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Tips for keeping my apartment clean? Tips for motivating myself to finish unpacking?

Apartment Cleaning 101

1. Make a list. Start by making of list of everything that needs cleaning in your apartment. I like to let lists like these sit out for a day or two, to adjust and add to them as need be. Give yourself a couple days to brainstorm, and try to prioritize chores based off of how time consuming they are.

2. Chore frequency. You’ll notice that some chores become more time consuming the longer you wait to do them, while others do not. Dishes are a prime example- I try to get them done twice a day at least. Vacuuming my apartment, on the other hand, always takes around the same amount of time, so it doesn’t really matter when during the week I do it, just so long as I get it done! 

3. Chore schedule. Basing this next bit off your findings above, plan your “chore schedule”. If you live with roommates and will be dividing chores, you may find it easiest to actually create a hardcopy of a schedule. You’re looking to divide this into three categories:

  • Chores that need to be done every day: Dishes for example
  • Chores that need to be done once a week: Vacuuming or mopping for example
  • Chores that need to be done once a month: Cleaning your refrigerator or closet for example

If you are a pet owner or live with multiple people, you may need a fourth category called “chores that need to be done twice a week”. Things like changing the cat litter or doing a load of laundry.

 4. Divide and conquer. I’m adding this bit for those of you who live with roommates and/or significant others. You can look at doing chores two different ways:

  • Every man for himself (you do your own dishes, your own laundry, you’re responsible for vacuuming your room or living space)
  • Division of labor (my boyfriend cooks, so I do the dishes)

Find a happy medium for all parties concerned, especially if you’re splitting chores with someone you’re sleeping with. I do think it’s important to take into account each person’s business in terms of their work and school load. On days when my boyfriend works eleven hours, I don’t mind picking up the slack and vice versa.

5. Cleaning floors- the complete guide.

  • Wooden Floors
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Allow to air-dry
    • Use a hardwood cleaner (like Bona) to get any difficult spots out
  • Tiled Floors
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Allow to air-dry
    • Use a bleach-based cleaner (like Clorox) to get any difficult spots out.
  • Carpeted Floors
    • Vacuum (use the vacuum’s highest setting)
    • Use an all-purpose cleaner (like Meyer’s) to get any difficult spots out.

6. Mopping. Forget about mixing your own bleach-based chemicals and using one of those raggedy anne mops. Get yourself a Swiffer Wet Jet to save yourself some serious time and headache. Buy the generic brand pad refills for a fraction of the name brand price!

7. Vacuum. You’ll make your life 100x easier if you find yourself a semi-expensive vacuum that doesn’t require vacuum bags. This is my vacuum and I love it. 

8. Wood floors vs. Carpet floors. I personally prefer hardwood floors because they just have a nicer “foot feel” than their counterparts. However, they do require more upkeep than carpet floors, because you can actively feel them getting grotty as your week progresses. Thick carpet is more time-consuming to clean, but you can go two weeks without properly vacuuming and nobody will be any the wiser because the grime just blends in. Disgusting but true.

9. Scented garbage bags. Literally cost the same as regular garbage bags, but help you trash smell fresher for longer. I like to wrap any disregarded food bits (chicken bones, rotten vegetables, etc) in a plastic garbage bag before throwing them in my trash, and this really makes a difference.

10. Kitchen countertops. Unless you’re butchering meat in your apartment, plain old soapy water is the best countertop cleaner. I try to clean my countertops multiple times throughout the week, but sometimes I’m in a rush and only get to it once a week.

11. Washing dishes. I’ve tried lots of name brands and generic brands, and in my opinion the longest lasting and best bang for it’s buck is Dawn dish soap. I’m partial to their Caribbean Escapes which make your kitchen smell like a tropical island. Remember to never leave your sponge sitting in the sink, a moist sponge is prone to all sorts of bad bacteria. If you have a dishwasher, run your sponge through it once or twice a week with your regular wash. 

