Sad news today in the online fox world, with the passing of Miko the fox. Anyone that’s been following for some time knows about my past issues with Anda, but no one ever deserves to have their pet taken from them in the manner that she has, and no animal deserves the ending that Miko had. He was truly a one of a kind fox and has certainly formed a place in a lot of people’s hearts. They’re both in my thoughts today as I hold Koda tight in my arms. He joins Vader in the big fox heaven in the sky, where they’re not hated on for being exotic or unusual, and where they can pee on everything they love. Rest in Peace, big fella.


Life isn’t all laughs and smiles,
Sometimes there’s gonna be frowns and trials.
Your life was short but full of love,
And too soon you were called above.
Now even though you’ve gone away,
I know we’ll meet again someday.
And if you can hold on and wait
I promise I’ll find you at the gate.
I’ll laugh and smile,
You’ll wag your tail,
I’ll build us a boat and we’ll set sail
Upon a sea of clouds.

A bit of my artful side, gift for the ever awesome Vader! Made the way it even could be used for shirt print if Vader´s mom would want (I remember she was looking for shirt of foxes on fb). Note; I by default using my art tumblr address for signature. 

So Tara, he it is that lil surprise I mentioned you a while ago, hope you like and captures Vader well! :)

More of this handsome fox can be find here;

Rest in peace, sweet little Vader…

A little gift drawing for MayTheFoxBeWithYou, I hope this gives you guys a smile even if it only lasts a second! Just remember your lovely baby will always be in your hearts and know that many people know the truth of the situation, so even if you cannot win and get Vader justice for what happened out to the public, the truth will always reign supreme no matter who or how many people believe it! Vader was a lovely animal and you guys took such good care of him, his loss will leave an empty spot in all our hearts. Many hugs and good vibes your way, just smile and remember the happy things about him, celebrate him! <3