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With Tara’s (maythefoxbewithyou/taratryptamine) permission - I have made this design available on, here. You can get stickers, shirts, phone cases… all that. I didn’t want to just limit it to t-shirts, because I know the mark-up can be expensive. 

Any money made from these t-shirts will be donated to a worthy cause that goes toward the protection and aid for exotic animals, as well as toward Tara and her husband. Whatever she decides. Rest in peace, Vader. Your memory will always live on.

(If you know of any better websites to sell on, please let me know! I want this to be as accessible as possible!)
Justice for Vader!

This is a pet domestic fox who has been shockingly taken away due to a false allegation. He was the euthanised without just cause. This animal has never shown signs of agression, and deserves justice.

Board of Animal Health
Department of Health
Police Department We would like the justice for the unlawful euthanization of Vader the pet exotic fox to his owner Tara. You can see from her blog that he is nothing but a sweet, kind animal with no aggressive tendencies, and the accusations are false. He deserved to be returned to his owner. Stand up and take notice, give her the answers, whilst you can never replace the beloved animal you have killed you can make it right and prevent it from occurring every again!

Some awesome person has already made a petition. Let’s get justice for Vader and Tara and Eric.  RIP Vader. 

Taken from the artist’s submission:
Although Vader was perfectly legal to own and completely domesticated, a crazy animal-rights activist anonymously contacted Vader’s owner and told her they would report the fox if she didn’t let it go. She dismissed it as anon-hate and deleted the comment like all the rest.

Well, evidently the anon did report them. They took an image of a bitten hand off of google, e-mailed it to the local police, and claimed they were bitten by the couple’s pet fox.

Police came to the couple’s house and, without a warrant or even proof of the bite, seized their pet fox. Later that day, the authorities returned with his collar and no body and told his owners the worst news of their life. Vader had been euthanized. Without ever having any proof that he was aggressive in any way.

Please take a moment to sign this petition put up after Vader’s murder. A mandatory investigation of all aggression claims on pets. Too many people have lost their pets to spiteful assholes who fake being injured by the animal. This has to stop with Vader.

You can find Vader’s page and more info on the story here:

There’s a Petition to sign. It MUST get 100,000 Signatures
Currently it only has under 800..

Don’t think that your one signature won’t help.
Because it WILL.

Each number.. Is a person who’s telling the family of not just Vader..

But the families of ALL animals.
All the families whom have been a victim at the hands of people who misunderstand their Pet.. and take a life away out of Fear.

Your ONE signature.. Can change the lives of THOUSANDS of families.
It can help put Vader’s family in peace with their lost baby.

Signing up is easy.
Put your name and address in. Go to the email they send you. Click the link.

Click “Sign This Petition”

That’s it.

Please sign this petition, guys…
Please save the lives of thousand of animals and protect the bonds families have with their pets.. from the misunderstandings of fearful idiots.

uch rant by good friend cyn:

A bit of my artful side, gift for the ever awesome Vader! Made the way it even could be used for shirt print if Vader´s mom would want (I remember she was looking for shirt of foxes on fb). Note; I by default using my art tumblr address for signature. 

So Tara, he it is that lil surprise I mentioned you a while ago, hope you like and captures Vader well! :)

More of this handsome fox can be find here;

Minot PD claims that the bite marks pierced the gloves the officer was wearing, but as someone who has handled a fox with mere welder’s gloves, I fail to see how he bit through the gloves. Not only that, but the officer was way out of line. There was no proof to the bite other than a picture submitted which could have been easily ripped off google, yet the police department acted on it without question. As far as the zoning violations, Tara was told by the mayor of Minot that it would be fine to own Vader so long as she kept him on the property, which she complied with. Tara stood up for the welfare of animals on the blogging site tumblr, but received overzealous, anonymous hatred for it that resulted in her personal pet being destroyed. Vader was a ranch fox, classified as a category 1 non-traditional livestock by North Dakota and are considered “generally domestic” - the same as common pets as ferrets and chinchillas, yet you do not see law enforcement or the Minot PD forcing their way into the homes of people who have chinchillas every time it bites (which chinchillas have been documented to contract rabies and are seldom vaccinated).