12. Some cleaners to invest in.

  • Windex: Bought a bottle four years ago when I’m moved into my first apartment and still have about 1/3 of it left. Use to clean windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors. 
  • Bona: It’s the best wood cleaner ever. Ever!
  • Clorox: I currently own both the spray and the disinfectant wipes.
  • Meyer’s: Or some other multi-purpose organic cleaner.

I will do a post sometime tomorrow about unpacking! Hope this helps.

The Arcana Characters As Monster Factory Quotes

Muriel- “It looks like you put all his muscles in a space saver bag and vacuumed all the air out”

Julian- “There’s actually no ass there. Negative ass.”

Nadia - “Thats Sun Tzu’s first rule of war, baby. Do them dirty in front of they dad.”

Lucio- “That fresh haunted air on my naked breasts.”

Asra- “I’m gonna throw this shit in my witches cauldron and mix up something NASTY”

Portia- “She solved the mystery of human generosity.”

One Breakfast at a Time

upperstories submitted:

(Rough Around the Edges, pt. 2)


Summary: The following morning… 


Boris’s feet felt prickly.

The first thought that dredged up the wolf’s mind from the thick, murky mires of sleep was that there was a foreign, uncomfortable feeling in his toes. It wasn’t quite painful, but it was distracting. Which was a shame; quite honestly, as the rest of him felt like it was swaddled in a soft, warm cloud, like lying on a mountain of fleece. He was dreaming of sleeping on the back of a large, comfy sheep. Maybe if he moved his feet right, he could shoo the strange sensation away and get back to sinking completely into the wool.

His toes twitched, and the tingling feeling went up both his legs completely. That hurt.

“YIPE!” Boris yelped, knees hiking in alarm, eyes flying open.

The first thing that greeted him was strange visual tones and hues, blurred from the sleep in his eyes and the tingling in his feet. They were—oh, whadyacallems?—Blues. And Greens. Only lighter, greyer, faintly cast across the ceiling above him, making him squint. It followed the outline of a windowpane.

His foggy mind thought, not for the first time:

How long will it take before them colors look normal?

Motion at his side had him shaking his noggin, revealing the familiar heads of to his pals, moppy and disheveled from sleep. Alice muttered something under her breath—when had her halo hung itself up on that lamp?— and Bendy snuggled closer into the pillows, a bit of drool staining the soft cushion.

Recognition stumbled into his brain as his eyes adjusted to the dim early morning light.

He wasn’t sleeping on a bed of fleece. He was sharing a bed with Alice and Bendy, feeling mighty cozy in spite of being too long to rightly fit on the mattress length-wise, which explained why his feet weren’t under the covers. The tingling must’ve been because they’d been leaning over the end board all night.

Asleep, his feet were asleep. That’s what this feeling felt like. Except… it was much stronger than how it’d felt before, back in the world drenched in ink.

Dang, the real world felt strange.

Trying his best not to disturb the other two sleeping Toons, Boris slowly pulled his bare feet under the blankets, wincing as he flexed the tingling feeling out of them. They were cold to the touch, as were the ends of his ears and snout, a stark difference compared to the comfy warm bubble formed underneath the covers from his proximity to his friends. If he stayed still enough, curled up a ball, maybe he could go back his sweet, soft, monochromatic dreams…

The door creaked, and Boris was awake.

In the semi darkness, the wolf made out the shape of a figure entering the room, familiar in spite of his loss of Toonification. It was Henry.

Err. At least. Boris was pretty sure it was Henry.

The man had Henry’s almost square-ish head, large ears, surly set face and all, but in place of the man’s wrinkled light green shirt and brown slacks was a plaid patterned collared shirt, all blues and grays, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and the bottom half of a dark grey jumpsuit, faded at the knees and the top half wrapped messily around his waist. His black work boots were word around the souls. It all smelled faintly of engine oil.

A change of clothes shouldn’t have been completely out of left field for the Toon (as he recalled, Bendy changed his wardrobe a number of times over a wide variety of episodes), but the old animator’s plainer duds had almost seemed glued to him. Seeing Henry in less plain-looking clothes felt like seeing a camel in a bunny onesie. Strange.

