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Hawkeye #2 Review


In this issue, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop team up in order to intercept a heist aimed at the Big Apple’s biggest scum bags!

What’s good?

Aja’s layouts and pencils are great but combine those with the colors from Hollingsworth and you have some of the best comic book art on the stands. Just the perspectives that Aja gives you for a scene make it feel like a full-on 3D environment. Fraction really knows how to work with Aja and it shows.

Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye, has some really get exchanges with Clint that endeared her to me pretty quickly even though I’ve only read maybe two or three books with her. The two just play off each other so well during the “heist” that it reminds me of some of the best, non-sexual Bond/Bond Girl relationships. Consider me on board with this crime-fighting duo.

The plot of the book is actually pretty good when looked at on it’s own. It involves a traveling circus group and a plan to rob “ultra-rich” people like the Kingpin. And the resolution leaves a lot of room for the series to go with the introduction of a “to-do-list” for Clint when he’s not busy being an adventurer. It’s a great framework to lay a series of one-and-dones on that makes it feel like the premise for a TV show not dissimilar from NBC’s Chuck.

What’s not-so-good?

I had an issue with exactly how lethal something like an arrow to the eye was and the book essentially handwaving it.

Rate that shit!

This book is a perfect little action movie that ends in such a way that opens the door for many more adventures. This earns my Pick of the Week and a 9.5/10.