Tara purchased Vader from a USDA licensed breeder who provides an interstate certificate of health required to cross state lines in the United States.

Even if there had been zoning violations in place, Minot PD had no right to force themselves into a home based on an anonymously sent picture without any amount of fact-checking done. Vader was a wonderful example of a ranched fox, who wagged his tail and greeted the officer at the door who grabbed him by the neck despite being instructed, repeatedly, by those caring for him, not to. During the short time Vader was in custody of Animal Control, he was reported to wag his tail at the staff.

Vader’s death was the result of gross misuse of authority to violate the privacy and autonomy of a couple who privately owned a well-behaved animal that seldom left the property. Vader was an innocent animal who posed absolutely no risk to anyone, yet was killed, and law enforcement simply shrugs their shoulders and minimizes their errors in this matter as being excusable because of an anonymous picture that was never followed up on and a zoning violation.


A commenter on the Justice for Vader petition

Fucking spread this. Now.

Regarding Vader

(Photo credit)

I am truly sorry to learn the fate of Vader, a silver fox owned by a couple in North Dakota.

A friend of Vader’s owners, /u/Aeviegh, posted this earlier today on reddit: 

Several days ago, a fellow fox owner and dear friend received an anonymous message through Tumblr threatening to report Vader as a vicious animal. Unfortunately, these threats are something nearly every exotic pet owner has experienced. Thinking it was just another internet crazy, she deleted the message. Like many foxes, Vader had never left his home property for anything other than a vet trip. One would assume in order to file a report, you would need some proof. Apparently that isn’t the case in North Dakota.

Last night, animal control officers and local police showed up at her door and, without a warrant, seized Vader. The reason given was that they had received an “anonymous bite report”. The person who physically took Vader was not a trained animal control officer, but rather a local cop. Wearing thick gloves, he cornered Vader and picked him up by the scruff of the neck. The cop had previously been advised multiple times on how to properly handle Vader (or any animal, for that matter) but decided to disregard the advice not only of his owner, but animal control officers as well. Out of fear, Vader bit his glove but did not puncture the material. Staff at Animal Control reported he was wagging his tail whenever he was fed and being friendly with everyone who interacted with him.

Vader’s owner made several calls to the North Dakota Board of Animal Health, Department of Health and local police department. All three assured her because they had no proof of punctured flesh in either incident, and that the cop had horrifically botched the seizure, Vader would be safe and they were just holding him to make sure he wasn’t exhibiting signs of any contagious diseases. A few hours ago, the police showed up with Vader’s collar. Animal Control had euthanized him without a hearing or proper medical screening, stating that they had evidence that the person from the Tumblr report had legitimately been bitten.

The “evidence” the animal rights activist from Tumblr submitted was a photo of an animal bite either doctored or taken straight from Google.

Although I do not know them personally, my heart goes out to both of Vader’s owners in this difficult time. I’m sure this is a very unfortunate situation for everybody involved.

There is a petition here to get justice for Vader if you would like to sign.

Now, after reading more reports and posts regarding Vader’s final hours, I feel there is still a lot to be said.

WARNING: Do not read past this point unless you want to read advice of the devils advocate.

Some people are saying that the owners were keeping Vader illegally. But please, PLEASE let me remind you of the time my local police assumed it was illegal to keep domestic foxes and took Swiper away! (Errors are real, folks!) Swiper was returned to me the next day after police and animal control realized the mistake.

In Swiper’s case it all boiled down to his coat color.

Domestic red foxes with bright orange coats = Illegal to own as pets.
Domestic red foxes with multicolored/silver coats = legal to own as pets.