He silently watched Henry tread to the bedside table on Bendy’s side of the bed and leave a note next to the lamp. The man looked haggard, but clean. His hair was even combed.

Boris considered keeping his head down, pretending to be asleep. But then, just as it looked like he was about to leave, Henry stopped and turned around, looking back at the bed of Toons. Contemplating, eyes unfocused and glassy—from lack of sleep, perhaps?— grey circles under them. The wolf’s felt his heart clench, and he lifted his head.

“Henry?” he whispered.

Henry jumped and caught himself on the wall.

“JEEZ—” Henry breathed, forced his voice down. “Boris— scared the daylights outta me.”

“Sorry—!” Boris’s ears fell back. “Sorry.”

Henry put a hand to his chest and sighed. His eyes looked less glassy, more awake.

“Agh, I didn’t wake you up, did I?” Did Henry look guilty? Nah, it must’ve been Boris’s imagination.

“Nah,” said Boris, truthfully. “Feet fell asleep. Woke me up instead.”

The corners of Henry’s mouth twitched. If Boris didn’t know any better, he could almost mistake the man’s grimace as a smile. It almost met his eyes.

“Headin’ off somewhere?” said Boris, nodding towards the note.

“Just about,” whispered Henry.

He motioned for Boris to follow him out of the room, finger to his lips. Boris nodded, trying to be mindful of jostling the bed, so as not to rouse Alice or Bendy. The wolf was thankful for his thick coat of fur (ink?) once he was free from the blankets, as the room was fairly brisk without the protection. Boris swallowed a whine and followed after the grizzled animator.

On their way to the den, Henry grabbed a large, dark green jacket from one of the hampers in the hallway. He gave it a tentative sniff to check if it was clean, shrugged, and offered it to Boris. Boris sniffed as well. It smelled of Henry and mothballs. It would do. The sleeves came up an inch short of his wrists though.

“Gotta go plead to the powers that be that I don’t end up unemployed before the day’s end,” said Henry once they were a safe whisper-free distance from the bedroom, sighing and scratching his neck. “I, uh, took a few more vacation days than I’d originally planned.”

Boris’s stomach dropped, guiltily. The studio.

“Oh, golly… wha… that was our fault—”

“S’nobody’s fault,” said Henry, patting Boris’s shoulder. They passed the couch. It didn’t show any signs of Henry sleeping on it. “I might have to work a few extra shifts to make up for it though. My boss, Callum? Not exactly known for being forgiving, but he can be fair when he needs to be.”

Boris nodded, faint memories of his own past experiences with “unforgiving bosses” arising. His tail tucked between his legs, the wound from the harsh look on Joey’s face all those days ago in that office now fresh in his mind’s eye. When the air was thick with acetone and Henry’s open cartoon wounds. His nose twitched, feeling a little sick at the memory.

“M-Maybe I should come with ya,” said Boris, the weightlessness of Henry leaning on him ghosting along his shoulder. He gripped it. “Help explain a few things—”

“Boris,” said Henry. There was no harshness in his voice, but it was still firm. “I… I appreciate it, Pup. I really do. But… you need to stay here. All three of you. Lay low for a while.”

Boris tried his best not to look discouraged. Henry patted his shoulder again and gave it a squeeze. It felt odd, not having to look down on Henry as much as he had when the animator was still a Toon. Henry squared his shoulders, and Boris felt assured.

“It’s… too much, out there,” Henry nodded to the window. A car honked, followed by another, and across the way, some neighbors were opening windows to do laundry. A lady waved out a large red blanket, and Boris had to flinch at the brightness of the color, visible even in the dim early morning. “Too much to get used to all at once.  Besides, I know Callum. I’ll be alright.”

Boris felt like crawling into an inkwell. He knew Henry was right, but it wrung his nerves like wet laundry. He felt so… useless. He was supposed to be the helper, the best buddy. He sighed.

A kettle whistled.

