vacuum bottle

salt water

I whisper my
into glass
and watch them
to the bottom
of the sea,

These waves
that part us now,
consume my stories
in tranquil laps
I sit
the shore,
feet half drenched
in foaming salt water,
eyes closed
and listening,

it is hard
to say
has disappeared
in time,
leaving a shell

if it is you
or me,

or the both
of us
have left,
a vacuum
in the space
between us,
that only an
ocean can fill.

© SoulReserve 2017

Glam Desk Hacks to Make Your Space as Productive as Possible!

Cute cord management….seems to be one of the biggest issues along with storage organization and innovation today when it comes to glamming up your most valuable space in your home! I have a few tricks to share with you that will help with organization, cord management, and productivity.

Hack #1: It is proven that when you are happy and satisfied that you work more productively. So having cute accessories to go along with your work/study space is almost a given. Say goodbye to that 80′s stapler and upgrade to a matching desk set. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s a nice feeling to look forward to adhering that report together with your new stapler. Anything that will give you that extra boost of motivation to complete your tasks is worth investing in.

Hack #2: Instead of investing in a new iPad or tablet case, to make your device stand vertically, try looking for a dish stand/cookbook stand. I picked this adorable stand up at an outlet store for under $5! Like I previously mentioned, revamping your desk doesn’t have to be pricey. Now I don’t have to get rid of my favorite iPad case (let me know if you’d like the information to purchase the case I currently use, it has a kickstand for horizontal use) and the cookbook stand doubles as a clipboard holder for when I’m typing research papers or essays and need to reference information consistently. Other stands that were marketed for the same purpose on online retailers were at least five times the price of this handy stand. Plus, the kickstand in the back is adjustable if you’d like to have the device, paper, clipboard, textbook (yes, it holds my texts books as well and the arrow in front keeps the page from turning!), etc. at different angles. I would recommend this hack to anyone looking for a decorative book/device stand or anyone who needs a book or device stand on a budget. I should also note that Hobby Lobby sells basic versions of these holders in black, brass/gold, and silver. They are extremely affordable, especially if you purchase the plate holder with Hobby Lobby’s weekly 40% off coupon.

Hack #3: This is an example of how the stand works and looks from the front (second photo). I also use the stand for my planner. It is helpful to be able to have your planner/to do list right in front of you while you are completing tasks for the day. I have purchased a Create 365: The Happy Planner and it is set up with three boxes for each day. I use one box for each school (since I attend two different colleges) and the last box for other things I need to accomplish that day. I make little checkboxes inside each box for each task I need to complete and mark them off when I have finished the task. I also color coordinate for each class/school which makes it helpful when I am glancing at the planner so I can differentiate which items are for which class/school. This also helps on the monthly view of the calendar, where I continue to use color coding to write tests and papers. The colors match the binders I use for each class to keep everything consistent. I also have three snap-in tabs in The Happy Planner (I purchased these at Staples). I use the first tab for this month’s monthly view, the second tab I use for this week’s weekly view/today’s view (which you are viewing in this photo), and the last tab I use for next month’s monthly view so I can write down upcoming assignments and appointments. They are handy to have right at the top of the planner because the side view tabs are hidden when the planner is closed (which I do like for aesthetic purposes).

Hack #4: Cord management is a big issue because I have a tv on the wall above my desk. Which means inevitable wires…everywhere! So the one wire that I couldn’t hide, I took a tall floral arrangement and wrapped the cord in there. Which you cannot see from straight-on, but from this angle, it is slightly visable. So if you have cords that hang down the wall and you can’t hide them in the wall, for whatever reason, use a plant, picture, tapestry or lamp even to creatively hide them.

