vacuum bottle

salt water

I whisper my
into glass
and watch them
to the bottom
of the sea,

These waves
that part us now,
consume my stories
in tranquil laps
I sit
the shore,
feet half drenched
in foaming salt water,
eyes closed
and listening,

it is hard
to say
has disappeared
in time,
leaving a shell

if it is you
or me,

or the both
of us
have left,
a vacuum
in the space
between us,
that only an
ocean can fill.

© SoulReserve 2017

Birding Tip #2

Invest in a decent thermos.
Ok, you’ve got your binoculars and your thermos of hot coffee. You’re ready for a morning of bird-watching, right? No. Let’s be honest, this shit is boring as hell. You might as well put some booze in that thermos. Trust me, when it comes to watching birds it helps to be a little drunk. I like the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle in hammertone green.

darcydog she is so very very good and I love her. here is a list of things she protects me from: the vacuum, the febreeze bottle, the ice machine in the freezer, people outside she can see or hear while she is inside, people being loud in the stairwell outside our flat, the ups/usps/fedex guys, my mom’s tiny eight pound dogs, dogs she can hear but not see, doorbells on the telly, thunder and lightning, and sometimes also myself.

submitted by Nicholas Chopp

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Everything to the left of the Nexus 6P is in the bag, everything else is my person. Not pictured: 1. Springfield XD(M) 3.8 9mm with 19rd magazine, Aliengear 2.0 Tuck, 2x 13rd magazines (when going somewhere other than on-post) 2. Diapers, Wipes, and extra changes of clothes for kids (when I’m not flying solo) 3. Lenovo Y500 Core i7 laptop (rarely)

Fic: Ereri modern vampire AU

Eren doesn’t get it. He doesn’t. But nevertheless Levi loves him with all of his heart so Levi resigns himself to a life of always having to give up a lot of his comfort if it means that he’ll get to wake up to Eren’s slumping into the bed, snaking his oven-warm arms around Levi, which Levi gets to enjoy for a grand total of 30 min before he has to get up for work.

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Hello! 🐸🐸😀
That is a very good question!
The Stickyfrogs haven’t really listened to any tunes properly besides Vacuum Cleaner, Spray Bottle, and Basil-is-making-a-funny-sound.
What do you think would be a good tune for the Stickyfrogs to listen to?