“Oh, shoot—” Henry rushed to the stove and turned the knob, using one of the dangling jumpsuit sleeves to take the metal pot from the heat when he couldn’t find his oven mitt, setting it on his oven mitt so the counter wouldn’t burn— ahh. Found the mitt. Hmm. “Sheesh… I, err, tried making something quick for breakfast for you all before I left, but, well. The mess. Heh. Wasn’t able to get as much done as I was hoping…”

Boris turned to the counter while Henry prepared a quick coffee for himself, and noticed, to his surprise, that the tower of bills and mail had been cleared off, leaving room for three sets of plates, bowls, forks and spoons of varying style and size. Each plate had a couple eggs, sunny-side up, glasses of water, and steaming hot bowls of oatmeal—with walnuts and molasses, from the looks of them. Bois sniffed the air above the biggest bowl (he hoped it was his) and licked his chops. It smelled pretty dang good.

Breakfast wasn’t the only change to the den. The mess from last night seemed to have all been pushed to the side, the floor for the most part cleared of debris, if still in need of a vacuuming. Trash bags sat stacked next to the door, ready for dumping, full of the empty bottles and boxes.

…How long had Henry been up, working on all of this?

“Ya didn’t have to…” said Boris, ears flopping back. “Dunno if we really need to eat.”

“A good breakfast might liven up the mood around here,” said Henry, smirking. At least this time it reached his eyes. He quickly downed the contents of the mug, grimacing. “Aghh, love the feeling of burnt tongue in the morning.”

“Ya do?” Boris laughed.

“Nope,” Henry laughed in turn. He set his mug in the sink, which was filled with other much dirtier mugs as well as pots and pans, and put a small tin reading Express-o, Coffee on the Go away. A cast iron skillet was all that was left on the stove, which looked surprisingly well cared for, considering the state of Henry’s other kitchen items. Guess that explained the eggs. He pointed to Boris. “Tea boxes are on the counter too, should be enough hot water between all of you. Don’t let Bendy drink my coffee. I’ll call you all when I’m on my way back. Don’t answer the phone for anyone else.”

“Wha?? Buh—how-how?” said Boris, getting whiplash.

Henry pointed to the other end of the den. A black, faintly dusty dial-up phone sat on the floor, next to the far wall, with a note taped to the wall over it. It read a variety of instructions in Henry’s chicken scrawl shorthand, and a blessedly legible phone number at the bottom. It looked as if it’d been dug up from one of Henry’s old boxes.

“I’ll call three times in a row. Only answer if you get three calls within a few seconds of each other,” said Henry, grabbing a toolbox next to the couch and as many of the trash bags as he could carry. “Other than that, just let it ring.”

“Whuh- wait, Henry!” said Boris, heart leaping in his throat. “I-I’m not so sure we…”

Boris turned to the window, grabbing the sleeve of the jacket. The sun was raising more and more, the world outside of them starting to wake up. Yellows mixed with grays, turning them brown and sandy. He was sorely missing his dreams, drenched in black and white.

“Hey, hey,” said Henry. His hand was back on Boris’s shoulder.

Boris turned to him, every inch of his face dropping, expecting to get one of Henry’s signature rigid, authoritative glares, waiting to be given the hard facts of their situation. Instead, he got a tired, yet… understanding smile. It was lopsided and rough around the edges, and looked wildly unsure.

“It’s ok,” said Henry, in a voice that, despite what his face betrayed, sounded pretty dang convincing.

The wolf felt something inside him—something that he’d kept bunched together throughout the drive, the climb to Henry’s apartment, the scary few minutes this morning where he first experienced his feet falling asleep in the real world and how real the real world felt and how he wasn’t really a wolf he wasn’t real was he?— unclench and, without thinking, he leaned his head on Henry’s shoulder, sagging weightily. Henry teetered, not used to the wolf having a third dimension’s worth of weight to him, but evened out, and wrapped an arm around Boris’s back, toolbox counterbalancing him.

“This is a lot to take in,” said Henry, gruff voice a welcome sound for the poor, overwhelmed wolf. “Don’t rush yourselves through it. Thing’s’ll get easier. I just…” His grip tightened, strong, grounding. “We just gotta make some things work first.”