Since Swiper is a silver cross fox with a multicolored coat, without any reported bites, animal control let me come pick him up from the shelter and take him back home. If Swiper had any reported bites during that time, I’m positive that his situation would have had a much darker outcome.

Getting back to Vader’s case: Much different. There was a reported bite with “proof.” The animal control officers were obligated to do their jobs and investigate.

The police department issued a press release about Vader and made it available to the public. It’s online if you want to look it up. I refuse to link it here as it contains personal info about the owners.

Their report states that Animal control arrived at the house after getting an anonymous complaint. (Ok. Standard. Go check it out and make sure the animal isn’t dangerous.) The report also states that during that visit an officer was bitten through his protective glove. The main issue here is that the bite allegedly broke the skin of said officer.

So, yes. Initial reports of Vader’s bite might have been as fake as Lil Kim’s face, but the fact is: he bit the animal control officer. And you don’t need me to tell you that is the last person you ever want your fox to bite.

** EDIT - I’m aware that Vader might have been handled improperly by animal control. You should know that I don’t condone their actions in any way. And please understand that I speak from experience when I say that, sadly, the negligence of the officers involved usually does not effect the outcome of the situation.**

Now we have that confirmed bite. A real one. On record.

Without a “real” rabies vaccine in existance, ALL foxes are considered rabies factors whether they’ve had their shots or not.

And, as we all know, testing for rabies requires the animal be euthanized.

…So here we are. In the most unfortunate of situations. A happy fox separated from his loving family and euthanized for what seems like no reason.

This is a risk all fox owners take. The minute that rabies factor enters your home, you are going to struggle to take care of it properly.

Advice: Try to keep your fox on your property and away from other humans as much as possible. Also try not to give out too much of your own personal information. In Vader’s case, some random person was able to learn enough about his owners to create a false report. Disgusting, yet true. Please read this warning before you choose your next exotic pet.

Once again, here is the link to the petition to get Justice for Vader. 

But I have to wonder… is “justice” really defined as confronting the person who made the anonymous tip? I know the owners must be hurt. I’m sure they’re looking for answers, but more anger won’t bring justice to this creature, and I’m sorry for saying this, but it certainly won’t bring him back to his owners. :(

Why not call off the witch hunt and start a fund that aims to create a vaccine proven to kill the rabies infection in foxes instead? We could do it in Vader’s honor and help protect future fox owners from this same heartbreak.

I’m not suggesting that the anonymous tipster be let off the hook, but I think it would be a good idea for those close to the situation to focus on the positives that can potentially come from it.

Alright. That’s all that needed to be said. If anybody needs me, I’m gonna be crying in a heap over there.

- Lupe V.S.


I wanted to draw Vader, but couldn’t bring myself to make something positive and drew my silver fox OC, Nimble, instead.

A beautiful, beloved pet was taken away by the selfishness of a coward and the incompetence of a police force. My heart goes out to Vader’s parents. I can’t imagine the amount of pain you two are dealing with. I know nothing will bring back your beloved Vader, but I hope that he receives justice at the very least.

At best, I hope the person who caused Vader’s murder with their false report will hold this on their conscience for the rest of their life. At worst, I hope they’re hit by a truck and left to bleed out under a pile of crushed metal and tires.


You ready to cry? Too fucking bad if you’re not, cuz it’s gonna happen.


Life isn’t all laughs and smiles,
Sometimes there’s gonna be frowns and trials.
Your life was short but full of love,
And too soon you were called above.
Now even though you’ve gone away,
I know we’ll meet again someday.
And if you can hold on and wait
I promise I’ll find you at the gate.
I’ll laugh and smile,
You’ll wag your tail,
I’ll build us a boat and we’ll set sail
Upon a sea of clouds.

Koda's blog will be deleted at some point this weekend.

You can’t claim to be an animal rights activist and then go out of your way to get someone’s exotic pet killed. We WILL get justice for Vader. Vader will live on.