Hack #5: This is an important “hack” because if you don’t stay hydrated you’ll start to get tired and no one wants to be tired when they are in the middle of a great workflow! So stay hydrated so your body can function properly. When I say to stay hydrated, I mean with water. I invested in one of these metal vacuum bottles, I found it super affordable at Tuesday Morning. It holds 25 oz., so I know how much water I am drinking and it keeps my water cold in the car during the summer as well. These bottles can keep your water cold for up to twenty-four hours! Similar to the popular Hydroflask, which I wanted to try a competitor before I invested the full $50 in a Hydroflask. I’ll tell you why I won’t spend $50 on one if you comment and specifically ask me to. But we tend to drink more water if it’s colder, so I highly recommend investing in one of these “stay cold” bottles.

Hack #6: My last hack is to use one a cosmetics organizer as a pen/stationery organizer! I found this cute organizer at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon to purchase it under $10! It organizes my colored highlighters and felt-tipped pens. It’s an essential if you’re a pen junkie like myself. I also love how it can hold things as large as a post-it and a giant paperweight in the front compartment.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these hacks or have any questions on any of my purchases. I am always more than happy to help or answer questions.


anonymous asked:

Hi there Bri!! So I'm writing a story and the main character is from England and I wanted to know, what are some ordinary words in England that are different than what's said in America? Like in America we call the elevator an elevator but in England, they're called lifts. Do you understand? Sorry if this is a weird ask

So it sorta depends where in England they’re from. For example, nowhere calls a drink soda, but if they’re from the north they’d call it pop, but if they’re from the south they’d call it a fizzy drink. But more common than that is to just use the brand name, coke, sprite, fanta etc. But general ones, there’s a lot:

- We don’t call it a sidewalk, we call it a pavement.
- We don’t say Math, we say Maths.
- We say biscuits for what you refer to as a cookie, and a cookie is just a type of biscuit.
- We don’t say trunk of the car, we say boot of the car.
- We don’t say emergency room/ER, we say accident and emergency/A&E.
- We don’t say parking lot, we say car park.
- Cotton Candy we call Candy floss.
- What you call suspenders we call braces.
- We don’t call it a movie theatre, we call it a cinema.
- What you call chips, we call crisps. We do have chips, but they’re just chunks of potato that get fried. Sometimes chunky, sometimes French fries, sometimes potato wedges.
- A council estate is what we call a housing project.
- You call it a pacifier, we call it a dummy, but that’s something I think has another name up north too. I think they call it a soother?
- You say Fire Department, we say Fire Brigade.
- You say apartment, we say flat.
- What you call a switch blade, we call a flick knife.
- You say bangs, we say fringe.
- We say full stop where you say period. So like “That’s it, end of conversation, I’m done, period”, we’d say full stop.
- Obvs we use the correct term of Football when talking about the sport you incorrectly refer to as Soccer.
- Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are called Stag Nights and Hen Do’s.
- You say vacation, we say holiday.
- What you call a turn signal/blinker, we call an indicator.
- Schools are a big one, we have a Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, College, University. Primary and Secondary can sometimes be called Junior and Senior school, but that’s generally only if the schools are linked. So like, there’s a school near me called Claremont, and it goes from 5-18, so it’s Claremont Juniors, Claremont Seniors and Claremont Sixth Form. Sixth Form is another word for college, but it’s generally only used if it’s attached to a school, rather than independent.
- Grade crossings are called level crossings.
- Cell Phones are Mobile Phones.
- Highways/Expressways are motorways.
- When you say Mom/Mommy/Momma, we say Mum/Mummy/Mumma. Unless they’re from the midlands in which case they say it like you say it.
- Diapers are called nappies.
- Tic Tac Toe is called Noughts and Crosses.
- Chutes and ladders is snakes and ladders.
- School yard is called the playground.
- License plate is called number plate.
- Cross walk is a pedestrian crossing.
- Oven Mitt is an Oven Glove.
- Liquor Stores are called Off Licenses.
- Gas Stations are Petrol Stations.
- Mail box is a post box.
- Zip Codes are postcodes
- A stroller is called a pram, a pushchair or a buggy.
- Also, on the school thing, what you call a public school, we call a state school. So a school that is free to go to. Schools you have to pay to go to, we call public schools. But they can also be called private schools, and independent schools.
- Shopping carts are called trolleys.
- Jump rope is called skipping rope.
- Lawyers are generally called solicitors, but they can also be called Lawyers??? Tbh idk the difference, I think one is more civil law and liability cases (solicitors) and one is more to do with criminal law. But idk.
- Appetizers are called starters.
- What you call candy, we call sweets. So a candy store would be a sweets shop.
- Also we don’t say store, we say shop. And a superstore would be a supermarket.
- Check mark is a tick ✅.
- Takeout food is takeaway.
- Lumber (as in like, wood and stuff) is called timber.
- Scalpers are called ticket touts.
- labour unions are called trade unions.
- The Subway is called The Underground.
- Sneakers are called Trainers
- Candy Apples/Caramel Apples are Toffee Apples.
- Thermos bottles are vacuum flasks.
- Closets are called Wardrobes.
- Wholewheat is wholemeal
- Windshield of a car is the windscreen.