The wolf whined.

“I just wanna help,” said Boris, voice feeling thicker than glue. “I ain’t much of a good helper though. I couldn’t even help you or Bendy or Alice when everything came crumblin’…”

“Now now, none of that,” Henry almost laughed.

Boris almost had enough nerve to get annoyed, if not for what Henry said next.

“That’s no way to talk about the guy who saved my life. And Bendy’s and Alice’s. And then mine again.” Henry stopped, smirking when he felt Boris quietly snort. “And Bendy’s, again, about, what? Five more times?”

“Mmmh, you’re just saying that…” Boris didn’t sound completely convinced, but the knot loosened a fraction. He pushed from Henry, trying to stand his full height. His cheeks had their old stylized blush back; his ears almost perking sincerely. Almost. He let them droop, eyes downcast. Henry sighed.

“For now… none of us know what we’re doing,” said Henry. “Not even me. And I’m from here. But we’ll figure it out.”

“…one breakfast at a time?” said Boris, trying to smile. It was shaky. Oh, he felt so shaky.

“One breakfast at a time,” said Henry. He reached up and scratched Boris between the ears, and Boris relaxed. He felt his tail wag, if only just a bit.

“But seriously,” Henry added. He was grinning, almost… devilishly. “Keep. Bendy. Away from my coffee. If I come back and find him bouncing off the walls, I’m hiring an exorcist.”

Boris was so taken aback, he couldn’t help himself. The thought alone was so ridiculous, but seeing Henry actually try to crack a joke? Utterly too much to comprehend. The wolf howled a laugh right out loud.

And it felt scarily, wonderfully real. 



Martin Margiela

“A studio condo 15 minutes’ walk from work, 88,000 yen a month, with separate bath and toilet. The place is so immaculate, it’s hard to believe he’s been living here for six years. An instructor at Bunka Fashion College, they call him “maestro Margiela.” He’s been into the Martin Margiela scene from seven years back. Originally his soul belonged to Comme des Garcons, then one day a department store manager got to talking with him and he changed over just like that. “The Margiela philosophy and concept of clothes was just so perfect.” Now just look at him: the only clothes he keeps here are Margiela, “because it’d be improper to put anything else together in the same closet. I’d even wear Margiela underwear, if there were any!” Each season he siphons his entire salary, some 2 million yen into his high-end habit. No normal obsession, he stretches forward when eating so as not to dirty his precious clothes, and scrubs the cuffs and collar with soap when he gets home. He never washes patterns and whites together in the same laundry load – his white shirts are absolutely spotless – so say he’s got a weekend engagement, he’ll spend an hour working out the order of washes counting backwards from what he’s got coordinated for tomorrow. No drying outside either, because smog will stick to the clothes; he uses a hanger rack to dry everything indoors, each item in a specific order. And when spring comes, he stores away his knitwear in special airtight vacuum bags. A perfectionist in all things, does his Margiela-style fussiness extend to his living quarters? Well, he’d rather eat out than infuse his clothes with daily life smells, and only keeps eyedrops in the refrigerator. He’s never once lit the stove or run the water in the kitchen, keeping only a precision stack of room-tempered process soy milk packs. No wastebasket even. When he gets thirsty, he rushes to the nearby shop and drinks on the spot, taking the trash out at the same time to discard at the store. No men allowed to piss in the john standing up, lest they cause a mess. This is a man after Margiela’s heart (not to mention his landlord’s).“

🌜Cottage Witch Tips:🌛
Cottages Witches weave spells into their housework. I have done cottage witchcraft for years and it makes it so much more fun to clean with witchy intensions.

