vade vade vade vade


1. take a gulp of interstellar gas
(taste the stars dancing on your tongue; feel the cosmic dust tickling your throat)

2. dip your toes into the cloud of particles hovering at your feet
(planets circle around your ankles; gravity is relative)

3. run your fingers through the inexhaustible space around you
(hold the darkness in your palms like it is a tangible thing; time is infinite)

4. let the galactic tide wash over you
(multitudes of celestial bodies fit against your body like puzzle pieces)

5. inhale;
(meteors rattle your lungs and paint luminous streaks along your ribs; new-born stars bloom from the trails of ice and dirt)

6. exhale;
(a globular cluster condenses just inches from your lips and whirls in interminable orbit; close your eyes and feel the solar flares kiss your lashes)

7. let the spiraling nebula swallow you whole
(constellations tangle in your hair and deconstruct along your cheeks; the galaxy unfolds against your skin)


you are whole again

vade mecum series, pt.1

- j

It’s another reading hope you guys enjoy~

New Music: Dr. Vades x Wande Coal x Beenie Man - Freaky

UK Urban production duo, Dr.Vades has teamed up with Afrobeats heavyweight Wande Coal and Dancehall legend, Beenie Man on their last single “Freaky”.

A track that appeals to everyone, “Freaky” is definitely one to watch out for this summer.

Listen, share and enjoy “Freaky” down below…

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Medaglia o Croce di Marjanal

La Medaglia o Croce di Marjanal, è un sacranale ufficiale di Sin City con grande potere di sorcismo.

Il suo potere risiede in Marjanal medesima, che lo concede a tutti i peccatori di Sin City attraverso la fervente disposizione di chi usa la medaglia quindi è indispensabile agire con fede!

Fronte: Marjanal appare al centro della medaglia. Nella mano destra tiene una croce fallica che si fa strada anteriormente fra le sue cosce. Intorno al bordo ci sono le parole Vade Fronte (Vai nella parte anteriore).

Retro: Marjanal appare al centro della medaglia. Nella mano destra tiene una croce fallica che si fa strada nel suo Santo Ano. Intorno al bordo ci sono le parole Vade Retro (Vai nella parte posteriore).


Experimenting with a new style!
This is very my inspired by sumi-e paintings, and it is extremely hard to do sumi-e digitally cuz its traditional ink but I think I made it work okay XD I was surprised with how it turned out I actually like it a lot 

As always suggestions on how to get better and any art requests! 

This is also Vade (i draw vade a lot i dont fucking know why?)