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i know this isn't really related to your art but how do you figure out when ship weeks are? like lol i don't know anything about them and then ur like haha kiribaku week y'all and i am confuddled please share your magic

… so you know how tumblr (the site itself, I mean) has that kind of one track mind for which once you start following one (1) blog related to Thing it’ll start suggesting you all the blogs about Thing? I’m the type of person to go “… why the heck not” and click on the follow button of every single one of those suggestions so now I kind of follow most of the blogs related to the ships I’m on, which means that the posts about the weeks are kind of bound to happen across my dash one or a hundred times in a row

👍👍👍👍 the magic is having no implulse control at all my dashboard is a magical disaster 👍👍👍👍

Anon said:  Why are scorpio people important? ♏

Boi, this ask confused me for a while haha but you’re referring to that old Futakuchi doodle, right? It’s because it’s my sign, anon~ I love all my signs a lot for unknown reasons, so when I find out a character is a scorpio I’m like oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh new child haha

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Scientist reader helping Mei, Mercy, Winston and Torbjorn in science stuff because why not


Whenever you’re in Mei’s lab you find yourself vaguely surprised that the orange juice on her desk isn’t boiling. She runs around in only a pair of loose slacks, her bra and her lab coat tied around her waist, brushing across the floor like peacock feathers. The cold unsettles her.

You greet her by lifting up two boxes of Chinese take-out, the only real food you get when everyone who’s capable of and willing to cook is off base.

“Oh! You thought of me, that’s so nice. Thank you.” she sets her tablet aside and makes some room at her desk, guilty throwing away a handful of candy wrappers, her sole sustenance when she can’t be bothered to cook a full meal. Which is always.

It’s nice to get away from work for a bit even if you’re spending the time in the boiler room for one of the lower circles of hell. After some brief consideration you slip out of the sleeves of your work overall and tie it around your waist, much like Mei has with her coat. It’s still stifling hot in here, but with one layer of clothes less it becomes endurable.

“So.” you say, coming after a bit of small talk to the real reason you’re here. “I checked the scanners this morning and saw one of your weather stations went offline.”

She groans at being reminded of it and pulls up her overview window. She has about a dozen of stationary automatic weather stations in her immediate vicinity. Or as immediate as she can afford them to be, what with her being one of the few scientists still pursuing her research. One of them has a red marker merrily blinking ‘offline’ at you.

“It’s A-02, the one I set up in the Alps. It was probably damaged by falling debris. It’s going to be a hassle arranging transportation and trekking all the way up there to repair or replace it.”

You take a sip of your drink, humming as if you’re just now deliberating her predicament.

“You know, I could fly you up there. We’d be in and out, no trouble.”
“Really?” she asks, eyes lighting up at the prospect of being spared a whole lot of inconvenience. Then, just as you think you’re getting away with it, her eyes narrow in suspicion. “Wait a second. Haven’t you been working on new climbing gear? You’re just looking for a guinea pig.”

Guilty as charged. You shrug, smile apologetically.

“I need to see how it works with more than one person attached. It’s safe, I promise!”

“If you knew it’s safe you wouldn’t need to test it.”

She agrees in the end. There’s a token argument, because only a crazy person would crawl around the Alps in experimental safety gear without it, but in the pursuit of science, she’ll do it.

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