vader's tie fighter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
  • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a TIE Fighter should be able to fly. It doesn't have wings, it should just plummet to the ground. The TIE of course, flies anyway, because the Empire doesn't care what Rebel scum thinks is impossible

My friend Justin put this 7 film montage together and it’s pretty awesome! ~ Empress


This is a great mashup which I thought deserved a repost

By Medley Weaver
IMAGINE a parody trailer where Darth Vader gets shanghaiged into a cliche 80s/90s cop-buddy-buddy film...

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: Darth Vader, was just a normal Sith Empire guy…

Darth Vader is driving his tie-fighter with the Imperial March theme on his radio as he shoots down rebel carriers.

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: And he had it all…

Darth Sidious: (At his desk.) Vader, you got a serious issue! You’re out of line. You are missing something… Or someone…

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: Darth Vader, was content to be alone… but then one daaaaaay.

Vader: Ahsoka…

Darth Sidious: A partner! A partner to balance you out!

Vader: Oh, lovely, a new apprentice. Do I get to pick?

Grand Inquisitor and Fifth Brother: (Under their breaths) Pick me, pick me…

Darth Sidious: Nooooo, we’re kinda sticking to the Rule of Two. So I’m assigning you a partner that’s your equal but also your opposite.

Vader: But who?

Then from the shadows of the corner emerges…

Thrawn: Was I summoned? (Whips off sunglasses for effect)

Vader: HIM?

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: Darth Vader, now has to share his tie-fighter…

Vader and Thrawn wrestle over the controls.

Thrawn: There’s a museum nearby and it’s about to close!

Vader: No! We have to pick up the Inquisitors first!

Thrawn: But the museum has crucial military information! If I don’t see the new Mandalorian exhibition, we might never conquer Mandalore! We pass this over, we are defeated!

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: He also discovers they might have a lot in common.

Vader: I hate sand.

Thrawn: Well, our views align, I find nothing aesthetically pleasing about sand either. Not even something remotely geologically fascinating about them.

Pyrce’s Narrating Voice: Will Vader allow the flames of friendship into their platonic partnership?

Both a sunglassed Thrawn and Vader slow-mo walk down a corridor shooting and cutting down rebels. And they high-five.