The Adventures of Ser Petyr and Lady Rillek

The cold of Ishgard took a while to adjust to but Ulfarr managed. What was more difficult was learning everything Vaelyn was throwing at him. Table manners, how to talk to people without offending them, why calling Miqo’te and Au Ra cats and lizard was actually racist. Why you shouldn’t eat that cake that’s fallen on the floor, manners in general. Spelling and writing as well of course. He’d not often get a moment to himself. The steward of the house also becoming like a mentor, Vaelyn’s daughter, Marceline, his fellow student. Except she was far better at being a well behaved member of society then Ulfarr was. She at least seemed to take pity on him and find him amusing. Playing at tea parties was a common activity they did together and an exercise.

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