I’m sure there’s loads and loads more, but that’s what I got rn ☺️

Birding Tip #2

Invest in a decent thermos.
Ok, you’ve got your binoculars and your thermos of hot coffee. You’re ready for a morning of bird-watching, right? No. Let’s be honest, this shit is boring as hell. You might as well put some booze in that thermos. Trust me, when it comes to watching birds it helps to be a little drunk. I like the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle in hammertone green.

Here is the M10M as, despite my best attempts, it does not supply me with life sustaining water.

Pressing the connector deeper into the cap might help. Another issue you’re going to have is the vacuum in the bottle usually it takes a bit of effort to drink using a mask-affixed canteen. Since the M10M uses a system very similar to the US one, you could also in theory get a US-made cap for that bottle with the drinking port, that might also work better.

submitted by Nicholas Chopp

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Everything to the left of the Nexus 6P is in the bag, everything else is my person. Not pictured: 1. Springfield XD(M) 3.8 9mm with 19rd magazine, Aliengear 2.0 Tuck, 2x 13rd magazines (when going somewhere other than on-post) 2. Diapers, Wipes, and extra changes of clothes for kids (when I’m not flying solo) 3. Lenovo Y500 Core i7 laptop (rarely)

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Gin, Shimaru, Takasugi and Sougo when their gf has her finger stuck in the mouth of a bottle and can't get it out. Bonus points if they see her holding a hammer while trying to break it open.

(Okay I tried with this one!) 

Gintoki: panicked, how was he going to explain to you what he just got himself into! Rather, what he just got his finger up into. He had been laying down on the crouch when it hit him; the sudden urge to pick his nose, and it had been going fine, everything felt serene. Until a sudden noise outside startled him, breaking the peace and causing him to ram his finger up his nose.

He called out your name, ten octaves higher than usual, in need of help. Not wasting any time, he ran quickly to your shared room where you would be. Sliding open the door he was about to yell out your name once more, until he stopped himself.

“ Uh…. Huh? Are… What??”

You were completely unfazed by his entrance.

“ Oh, Gin-kun. You’re stuck too? Must be some epidemic,” You sigh standing up, the bottle swaying on your finger in one hand, and a very intimidating hammer in another “ There’s only one way out of this.”  


Takasugi: At first it had started out as innocent and dumb curiosity, studying the lone plastic bottle on the table. It was a natural urge when your finger inched closer to the mouth of it, you had no idea what you were doing until it was already inside. “ Oh no..” slipped under your breath and not a second later your other hand came in to aid its twin, in a futile attempt to rescue your finger. You pulled, and pulled.

When Takasugi came in, he found you laying on the ground with literal droplets of tears threatening to escape your lids. Oh no.

You couldn’t look him in the eye, embarrassed, and already having caught a glimpse of his disappointment. That, and also the fact he didn’t seem surprised by this at all.

