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He Lady N do you know of any situation/myth in lore, where the more usually presented as evil Daedra Princes like Mehrunes and Molag Bal are presented in positive light ( in that they do something that could be recognized from our perspective as good) for example Mehrunes supporting revolution overthrowing totalitarian regime as part of his revolution sphere of influences.

I can’t think of any specific examples in lore, but there are times when authors generally describe the positive aspects of typically negative Daedric spheres. This quote from Lady Cinnabar’s Persistence of Daedric Veneration comes to mind: 

On the contrary, it’s easy to show that veneration for Daedra is widespread and widely accepted among the folk of Tamriel, despite the desires and opinions of priests and professors. Ask the hunter why he mutters a prayer to Hircine as he draws his bow. Ask the gardener why she asks Mephala to spare her vines from slugs and worms. Ask the guardsman why he invokes the valor of Boethiah as he draws his sword. And one doesn’t have to look hard to find worshipers of Sanguine during Carnaval, or Hermaeus Mora among scholars at any time.

There’s also the Aldudagga story where Molag Bal is persuaded into helping stop Mehrunes Dagon, and one could argue that the Dunmeri view of the Four Corners as testing Dunmeri resolve is a positive one (insofar as gods are concerned, see: the Old Testament). 

The 1st Pocket Guide’s description of the Daedra as “16 Acceptable Blasphemes” also comes to mind. Reversed, it reads: 

To VAERNIMA Weaver of the Panoply.
To SANGUINE who tastes the Shaven Fruit.
To HERMAEUS MORA who holds the Paper to the Light.
To MERIDIA who contains the Plenum.
To AZURA the Rim of all Holes.
To PERYITE whose Foundation is Falling Rock.
To NOCTURNAL whose Touch is Mink.
To CLAVICUS VILE who always answers.
To MEPHALA who threads the Needle with the Hair of wives.
To NAMIRA whose Works endure forever.
To MOLAG BAL whose Breath is Most Foul.
To SHEOGORATH the Comforter of Men.
To MEHRUNES DAGON whose mistress is Blazing Sun.
To MALACATH who speaks all Language Sideways.
To HIRCINE who is Half the Conscience of Men.
To BOETHIAH the Fount of Inspiration.

While most of those are suitably cryptic, a few portray obviously positive aspects.