*Here are a few to try:*
•Wash dishes in lavender or lemon verbena soap to to banish negativity
•Vacuum up bad spirits by putting cedar chips in a vacuum bag
•Glamour clothes when washing
•Dust with vinegar to drive away negative energy
•Polish with lemon oil for protection
• Keep bowls of dried flowers around the home to bring love into a room
•Place Lavender sachets around the home for calm and serenity
•Spray your home with homemade cleansing mists made of herbs and flowers to banish negativity and bring love and tranquilly to your home
• Use a broom to sweep away negativity
•Wash floors with Florida water to bless your home and keep away bad spirits
•Organize drawers and leave a spell on them to remain organized
•Keep cedar chips in drawers to keep away negativity
•As you clean your bathroom glamour it so that when anyone uses it they leave refreshed and feeling gorgeous
•Fold clothes with success spells upon them
•Iron wrinkles and troubles away from you when ironing clothes
•Cast a spell on your kitchen so all who eat your food will be blessed with love and compassion
•Clean your bedroom furniture to banish negativity, then polish with lavender oil to bring serenity and peaceful dreams
•Keep a Citrine Crystal next to your bed to banish nightmares
•Throw rose petals around your room and on your bed, leave them for a few hours to imbue it with love. Then vacuum them up and the roses will banish bad spirits when you vacuum other parts of your home
•Wash sheets in lavender for restful sleep
•Leave a spider in your home or garage to weave webs for you

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Witch tip


Incorporate your witchcraft into cleaning and organizing!

NOTE: Open the windows and clap loudly to let the spirits who may be in there out before you begin throwing herbs, salt or salt water around!

-light candles and create an energizing atmosphere to help get you going

–make a pot of good smelling herbs and spices on the stove to simmer while cleaning, it clears out bad energy

-use lavender water to clear away negativity, relieve anxiety spells

-polish on positive spells with lemon water or lemon oil

-clean out closets and junk drawers to release negativity, rid yourself of unwanted
characteristics or people in your life

-add a few cedar chips or moth balls to the vacuum bag, vacuum up unwanted spirits and ghosts

-sweep your home or room counterclockwise or towards the east to get rid of negative entities and negative energy

- collect old cobwebs with a twig and hold them in a jar for spells

- spray rose water around your home to bring peace and love into the home

-scrub pots and pans or a bathtub to curse something or someone and then wash the cleaner away to cleanse yourself of residual effects

-wash clothes and take away negativity

-charge clothes in a dryer or hang on a line in the sun for positivity

-throw cleansing herbs, cedar or salt on floors to cleanse them and then vacuum away that negativity

-spray corners of the house with holy water, salt water, rose or lavender to make sure you cleanse rooms of negative energy and spirits

Think of organizing as recharging and aligning your home to positive forces

-making beds and straightening makes you feel more magickal and powerful

-give away used items, donate or recycle for release and positivity spells

-stack things for good intentions such as confidence, abundance and joy

- hang or fold clothes.enchant with incense or spray lightly with rose or lavender water

-make sigils for organization using water and draw them on drawers and closets to help them to remain organized

Once you begin to clean and organize in this manner you will begin to look forward to tidying your home.

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I'm going to be moving into my own apartment for the first time (!!!) and I was wondering if you had any tips on small apartment life?

Congrats! And… I have NO idea! I don’t know about your situation or your finances or even what current things you have/know/do! So let’s come at this from another angle.

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Here are the tips I would give MY past self when I first moved into an apartment:

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  • Make a cleaning schedule. You can do different things on different days (ex: Wednesday: clean bathroom, Thursday: clean kitchen) or make it a standing date to clean your entire apartment on one particular day of the week. Either way, it will make your living environment healthier and make you less stressed in the long run. You don’t want to let everything pile up to the point where you stare into the abyss of your home and say “I could just… ..burn it… all… down…”
  • Wash up dishes/put them in the dishwasher right after you eat – it will save you a TON of time and dishes piling up. If you’re too busy to stick to that, wash up dishes every night before bed – the warm water may help soothe you into a more relaxed state. Or it may make your carpal tunnel less noticeable.
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash often. Try not to make eye contact with your neighbors as you throw your garbage into the dumpster and loudly shout at it “NOW STAY DEAD.” It never stops being funny.
  • Buy extra vacuum bags now so that you don’t wind up like me, screaming in your living room at 11AM before a guest comes over to see your dusty filth-pile of a home.
  • Have multiple trash cans. That way your hopes and dreams have several areas of the home to be collected in.
  • All-Natural Cleaners are great (like vinegar, baking soda, borax, Nature’s Miracle, Seventh Generation, etc.) because they’re not harmful to the environment and they ensure that you’re 4AM suicide thoughts aren’t THAT easy to go through with.
  • Wood polish always smells like a lemon had sex with a very irritated fairy, use it liberally to impress guests into thinking your home is clean.
  • Febreeze: For when your anxiety gets so bad that trekking down to the laundromat just isn’t an option.


