vadamee93  asked:

I watched that video you posted and i have to agree...what made the whole thing about the autographs even more annoying is that people were just like "OH HE'S SO NICE OH MY GOD THE FEELS HE'S SO PERFECT". It was pretty clear what he was trying to imply, politely I will admit, but no one really got the message. I was worried I was the only one who was getting the same vibe about it.

You should see the tag right now, “TOM IS JUST TRYING TO PROMOTE AND HELP THAT COMPANY.” Uh, okay. You keep thinking that. My point is, it’s getting to where Tom is sending out certain vibes that he is getting real tired of the “Hiddles Army’s” bullshit. Which is completely understandable. There are twitter out there who are constantly tweeting Tom to get a retweet or a shout out or anything, and its so stupid. HE IS AN ACTOR HE HAS A LIFE AND A JOB AND A FAMILY. Plus, telling him, “I don’t want your autograph, I want your body.” is making everyone look bad because not all of us are in it for the sexual stuff, he is attractive, yes, but they need to keep in their pants. I don’t care much for the hate I’ve been receiving because it’s not about me. It’s about me defending him.