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Hi there! Thank you for reserving my place as Esmeralda! I wish to notify that it was my intention to use this current account for roleplay, is that okay?

Of course! We’ve added you to the roster ~ Welcome to Disney Roleplay! -L

Sun’s Dusk 5th, 4E 201

One thing Linjii did not miss about wandering through the forested parts of Skyrim was the chance of running into goblins. That particular group of persistent, annoying creatures are reserved for warmer climes, and unfortunately we ran into a nasty bunch of them today while traveling through the Great Forest.

This was around midday. The mooncow smelled them before we even spotted them. It stopped ad tensed up, and my friends urged me to have spell and sword handy in case of assault. Luckily, my ability to detect life signs via magic allowed us to see where they hid, avoiding a complete ambush, and yet they still came at us thick and fast, armed with crude weapons and screaming their nonsense language.

I am thankful that Ku’rana and Vaerina can hold their own as well. They are fair with claw and blade, and fought from the raised position of the cart top to keep the goblins away, while I covered flank and let fly magic, as well as summoning poor Arniel’s shade for backup. We are lucky no one was seriously hurt, because for what they lack in firepower, they make up for in a dim cunning and sheer numbers. I must have roasted a dozen of the bastards with fire before this was all done, and still they kept coming. A couple of well-placed Frenzies helped, but there was already such a bloodlust in them it was hard to get them focused on each other.

Either way, it took us dealing with more than half their number before the rest cleared off, and even then we spent several hours repairing the damage to the caravan and tending to some minor injuries on the mooncow. It was a setback, and so we make up for it by traveling a few extra hours by the light of Jone and Jode. It is good to have them peering down on us through the branches as we go, and Ku’rana says they help illuminate the moonpath for us.

Either way, an eventful day nonetheless. I still wish we could stop in a city again, but my mates still seem paranoid about running into the Thalmor. I know the goods they carry, and there is nothing apparent to this one that would get us in trouble.

Linjii is going to have to ask some careful questions over the next few days about what his fellow Khajiit are planning to do when they return to Elsewyr.

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Hi there! Due to unfortunate events of my current lifestyle, I won't be able to maintain my blog any further. Dropping my claim!

Thank you for letting us know! We’re sorry to see you go. ;;

Esmerelda is now open.