Takasugi calmly walked further to your form, crouching down to the floor once he got there. You felt cold thin fingers caress your stuck hand, almost apologetically, until they gripped your wrist and forcibly jams your finger deeper into the bottle. You felt the pressure cause by his other hand squeezing the bottle allowing the air inside it to push it out for you. Your savior said nothing more already knowing you had learned your lesson


Sougo: You could see yourself easily freeing your finger from a plastic bottle, but glass was a bit trickier. It was as if a vacuum within the bottle swallowed your whole finger, cutting off all circulation your digit had left. You could already see it transition from it’s previous healthy color to a more sickly purple. Don’t panic, don’t panic, you told yourself. Luckily for you you weren’t the only one present because your attempts to pull it out yourself had proved futile.

“ Sougo, I’m stuck. I tried myself but it won’t come out.”

Curiously Sougo would look over to what you were referring to, seeing your dilemma. He nodded his head twice, shutting his eyes softly, “ I see, doesn’t seem as if it’ll come out by simple pulling..” his voice trailed off as he revealed a hammer hiding behind his back, “ Which means, we’re going to have to get it out by force.” You wish you hadn’t caught that evil glint in his red eyes.


Shimaru: Your feet patted softly above the wooden floors of the Shinsengumi base, you moved rapidly leading yourself to where you knew the silent third division captain would be. Of course, you would be the type to put yourself in this situation, having your own finger stuck in a bottle. You didn’t want to make it a big deal, but after all that struggling you failed at rescuing your finger you needed help fast. At that point your finger didn’t even feel apart of your hand anymore, already have lost all feeling.

Shimaru didn’t expect to be greeted by you prodding his face with the butt of the bottle you finger had occupied; but that was enough to wake him from his tiny nap. He whipped out his notepad hastily writing down your name asking how this happened.

“ Let’s not get into too may details here..” You blushed rubbing the back of your neck with the bottle, “ Can you help me?”

His eyes shifted to your hand, gently grasping and examining the state it was in. With a quick nod and the brute force of his strength, he was able to free your finger, giving it a little kiss in hope of vitalizing the blood circulation faster.

Fic: Ereri modern vampire AU

Eren doesn’t get it. He doesn’t. But nevertheless Levi loves him with all of his heart so Levi resigns himself to a life of always having to give up a lot of his comfort if it means that he’ll get to wake up to Eren’s slumping into the bed, snaking his oven-warm arms around Levi, which Levi gets to enjoy for a grand total of 30 min before he has to get up for work.

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Hello! 🐸🐸😀
That is a very good question!
The Stickyfrogs haven’t really listened to any tunes properly besides Vacuum Cleaner, Spray Bottle, and Basil-is-making-a-funny-sound.
What do you think would be a good tune for the Stickyfrogs to listen to?

How I illustrate scientific experiments

This is how I make the illustrations for the experiments my dad designed for his school.

Step one: I get a text. An intern was shown the experiments, and she wrote them out. It has the required materials, and a list of steps to take. to do the experiment.

Step two: while reading trough the text and making sketches, I realize there is some stuff of which I don’t know what it looks like, and some situations that are hard to picture. It’s probably good there are going to be illustrations! I ask my dad to take some pictures of the set-ups.

Step three: I make more detailed pencil sketches from the steps + the material lists. This is the stage where I tend to find small errors in the descriptions in the text, because I have to imagine in detail what goes on.

(this is where I noticed that for the experiment on the bottom half, the instructions for how to handle the cap that goes on the bottle were wrong. (you use a vacuum pump for wine-bottles to lower the air pressure in a bottle with soap bubbles. the bubbles grow, of course. it’s a small, fun thing to show to students :)

Step four: inking! I often get to turn one drawing into two, by just erasing parts of the original, or recombining parts.

Step five: cleaning everything up, and putting it in the original file. I have designed the material lists to be full blocks of illustrations and handwritten text, replacing the typed lists. The experiments keep their typed instructions, I just put the illustrations in between. It’s not very fun in Word, but the  people at my dad’s school may need to edit it all later.

After: I was told the instruction sheets and all the needed materials go into a coffer of sorts, and then elementary school teachers can borrow the whole kit and do experiments with their students, so they can get a first grasp of physics. Yay!