Vaelyn gripped her shoulder, attempting to stem the flow of blood from the wound. The tear in the arcane was fading from sight, and with it, the outstretched hand of the huntsman, and his five dogs. She was unable to follow, given the broken concentration of a spear that had easily punctured the reinforced cloth she wore.

The half-elf sorceress was surrounded by nearly six dozen armed men, all whom circled around her like sharks in the water. An armored greave kicked her in the back, sending her crashing to the cold ground in a muted thud, teeth bared in pain as the wind was knocked out of her. The half end of an axe struck her in the back of the skull, jaring her vision, and sending lightning strikes of pain straight into her skull.

She could barely make out the unmistakable sounds of Lady Draygoth’s darker magics, working in conjunction with Venise as they fended off their small army of attackers. She couldn’t worry about them, as the old Dragonslayer could most certainly fend for herself, not to mention her student. She had sent Rory…somewhere, it was a quick teleportation spell but none the less it worked. She’d rather lose herself, than lose him.

Vaelyn fully expected to feel the cold, hungry bite of steel as she laid defenseless upon the floor, but instead, she was merely surrounded and held at spear’s edge. A man could be seen making his way through the crowd of heavily-armored soldiers, but she didn’t have time to give him the pleasure of introduction. She began to summon a fount of arcane from her own sizable reserve, though struggling to keep it hidden from her assailants. They couldn’t know of her intention, and so she focused on the blood spilling from her shoulder, appearing to simply be in pain.

When the suspected leader passed through to be seen, did she release that torrential manastorm of energy, blowing every guard around her back with a sheer wall of force. She conjured a tear in reality just below her, and fell into it. The explosion, was a safeguard to ensure no one could impale her during her frantic escape.

Reality was lost. Slivers of magic that resembled mirrors filled the infinite space of darkness and stars from which she fell into. Each one, a teleportation spell. A doorway, though in the universe, time and location were lost here, when supercharged with Arcane as Vaelyn was. She picked the nearest one, and willed herself to fall into the by-product of conjured Arcane, and inherent ley-line focus.

And thus, she found herself twenty years in the past.

In Stormwind.

Standing across from Captain Bowan Arrow.


i love my daddy // vaelyn

Kaelyn was currently at Victor’s apartment. She had lied to her parents and said she was staying with a friend but what her naive parents didn’t know that she was currently in a crop top and underwear while having her arms wrapped around the older man as they watched American Horror Story. 

Vaelyn Rillek had a way with words. Brutal and cutthroat yet they betrayed something Ulfarr could only imagine was a sense of care. With begrudging guidance the priest gave Ulfarr a truth he couldn’t deny. That convinced him to take a different path as he’d already decided to abandon his current one.

“I don’t believe he cares to protect you, Ulfarr. He does not behave as a man who does, by parting from you in the manner he has.” Not that Vaelyn was the prime source of advice on romance, “You should not hearken to those who try that desperately to present the image of noble purity.” There is a mixture of disgust and bitterness upon his features, his voice halting for a moment and refusing to spill forth. Clearing his throat, he finally manages, “When I was injured or distressed, my wife was always by my side. Letters do not compensate for the shortcomings Zailin has shown.”

A display of softness and weakness for the woman rarely talked about. It drove the point home. He thought of the brief happiness that was his mother and father. They talked more soon Ulfarr couldn’t help but cry, ‘Why would he abandon me? Why would he leave me if he wants me?’.

“Because he believes you too weak to part from him. He believes that he may do as he wishes and you shall always be there.” Vaelyn raises his hands in a gesture almost of supplication, but somehow it conveys a harsher feeling, “You are but a pet.”

It is all that needs to be said. Ulfarr’s mind is made, he agrees to Vaelyn’s suggestion. His new home to be in Ishgard. The home he had to be left empty and abandoned of all traces of himself.