vader & son

In the Star Wars universe, it is stated that slavery is a primary tool of the Sith—for controlling one another, and also for the subjugation of the entire galaxy. And thus it stands to reason that if Anakin is truly the Chosen One (and this is confirmed by Lucas’ canon), then he is also the one who is destined to destroy the Sith, and by doing so, it is implied, break this seemingly-perpetual cycle of slavery (and mental/ideological enslavement).

The Chosen One, the Hero’s Journey, and breaking the cycle of enslavement in Star Wars: or, why TFA makes no sense in the context of the Prequels and the Original Trilogy’ 

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This is why the climactic and emotionally cathartic ending of Return of the Jedi must herald an end to this cycle. What does destroying the Sith mean, if not that? Without this, there is little point to Anakin’s otherwise wholly tragic story. Without this, I would argue, there is little point to Luke’s story, either.”

Father and Son

@kaelinaloveslomaris gave me a prompt of Vader and Luke surviving RotJ, Vader carrying Luke, and Luke holding Vader’s hand.  (I may have been grumbling about Dreamwalker again.)  So have a ficlet!  It immediately follows a slightly different fight on the second Death Star.

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BINARY SUNSET on Tatooine (3.20) || TWILIGHT on Malachor (2.20)

Luke and Anakin/Vader being watched over from afar. ♥

My favorite things about Luke and Vader fics

 (the nice ones, not the Dark!Luke ones, I like those, too, though):

-Vader being a protective (even to a possessive level) Sith parent
-the Imperial medics being nice with Luke/ liking him
-people closer to Luke and Vader talking about how Luke haves an impact on Vader, saying he might change the empire/ the galaxy one day/ placing their hopes in Luke
-generally some Imperials (captains, medics) being very nice people
-Luke pouting and Vader having no idea how to parent
-people trying to kill Luke and suddenly finding themselves wrapped up in the wrath of an angry Sith
-people crawling through ventilation shafts (I swear it happens on a regular base!)
-Luke and Vader describing each other´s Force presence
-Piett suffering (I love Piett, how could you NOT)
-Piett and Luke interactions in generell
-Luke and Vader FLYING
-Luke making hopeless escape attempts
-people being afraid of stopping determined Luke cause he´s Vader son and he CAN`T BE HARMED
-people in need of finding Luke cause he´s Vader´s son and he CAN`T BE HARMED
-Piett (and the other guys) not knowing what to think about Luke when he hasn´t been introduced as Vader´s son yet– who is this guy?? Why is Vader so obsessed with him? How can he be so rude to Lord Vader??? How is he still alive????? Is he a guest?? A prisoner? A personal imperial agent of Vader´s?? A rebel?
-Luke being totally smug about it
-Luke using his Force abilities in front of the others and for a moment they loose it
-Vader trusting Piett enough to look after his son
-Piett is of course confused but listens to his orders, as usual
-Luke accidentially revealing his identity and shocking/traumatizing (preferably Piett) the other person in the process
-Vader trying to comfort Luke
-upset Vader
-Vader aka “I am a terrifying and horrible Lord of the Sith, I am death, I am– Luke, wait, what are you doing? Luke, are you okay? Luke, can I do something for you??
-Luke being unpleased with Vader being on the verge of murdering someone and Vader nearly immediately backs off
-Luke wondering about his already-prepared quarters-  "and how is it that these clothes are so perfectly fitting?” sudden mental image of Vader sending spies to the Rebellion only in order to find out his clothes´ size
-the two idiots who talk badly about Vader and suddenly realize that Luke is in the room
-Luke ending up injured in the medbay at some point and Vader hovering and pacing nervously
-“He´s hating me now, doesn´t he? I´m sure he…” “Daad, I don´t hate you.”
-star destroyers being star destroyers. I love them. Especially the Excecutor
-Luke making friends and them being terrified of Vader
-Luke being all “gotta be careful, make sure father doesn´t notice what I´m up to…” “SON WHAT ARE YOU DOING”
-Luke throwing tantrums (and everyone wondering how he is STILL ALIVE)
-at the beginning, when Luke has been caught and one officer is totally gleeful like “You will wish you´d have died rather than being handed to Vader. He will torture and break…” and Luke being smug like “Nope, absolutely not, you have NO idea”

i just had a thought. do you think when palpatine told vader that luke was his son and vader was all “how is that possible” and stuff he had a tiny glimmer of hope that padme was alive out there because if his child is alive then maybe that means padme is too…do you think he had that thought? and maybe he thought that all times he (most likely) reached into the force to feel padme’s presence only to find emptiness it was really palpatine blocking him from feeling her. i wonder what was going through his mind