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  • Cook for yourself  – not only will it save you in costs but it will also help your health to know what you’re putting into your body. Because when the doctor says “What the fuck have you done to yourself?” you want to know exactly what to counter with.
  • Learn to cook some simple meals if you don’t know how to already. YouTube is a great place to learn recipes if you don’t have family or friends to teach you. Because they’re all too busy with more important things, like Not You.
  • Invest in a decent set of knives. You don’t need anything fancy starting out but two very nice knives (one bigger and one smaller) will take you a long way. Try to keep them sharp enough to stab the occasional robber.
  • A crockpot is great if you have a busy schedule. There are tons of recipes you can just throw in the morning and come home to at night. Because that’s your life now. One long string of whatever is easiest to survive on.
  • Invest in a few nice pans – you can actually usually find cheap sets of pans at thrift stores, especially cast iron pans that just need to be seasoned. Like you, they need to go through the fire a few times before they’re ready to get a'cookin’.
  • Spices are your friends! Don’t be afraid of trying new ones – try to use them liberally, just like the college degree that put you in $120,000 worth of debt.
  • If invited to a friend’s home for dinner, bring a bottle of wine or a pre-made side dish. Your friends will think that you’re actually a person who knows how to shop at a market and somehow this is important.


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  • Organization is FUN – don’t be afraid to organize your clothes, your art supplies, your photos, etc. It will save you time and effort in finding things, which is priceless and ultimately the soulless necessity to owning objects.
  • Learn to do use some simple tools – a hammer and an electric drill are your friends – if you treat your friends like tools that you weld at your leisure to hang a vanity mirror in your bathroom so you can see how big your pores have gotten.
  • Never underestimate the value of labeling. Even if you can’t organize the minutiae of your life, you can organize the minutiae of your stuff. It’s fine… It’s fine…
  • Call maintenance when you need them. That’s what you pay your rent for. Your hard earned dollars, slowly rolling back on themselves to give you half-assed labor that shows up at the worst possible time of day and tracks mud through your home is definitely worth it.
  • Get the new CFL lightbulbs. They’ll cost you less and last longer. Because there’s always hope for another year, I guess.


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  • Budget for your bills before everything else, especially your rent. You’ll need a place to live if things go to shit, even if you have to live in the dark for a few weeks. Hey, it’s like camping, except with considerably less bears! Win-win!
  • Work out a grocery budget and try to adjust your diet around the sale items. Going on food stamps is definitely an option if you’re below the poverty line but be prepared to spend a little bit of cash on fresher fruits and veg so you don’t get scurvy. There’s no joke here, that’s honestly just a depressing enough reality for most of the population.
  • If you can, budget some fun time! Even if it’s just chilling in a park for a few hours with some $2 wine and a load of awkward stranger-stares, it’s worth it to get out of your apartment now and then and find some fun.
  • Remember: people expect gifts. Put aside money so that you can appease their holiday and birthday appetites, like the Gods demanding sacrifices. If all else fails, bake cookies or offer virginal blood (virgin sourcing not my concern).


