buried on the property for that purpose

According to European superstition, once an egg is consumed, its shell must be broken up lest a witch use it to gain power over the person who ate from it. A witch might also make a boat from an intact shell, then set sail in it and wreck ships at sea. Discarded eggshells should never be burned because doing so will cause the hens to cease to lay. 

Spring Deities

Anglo-Saxons worshiped Eostre, the moon Goddess of spring and fertility. 

The Druids worshiped Blodeuwedd, the Goddess of fertility, magick, and dawn.

In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers and of the season of spring.

The Ancient Greek goddess Persephone is associated with spring.  

The celtic Goddess Brigit is honored at the festival of Imbolc which celebrates the first stirrings of Spring.

Freya is the Nordic fertility Goddess associated with spring growth and flowers. 

Spring Flora

Clover and other three-leaved plants were once considered spring gifts from the fairies to protect us and bring us luck.

Easter Lilies symbolize purity and spring time.

Other Wives tales

An old wives tale says  a wind that blows on Easter Day will continue to blow throughout the year, and that a shower of rain promises a good crop of grass but little hay. 

Children born on Easter Day are deemed especially fortunate. Those born on Good Friday, however, are doomed to be unlucky. 


May the moon light your path!

Moonlight Academy

anonymous asked:

For a prompt: Winteriron, AU (perhaps AvAc?), where Tony tries to subtly (though not quite as subtly as he thinks) woo Bucky with flowers, except Bucky is allergic but doesn't have the heart to tell him (and despite it all, he really doesn't want Tony to stop). So Tony keeps it up even if Bucky never really responds , and looks more and more murderous for every time (due to itchy eyes).

Hello anon!

So, this is set in AvAc and they’re teenagers in love (bless them) and Bucky is afraid of hurting Tony’s feelings. But it all works out in the end!

“Bucky, you need to tell him you’re allergic to flowers.” Steve says, concerned as he takes in Bucky’s red, watery eyes. 

“No, I can’t,” Bucky refuses, scrunching up his nose as he holds back another sneeze. “He’ll think I don’t like him.”

“How does-?” Steve is interrupted by Bucky’s sudden sneeze before continuing. “How does you telling him that you’re allergic to flowers correlate with you not liking him?”

“You don’t know Tony,” Bucky replies, sniffling. “He’ll think that I’m lying to him so I can get him to stop giving me flowers,” He then tapped the side of his head. “He’s an over-thinker.”

Steve sighs because he can’t argue with that. He has seen Tony react largely to certain things that don’t require much of a reaction. 

“So what are you gonna do?” Steve asks and Bucky shrugs. “You just gonna keep accepting flowers from him?”

“I will if it means I keep seeing that smile on his face.” Bucky says, completely serious. Steve fights back a laugh, it’s so obvious that Bucky’s far gone for Tony. 

“Um, here you go.” Tony says, flushing slightly as he hands Bucky a bouquet of lilies. Bucky almost cries because the sight of a blushing Tony is adorable and he feels his allergies already coming on. 

“This are gorgeous,” Bucky says, smiling as he takes the bouquet from Tony’s hands. They are gorgeous, incredibly so, but Bucky doesn’t have the chance to admire them. His vision is already going blurry with tears and his eyes are feeling so goddamn itchy. 

“Pepper recommended them,” Tony replies, placing his hands in his pockets. “The flower shop is always overwhelming when you don’t know what type of flowers to get next.”

“You seemed to be doing just find before.” Bucky says, chuckling as Tony sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. “Lemme guess, Pepper helped with those too?”

“Hey, it was my idea to go with flowers in the first place!” Tony exclaims though he’s smiling that beautiful smile of his. “And you can never go wrong with flowers, right?”

Bucky’s nose twitches and he nods quickly, his face scrunching up. 

Tony eyes him for a moment before asking, “Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just…” Bucky trails off, wiggling his nose as he tries to fight off a sneeze. “I just have an itchy nose.” It’s not exactly a lie. 

Tony doesn’t believe him. 

“And your eyes look so red…and watery…” Tony takes in Bucky’s appearance before his eyes widen. “Wait, are you allergic to flowers!?”

