Life isn’t all laughs and smiles,
Sometimes there’s gonna be frowns and trials.
Your life was short but full of love,
And too soon you were called above.
Now even though you’ve gone away,
I know we’ll meet again someday.
And if you can hold on and wait
I promise I’ll find you at the gate.
I’ll laugh and smile,
You’ll wag your tail,
I’ll build us a boat and we’ll set sail
Upon a sea of clouds.

So I’ve finally got round to reading the new vader comics (which is up to issue #3 right now) & here’s a few things I’ve learned about Vader, without spoiling much of the plot:

(1) Nobody seems to be taking Vader seriously ( ಠ_ಠ ). Like at all.

Sidious then proceeded to call him an idiot who’s just a blunt instrument better fitted to be “wielded than to wield”.

“…always making things so difficult.” You can imagine how this pissed Vader off haha. He choked Jabba to shut him up for a bit *shudders*

Then there’s this guy. He later says stuff like: “In time you will understand I am the skilled hand you’ve been waiting for.” and make bad puns like: equating Vader & the then destroyed Death Star as assets to be used as ‘Force multipliers’ rather than focusing on them as individual assets. Yeah dude kinda has a deathwish

(2) Vader still has trust issues & sulks like Anakin. Serves you right Sidious. You created this monster with insecurities now you deal with him

Look at that glance over the shoulder.You can almost hear the sad whining.

(3) Vader still likes droids.

In #3 he went & got himself an ‘evil’ substitute for threepio and R2. No kidding.

(4) Still hates Tuskens.

(5) And lastly (but definitely not least), is actively participating in ridiculously unhealthy amounts of DENIAL

When inquired of his feelings for a secret mission on geonosis, his answer was that panel up there (which I think means a moment of silence heavily suffused with ALL THE EMOTIONS) followed by: “I have no feelings regarding Geonosis.” like yeah sure we totally buy that