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May I introduce you my all-time favourite Indian princes...

Soma Asman Kadar, Prince of Bengal

Obligatory elephant riding scene:

Hakim Atawari, Prince of Jaipur

Obligatory elephant riding scene:

Niram Mata Singh Patel, Prince of Vadodara

Obligatory elephant riding scene:

Seriously though, why are Indian princes in mangas always the “selfish af, pushy af, rich af, competent & intelligent af, sociable af, pretty af, sometimes annoying but actually everyone’s low-key fave, E/ton college graduate or student, elephant-riding handsome character” and why do I fall for this stereotype everytime?? D:

‘Indian and Lesbian’ asserts this poster made by Vikalp in Vadodara, Gujarat. Posters asserting the rights of sexual minorities are few and far between and this one, in several languages, has been widely used.

Scanned from Poster Women (2006).

anonymous asked:

have you seen nakuul's latest IG post/story? WHAT IS THAT LEATHER JACKET? SSO 2.0? the studs AND roses on it are just too much together. also his story shows him on a plane with his wife, subha, and shrenu! looks like they're all going to ahmedabad. maybe the cast is doing a shoot off location? I'm just being hopeful I don't think the show can afford to do location shoots lol who knows but I don't think they would all go on a trip together either lol

Hi anon! 

Thoughts about the “look”, very succinctly here. 🙈🙈🙈

I don’t think it’s a location shoot. Nakuul frequently accompanies Jankee when she’s on tour, so I’m pretty sure than this is one of those trips. Shrenu is Gujarati herself (from Vadodara though, not Ahmedabad) so not sure what Subha and her are doing there together. Maybe just a girly weekend away, or maybe one of the many promotional appearances these people keep doing.  🙂 

(The reason I don’t think it’s a shoot is that… It’s a very ragtag team to be shooting anything for either of the two shows? Gauri wasn’t even in IB during the key sequence last week… Also has Prinku ever shown up in DBO? 🤔🤔🤔) 

On Kaladesh and pronounciations

Hi friends,

A lot of requests have come in asking me to share how to pronounce a few of the words and names in Kaladesh, so I thought I’d do that this week to help prepare for the prerelease weekend. If i have time, i might even record a video! For now though, what follows is an introduction to how Indian languages work, and then a guide to pronouncing the handful of words in Kaladesh that are indic descended. For the safety and security of your browsing experience, I’ve included a cut.

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