‘Oxford Dictionaries’ accepts “yas,” “squad goals” and others into its vaunted pages

  • Everybody say “yas!” The English language is evolving — or disintegrating, depending on how you look at it. But instead of sipping the “haterade,” why not join Oxford Dictionaries’ “lovefest” for its latest additions. Promise it’ll be “funtastic” — not “craptastic.”
  • Those are just five of the new words and phrases inducted into Oxford Dictionaries Thursday. The tome is powered by the University of Oxford — makers of the famous Oxford English Dictionary — and “focuses on current language,” as distinct from its older sibling which focuses on the etymologies of our language. Consider it lexicographer “#SquadGoals.”
  • As part of its grand announcement, Oxford Dictionaries used Twitter to boast how “on fleek” it’s becoming. Read more (2/24/17 4:28 PM)

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