vagabond mini

Los Santos is a big city. It’s a big black smudge on the map with dark alleys teeming with unforgiving creatures, a breeding ground for thieves and murders alike. Everyone’s trying to get to the top, clawing and fighting their way up the criminal web, defending their territories viciously. Los Santos is a big city, but it’s controlled by only a select few. These seven people that wear the crowns weren’t always sitting pretty at the top of the food chain. They were all common criminals, nameless faces trying to survive in a place where your life is only worth as much cash you bring and chaos you cause. Not everyone had impressive backstories, but they all made the Fakes who they are today. 

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Just a sketch dump to prove I’m not dead while I deal with work and Patreon things! I need to improve my productivity for this year ^^;

In order, the sketches are:

One of Gabbie’s younger sisters, Ana. She’s a perpetual prey and generally isn’t too happy about it. Also smallest of the family at 5 feet even.

Luna and Celestia for an ask on Ask Feedee Twi (yes I know it’s been a while)

Some Jaime shenanigans for a special thing. Also, Chell cosplayer! Oh, and a proof of concept doodle of Jaime at her high school graduation.

Another of Gabbie’s (older) sisters, Rosa. She’s an endosoma pred - her fiancee has been inside her since late high school. Also is 11 feet tall.

And finally, Havalina! Most likely something for a bio sheet of hers.