in the name of Gunpla...

…what abomination have i began to create…

ok, story time. 
ya guys know Age?
ya know, that poorly done, firey turd of a Gundam series?
the same series that even its creator hates?
yeah. that one. 
im planning to a Vagan custom. 
CUZ I LIKE VAGAN(’s Mobile Suits)

thats the thing; in some Gundam series, i end up saying “screw it” to the story, only to gawk at the Mobile Suits. 

Vagan suits, in this case, are something i enjoy. simply because their sleek and deadly, and going by Vagan morales, cold and heartless. 

as of now, though i have to wait for the multitude of models to come in, i am planning a kit bash, using the following Vagan models:

Gafran, Baqto, Dorado, Danazine, and Ghiarga. 

i have a vague idea on what i want this kit bash to be like, but if it will actually work is beyond me. 

i plan to do 2 Kit Bashes, actually. what the second will amount of will be spare parts from the rest of the kit. what will go in is beyond me until i see whats left when im satisfied. 

well, i got a month to wait til then. hope this works out. 

names so far for the two will be Vagas Nocturne and Vagas Imperial. 
up for debate. got a better name? leave it in my ask box. 
any hate will be blocked…