vaganova academy of russian ballet

I believe that the Russian ballet school is one of the few (if not the only) school that keeps the traditions of the classical ballet art. It is the authentic source of classical ballet, I’d dare say. No ballet dancer trained outside of Russia can experience the same atmosphere and the spirit of the ballet art as Russian ballet dancers do. That is why the Russian ballet dancers are the most famous, and the best, in the world.
—  Nikolay Tsiskaridze

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What advice would you give to anyone wanting to study at VBA?

Alisa Uzunova: “It’s going to be hard in the beginning! You will have to work a lot, a lot for the teachers to pay attention to you! And go to every rehearsal and know every dance so that they see that you really want it and that you are always ready to dance!”

To learn more about Vaganova Ballet Academy, read the full Q&A with Alisa.

Ralph Fiennes at Vaganova

There seems to be some confusion over why Voldemort is hanging out at Vaganova.


that has been the strangest caption I’ve read


I need to know the backstory.

While I don’t know the exact purpose of his visit, I can venture an educated guess. 

Firstly, this isn’t the first time Fiennes visited the Academy. He was first spotted there same time last year. At the time, he was promoting a movie in Russia and evidently decided to visit the Academy during his tour. Here he is, listening intently to Tsiskaridze, in October 2014:

This isn’t surprising. Vaganova Academy is St Petersburg’s crown jewel, and while a mere mortal wouldn’t gain admittance into its walls, it’s not uncommon for celebrities (for lack of a better word) to get a tour of the Academy’s museum and studios.

A simpler explanation could be that as a man of culture and supreme taste, Fiennes is simply looking for an excuse to be near the exquisite creature that is Nikolay Tsiskaridze.