vaganova academy of russian ballet
Petition to save Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet!

Hey there guys! I found this link with English instructions on a Facebook page dedicated to Vaganova Academy and its change of directors which happened more than a month ago. We all can save this legendary academy by signing this petition!These are the instructions that I found:

Please sign the new petition to help bring justice to the Vaganova Academy! It is free to sign. The former petition garnered over 1000 signatures but the site has been compromised and at times is not available (we do not yet know if this is also foul play). As a result the Academy and its supporters are asking you to sign the backup petition (identical to the first one).
It is in Russian. Instructions: 
On the right side of the petition page (see link below), enter in the following order: Top box: First name. Second box: Last name. Third box: An email address. Fourth box: your city. Last box: Why is this important to you (optional).“ Catherine Pawlick
To the attention of all those who care about the Academy of Russian Ballet; An unfortunate, unpredictable and unspeakable event has happened in the Academy- on October 28 by the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the artistic director Altynai Asylmuratova and the president of the Academy Vera Dorofeeva were fired. A new president of the Academy was pointed out, his name is Nikolay Tsiskaridze and he is an ex-principle dancer of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre. Mr. Tiskaridze does not have the pedagogical experience nor does he have the required experience in keeping the maintenance of the building housing the Academy of Russian Ballet in Saint Petersburg. Mr. Tsiskaridze has a reputation of a scandalous man. Thus being the reason why his contract was not prolonged with the Bolshoi Theatre and because of his scandalous nature, he was not able to find any job position that he wanted for himself, (which is a top job at the top theatre or a school in Russia’s two capitals which are Moscow and Saint Petersburg). Most of the professional staff of the Academy are not accepting such a candidate. The Academy that was so successful, with a great professional staff, wonderful students that dance all over the world in world’s major ballet companies are now suffering and hurting by this decision of the Ministry of Culture. Not to mention, that the true legend of the Kirov Ballet Altynai Asylmuratova is treated extremely unfairly in this situation. Next year the president’s and the artistic director elections should take place in the academy, but because of the pressure and the atmosphere of fear that was created by the Ministry of Culture and Mr. Tsiskaridze’s all mighty supporters, the mass media are spreading false accusations and allegations about the previous administration. Government officials come to the Academy with warrants to do the search and the investigation. By threats and intimidation the new administration under the leadership of Nikolay Tsiskaridze are trying to put pressure in all the staff of the Academy in order for them to cooperate. The situation in the Academy is very, very tense, to say the very least. We think that it would be wise to propose our candidates for the spots of the Artistic director and the President of the Academy and those chosen by the staff members of the Academy until the new election takes place; to place someone neutral and well respected by all staff members of the Academy in the position of the President of the Academy. We are sure that this would stabilize the situation and stay the crisis allowing the Academy do what it does best; producing great ballet dancers.

Ulyana Lopatkina, the art in human form, lady of the classic dance. Ulyana was born on 23th of October 1973 in Kerch (Ukraine). From the early age Ulyana took dancing classes and was admitted to the Academy of Russian Ballet named after Vaganova (St.Petersburg) where she studied the art of dancing from Galina Novitskaya in primary school and Natalia Dudinskaya in higher school. Still being a student of the Academy, Ulyana took won at Vaganova-prix Competition (St.Petersburg, 1991)


A documentary about Agrippina Vaganova. Russian with English Subs.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze is one of the interviewees. 


Can tumblr stop acting like vaganova is the only acceptable form of ballet?

I love it, but some of the pointe work can be weak as hell and sometimes the mariinsky seems more focused on showcasing the skinniest dancers with the highest extensions. Just because someone’s gone to the vaganova ballet academy doesn’t mean they’re automatically better. BUT the vaganova upper body is gorgeous and of course many of the dancers Diana Vishneva, Evgenia Obratzsova (one of my favourites), Uliana Lopatkina etc are the top in the world and are true to the style without over exaggeration and weakness. I think the bolshoi is stealing the show these days, even with all the scandals.

But many other styles are gorgeous too, balanchine gets so much hate, personally I don’t the hands that much. But the dancers are so strong, dance so fast (many companies dance much slower for the sake of higher extensions etc) and are very artistic, and nycb dance more unusual ballets rather than the typical swan lakes and sleeping beautys. 

French is my personal favourite, because there isn’t anything I don’t like about it, I don’t know why some think the upper body is stiff, just because it’s not as flowing as vaganova. This style is also largely ignored by tumblr, except for maybe isabelle, but only because of her crazy feet and turnout.

And lets not forget, british where the acting is amazing (ok most of the dancers aren’t british but I mean at the Royal Ballet), watch Tamara Rojo, Nela Nunez, Darcey Bussell, etc and italian, the corps were very strong when I saw La Scala and of course Roberto Bolle.

All in all, broaden your horizons people, not every dancer that is russian is automatically perfect. And every dancer that isn’t isn’t automatically inferior. This isn’t aimed at anyone, just something I’ve noticed over time. I’m just ranting.