Bucky shakes his head frantically. “No, I’m-!”

He doesn’t get to finish as he’s soon having a sneeze attack and Tony hurries off to find him some tissues. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were allergic to flowers?” Tony asks, eyebrows furrowed. He and Bucky are both seated on one of the benches in the quad and Tony has the flowers next to him, far away from Bucky. 

Bucky sighs. “I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t like you by telling you I had allergies.”

Tony stares at him blankly for a moment. “Wait…how do the two of those things correlate?” He asks. Ha, Steve had said the same thing. 

“Because you would have thought I was rejecting your flowers by saying I had allergies.” Bucky explains, quick and simple. 

“What, I wouldn’t have!” Tony exclaims and Bucky gives him a look before Tony rolls his eyes. “Okay, so I overreact a little.”

“A little?” Bucky teases.

“Don’t make me bring these flowers over there.” Tony threatens and Bucky sits up a little straighter. 

“Yes, sir.”

“So flowers are out of the question,” Tony says, biting his bottom lip and Bucky doesn’t think Tony knows how sexy that is. “What do you like?”

“I like going to the movies.” Bucky tells him. “And concerts, and playing on my guitar.”

Tony nods but doesn’t make a move to actually ask him to do any of those things. So Bucky takes the chance. 

“Would you like to go to the movies with me this Saturday?” Bucky asks, gazing down at Tony with a soft smile.

Tony’s bright smile is just the answer he hoped for. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, if you are still taking prompts, can I request academy fitzsimmons falling in love and getting together?

Hi anon, thank you for the prompt! I know it’s not ~technically Academy Era since they’re not at the Academy, but I hope this is still alright!

(Also, I could possibly be persuaded to write parts of this from Jemma’s POV, especially the last few bits of it, just an fyi…)

I’ve had some trouble recently with the read more line not working on mobile, so if that’s a problem, please let me know and we’ll work something out! I’m more than happy to do what I can to make sure everyone can enjoy my fics!


It was the final day of classes for his first year at the Academy, and having finished all of his finals and in possession of a plane ticket back to Glasgow for that evening, Fitz was rushing around his dorm room like a madman, shoving things haphazardly into his open suitcase. He’d meant to be packed before then, but things had kept getting in the way, and…and perhaps, there may have been a part of him that wasn’t ready to leave yet.

Logically, he knew that packed or not, he was going to have to leave the Academy campus eventually, and of course he was excited to see his mum again, but…

“This is why I left you all of those notes, reminding you to pack, for weeks,” Jemma pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowly avoiding the wrinkled-up t-shirt he’d tossed at the suitcase on the bed beside her. “Honestly, Fitz.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’d have packed before now if you hadn’t kept me busy twenty-four-seven with your ridiculous study sessions,” Fitz shot back, eyeing the pile of clothes in the top drawer of his dresser, then shrugging and scooping it all up into his arms to carry it over to his bed.

Jemma actually cringed as she watched him dump the heap of unfolded clothes into the suitcase. “Are you sure you don’t want me to do some folding for you? I wouldn’t mind…”

“Oh c’mon Simmons, we both know you’re asking for entirely selfish reasons,” Fitz half-joked, planting his hands on his hips and arching an eyebrow at her. “In fact, I take a great amount of pleasure in the thought of you on a plane back home to Sheffield, twitching the entire way because you can’t stop thinking ‘bout my suitcase full of wrinkled laundry.”

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Reading PSA

Guys I used to judge audiobooks but really… let me tell you… audiobooks are THE SHIT.

Like some of them suck, that is inevitable. But really good ones make for such an exciting reading process. Plus, I feel like my day is so much more productive when I can listen to books while walking my dog, driving through town, going between classes.

Audiobooks. Are. The. Shit.

I’m officially 12,000 friends richer! Thank you to everyone that follows my blog! I honestly didn’t think much would come of this blog and was excited at the thought of 100 followers, but it has come a long way! Sorry, I don’t have a better or more special picture for this wonderful occasion, but this is my book haul from Saturday!


A documentary about Vaganova Ballet Academy Professor Lyudmila Kovaleva (English dubbed).


sacred:/ˈsākrəd/ (adj.) connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration