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Good morning, Vadodara!

Mornings are probably my favorite daytime in India. - Although I’m not at all a morning person! (My parents can tell… 😜 - lots of love to my home and family!) A German friend from Ahmedabad is visiting Rosann and me this weekend and we had a long girls’ night together.

Just when I was about to sleep, an Indian friend texted me and asked whether I wanted to join him and a second friend to pick up a third friend -you see what I did there- from the railway station after a long journey of hers. So we drove to the station very early to welcome her at almost 5:30 am and on our way back enjoyed the first few rays of sunlight awakening the new day in this beautiful city. - Which looks so different at this early time! The streets were completely empty and everything was calm which is something I rarely witness in India. And as soon as the darkness of the night fades, you can find more and more people on the streets going about their schedule.

If I am awake so early, I don’t want to sleep. Instead I enjoy the coolest temperatures of the day, am a little productive concerning housework, or just sit down outside on the balcony or -like right now- our rooftop terrace appreciating the moment. The gentle breeze awakens. I enjoy looking around in this calmness to discover new little details that surround me every day and to see and hear people getting active. I hope my clothes will dry before we’ll be blessed with the next short shower of rain. The sky’s all cloudy and gray!

By the way, I bet monsoon’s totally different from the imaginations of most of you!


Indian wedding in Gujarat, Vadodara

When I worked in India my colleague invited me to his friend’s wedding. It was incredibly loud, truly Indian, beautiful and touching. So I made this video to share with you the colours of the event !