"letter to cyberbullies!"

Over the past few days i have become aware of what this “cyber bully” issue is, at least on a deeper level than some blurb you see on 20/20 or one of those type programs. Its come to a point in our society that even an asshole like me, looks around at this world and goes, wtf! From the spoiled little kids that run around and talk shit to the different kid, to the little girl that gets her pictures torn to shreds by a group of other little kids for no other reason than they think its funny or that it will make them cool. Well guess what it doesnt, it makes you look like a dumb little kid. Once you sit down and think about it the People that are actually cool are the ones that are decent to everyone around them, the people that are fair and genuine even if they dont know you. So to the kids that are getting bullied keep your head yup, you know who you are, and to the punk ass little kids that think its fun to pick on the weaker kids or the funny kid or whatever the case, come find me and i show you what it feels like to get picked on…