Sad news today in the online fox world, with the passing of Miko the fox. Anyone that’s been following for some time knows about my past issues with Anda, but no one ever deserves to have their pet taken from them in the manner that she has, and no animal deserves the ending that Miko had. He was truly a one of a kind fox and has certainly formed a place in a lot of people’s hearts. They’re both in my thoughts today as I hold Koda tight in my arms. He joins Vader in the big fox heaven in the sky, where they’re not hated on for being exotic or unusual, and where they can pee on everything they love. Rest in Peace, big fella.

flavored-mango-cream  asked:

I want a pet fox whats all the legal stuff I have to do first? Also why is the word Bode spreading all over tumblr and facebook?

I’m so sorry for getting back to this so late! Been on vacation with my family for the past 2 weeks.

So, you want to own a fox? 

This is something that I have done a lot of research on in the past few years because I too wanted a fox until I realized how much work it would be. Expect a lengthy post.

let me start off by saying I don’t recommend owning a pet fox. 

I know you only asked about legal stuff but it’s important to know just what you’re getting into. This also goes out to anyone who also wants a cute little vulpine running around their residence. 

I’ll start off with legalities:

It all depends on your state. It’s illegal to own a fox in some states but in most you need a basic licence. This website is a good place to start researching whether you can have one or not and what you would need to do to get one. I’m not too educated on the licencing process but it usually involves proving you know how to deal with and can care for wild animals. 

I would also suggest contacting your local or state agriculture department to make sure you’re up to date on animal ownership laws and such.

Next, and most important is caring for your furry friend:

Now… I’m no expert on pet foxes but trust me, it’s nothing like owning a dog and is honestly more like adopting a small child. In order to have a happy pet fox you are going to have to put A LOT of effort into caring for it. It will basically take up any free time you have. 

You will need to fox-proof your house as if you’re doing it for a newborn baby. Secure electrical sockets, sharp objects, poisonous solutions, dangerous areas ect. Foxes can be hyper, mischievous and they will destroy your furniture the second you turn your eyes away from them. They can even attack you or your family members and yes, they can kill despite their small size and seemingly cute disposition but it’s fairly unlikely.

They require toys, interaction, things to chew on, things to chase and even live animals such as mice and rats to hunt.  They also need a specific diet of real, raw protein to stay healthy like chicken and beef. Even if they’re canines, you can’t just go out and buy a bag of dog food for them.

I’ve followed a lot of people who own foxes for one reason or another and the happiest pets seem to be the ones where the owner has practically built a zoo enclosure in their backyard. 

This is the Youtube channel of someone who has a set-up like this and his pets seem fairly healthy and happy. This video of theirs is insanely popular and infamous for convincing people that owning a pet fox is a good idea. Keep in mind the fence you see has to be built many feet into the ground to prevent RonRon from digging out, which can be quite expensive or time consuming if you’re building it yourself. The fence also needs to be metal. Foxes can easily chew through wood and plastic materials.

This other person has a few videos showing just how much trouble owning an indoor fox can be. I don’t even think this individual should have Loki, but still, I think he tries to give his pet fox the care and attention it needs

I’m sure most tumblr veterans will remember Vader the fox, who was tragically killed after someone submitted an anonymous bite report, and authorities dealt with the situation VERY poorly. I don’t want to say all cops/authorities will just kill your fox because they don’t know how to deal with it, but it is a very real threat you should be wary of.

Now, there’s also the issue of where to buy or find a pet fox: 

For a while there was a website that sold siberian foxes specifically bred down by scientists to act like dogs. However, they ran into many problems and had to nix the program… so that’s pretty much off the table. 

I have run into people who claimed they “saved” a fox from a fur farm by purchasing them. (Fur farms breed and raise specific animals into adulthood and then kill them for their pelt when it looks nice enough. The animals usually live in very poor conditions). While the person probably had good intentions and did technically save that specific fox, they’re only promoting the act of farming even more foxes by giving the company money. It’s really not something I agree with unless you’re literally stealing the fox from them. Even then… that’s illegal.

Beyond that, the only way I can think of to have a pet fox is to find one that is unable to live in the wild. And even then, it really should be taken to a rehab center or wildlife preserve.

So in conclusion, getting a fox isn’t for everyone. Please do your research and look at all the aspects of owning a fox and not just the cute ones.


Basically someone made a post saying they had a dream that the next big meme was pics of fat cats that had the word “bode” (short for bodacious) photo-shopped over them and… well, the internet is a crazy place so they decided to make it a reality. 

It’s just a funny little joke. I feel like the internet is getting desperate for new memes.


Life isn’t all laughs and smiles,
Sometimes there’s gonna be frowns and trials.
Your life was short but full of love,
And too soon you were called above.
Now even though you’ve gone away,
I know we’ll meet again someday.
And if you can hold on and wait
I promise I’ll find you at the gate.
I’ll laugh and smile,
You’ll wag your tail,
I’ll build us a boat and we’ll set sail
Upon a sea of clouds.

I drew a Vader! I’ve been trying to find a good way to draw cartoony foxes, and Vader has proven to be quite a good reference and inspiration, so the least I thought I’d draw you something. Hope it looks enough like his silly mug to please you (I really hope I did his pretty silver coat some justice)! - Rudy
Submitted by: Hylianrudolf
Wow! This is awesome! It looks like he’s straight out of Disney! Thank you SO much! :D And if you ever need any reference pictures, don’t hesitate to ask!


Hey, everyone. 

With Tara’s (maythefoxbewithyou/taratryptamine) permission - I have made this design available on, here. You can get stickers, shirts, phone cases… all that. I didn’t want to just limit it to t-shirts, because I know the mark-up can be expensive. 

Any money made from these t-shirts will be donated to a worthy cause that goes toward the protection and aid for exotic animals, as well as toward Tara and her husband. Whatever she decides. Rest in peace, Vader. Your memory will always live on.

(If you know of any better websites to sell on, please let me know! I want this to be as accessible as possible!)

A bit of my artful side, gift for the ever awesome Vader! Made the way it even could be used for shirt print if Vader´s mom would want (I remember she was looking for shirt of foxes on fb). Note; I by default using my art tumblr address for signature. 

So Tara, he it is that lil surprise I mentioned you a while ago, hope you like and captures Vader well! :)

More of this handsome fox can be find here;


I wanted to draw Vader, but couldn’t bring myself to make something positive and drew my silver fox OC, Nimble, instead.

A beautiful, beloved pet was taken away by the selfishness of a coward and the incompetence of a police force. My heart goes out to Vader’s parents. I can’t imagine the amount of pain you two are dealing with. I know nothing will bring back your beloved Vader, but I hope that he receives justice at the very least.

At best, I hope the person who caused Vader’s murder with their false report will hold this on their conscience for the rest of their life. At worst, I hope they’re hit by a truck and left to bleed out under a pile of crushed metal and tires.

Rest in peace, sweet little Vader…

A little gift drawing for MayTheFoxBeWithYou, I hope this gives you guys a smile even if it only lasts a second! Just remember your lovely baby will always be in your hearts and know that many people know the truth of the situation, so even if you cannot win and get Vader justice for what happened out to the public, the truth will always reign supreme no matter who or how many people believe it! Vader was a lovely animal and you guys took such good care of him, his loss will leave an empty spot in all our hearts. Many hugs and good vibes your way, just smile and remember the happy things about him, celebrate him! <3