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Japanese Fans List The Manga They’re Worried Will Never End

There are manga that last a long time, and there are manga that last a long time. While series like Dragon Balland Naruto went on for over a decade, their creators eventually brought them in for a landing.

On the other hand, there are series that look like they’re just never going to end. Ranking site Goo asked its readers to list the manga they’d like to see finish, but are worried never actually will, and the results looked a little something like this.

Year in parentheses represents the year serialization began.

18. Kingdom (2006)

17. Vagabond (1998)

15 (tie). Akagi (1992)

15 (tie). Kachō Kōsaku Shima (1983)

14. Big Windup! (2003)

13. Hajime no Ippo (1989)

12. Five Star Stories (1986)

11. Golgo 13 (1968)

10. Bastard!! (1988)

9. Yūkan Club (1986)

8. Berserk (1989)

7. X (1992)

6. Crest of the Royal Family (1976)

5. Nana (2000)

4. Glass Mask (1976)


3. Hunter x Hunter (1998)

2. One Piece (1997)

1. Detective Conan (1994)

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You know you’re poor when you’re literally planning on stealing a pen from work because you don’t have any around the house… ANYWAY! I did Inktober day 3 and 4 together and on the computer cause I don’t have a pen around the house and cause I can. The Vagabond/Merchant Witch stops by a small farm town because their broom got busted and starts in fall in love with the local gardening Witch and shenanigans ensue as the Vagabond tries to woo the pretty flower girl.

we’ll play ‘til we die

the city talks in two ways: louder than the rifles they grip, or soft, like the whispers they breathe. either way, none of them ever listen.

(or, a playlist for six individuals who somehow found trust midst a city of liars)

1. Mother Mother Very Good Bad Thing | 2. Chloe Howl Girls and Boys | 3. Two Door Cinema Club Handshake | 4. Satellite Stories Vagabonds | 5. Dan Croll From Nowhere | 6. Madeon Nonsense (ft. Mark Foster) | 7. Halsey New Americana | 8. Two Door Cinema Club Golden Veins | 9. Dillon Francis Love in the Middle of a Firefight (ft. Brendon Urie) | 10. Neon Trees Sleeping with a Friend | 11. Act As If L.A. Kid | 12. Fits and the Tantrums Spark | 13. Mother Mother Reaper Man | 14. Kavinsky Nightcall (ft. Lovefoxxx) | 15. Metric Youth Without Youth