vagabond balloon

Day 172.

Hot damn have I been sick! For three weeks I’ve been coughing and hacking and fighting headaches and my sides and back hurt from coughing, and did I mention all the coughing? I hate coughing. Thankfully, I think I’m coming to the end of this hell-sent sickness.

Oh hey! Comics! That’s neat. It’s been a while. So long in fact, that this is the first comic I’ve ever drawn in Manga Studio 5 and with a new process. Anyway, I’m gonna have a new schedule for stuff soon but I’ll tell you about that in a few minutes.

Day 166.

I’ve always had this weird thing with Orion’s Belt…

 As a kid, I was pretty big into astronomy. Not so much actually knowing any of it, but just being amazed by it all. Every night I’d look out my window, right beside my bed, and look out at the stars. Every night before bed. The one constellation I remember seeing the most is Orion’s Belt. It was like it was perpetually there. I’d stare at it for hours, sacrificing sleep just to think and look out at the constellation. I always wanted to see the Little Dipper or something, but I loved Orion’s Belt. It was stable for me.

 Now I’m older and I don’t stargaze so much. But every once in a while I’ll look out at the stars here in Colorado and see Orion’s Belt, and I get a mixed feeling. It’s kind of nice to have something to call me back to Long Island whenever I get homesick. It let’s me think, and dream, and just get lost in thought… but it almost feels wrong having it in a Colorado sky. I knew it so well from outside my window on Long Island… it’s my childhood. But I guess either way, it’s nice to see again.

Still wish I could see the Little Dipper though.

Day 169.1

Schools only been in session for 3 weeks and I’m already sick of it. I feel like everything I want to do is shoved aside for far less inspired assignments that, honestly I’m not even really enjoying. I’m not sure if my hearts just lying elsewhere right now or if I’m starting to kind of fall out of animation… It’s hard to tell. Maybe I just miss character stuff. And maybe I just really suck at Stop Mo. I don’t know.

The real issue is just that I don’t have too much time to draw things that I’d like to. Comics, commissions, random doodles, random shorts, and things I want to make for all my friends. It’s disheartening is all…