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  • Hygiene is super important! Don’t be a stinky dinky. You can always make some shampoo stretch with a little bit of water and a good shake of the bottle.
  • A calendar hung somewhere prominent will help you keep track of this new and exciting time of adulthood, or as I like to call it “New Human Survival Skills.”
  • Water – It’s a thing people need, I think.
  • Buy better shoes and you won’t have to buy them as often. Not that you can because you’re probably poor, but it’s something to consider getting angry about.
  • Tank tops/T-Shirts work in all seasons when layered.
  • Remember to close your windows when it rains because water is damaging to your life and electronics.
  • Turn off your TV/electronics at night because now you’re an adult and welcome to the Twilight Zone of dead static silence.
  • Speaking of electronics, treat them all like tender angel babies. You don’t want a sudden $400 expense because you forgot to take your phone out of your back pocket before you went peepee.
  • Sweaters and robes are your friend in winter; heating bills are not. Budget accordingly.
  • Colleges have free or lower-cost health programs, such as free check-up clinics, free flu shots and even free dental care – most are students that are learning, so it’s fun that they don’t have a filter yet and will blurt out if you’re close to death!
  • Don’t get drunk without a sober friend to help you home because you REALLY don’t want to remember a wormy dude with a music note tattooed on his hand assaulting you later.
  • Wear condoms if you’re having sex. Yes, ANY kind of sex. If you’re not fluid-bonded, it needs a wrap-up – and even if you are, toys are always better with (toysafe)condoms for an abundance of reasons – including just being better lubricated.
  • Get some apps to help you stay safe. “Guardly” is great for alerting someone when you may be actually missing and not just bored listening to a friend’s record collection for hours on end.
  • Flannel sheets when it’s very cold out are basically a full-body orgasm. 
  • Just keep on keepin’ on.


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Giant Caveat: Yes, I’m aware some of this are darkly sarcastic verging on a touch troubling, but they’re what I would tell myself, personally, if I had it to to do all over again. Personally, I feel like they would have helped me and perhaps writing this out helped me get over a few of them now, or just to keep on keepin’ on with what I have to work with currently. So, keep on, no hate, just love. <3 My only final tip would be to accept friendships whenever they come along, even if they wind up hurting you, cut out toxic people from your life if they’re holding you back and to always try to come from a place of love before considering anything else. 

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Peter Gerard Scully is an Australian child molester guilty of the murder of an 11-year-old Filipina girl, and of the torture and sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant. Scully also filmed the torture and killing of the children, rumour has it the video “Daisy’s Destruction” is hidden somewhere in the deep web, nobody is sure if this is true or not as FBI officials have already claimed to have destroyed the video.

People who have claimed to have seen the video have said that the video shows the 11 year old girl being amputated and stuffed in a vacuum seal bag to suffocate and die. The 18 month old girl (Daisy) survived through the torture.

anonymous asked:

My old bosses would mock me for anything. I ask for help? They say I should know and tell me to figure it out. When I do it wrong because I didn't know what I saw doing? Clearly I'm stupid and the people before me knew better & constantly compared me to them. Mocked me for not knowing that vacuums have bags (my parents never had me vacuum our house cause allergies). I broke down crying every day. Got fired cause I stayed home instead of coming in cause if I went, I'd have killed myself there.

How do people work out and eat healthy and stay accountable??? I have the working out part down but I cannot eat healthy to save my life! I’ll tell myself I ran three miles so I can have a treat and then I will vacuum down a whole bag of cookies and eat French fries like it’s my last day on earth someone HELP ME IM SERIOUS if you have tips help me

Like Father, Like Son | Xiumin

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It’s that time when the house needs to be cleaned up. Minseok takes it to the extreme to teach your son to clean up after himself, but it only goes bad when an accident causes an even bigger mess to clean up.

Word Count: 1k


Spring time has come which means it’s that time for spring cleaning. For some people, it means getting the house clean and neat but for our household it means quarantining the house and turning it upside down until it’s spotless.

My husband, Minseok, has always been a neat freak. I like to keep a clean house too but his cleaning is more extreme. One crumb that would simply be picked up, Minseok takes the vacuum around the entire room. Even when he feels stressed he will wipe the shelves down.

He’s currently vacuuming the rugs of the house while I watch my dramas on the couch. I never bother to help him since he has his own way of cleaning that I don’t want to ruin his flow.

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Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde

A/N: Day one of Klaroline Infinity Week! It’s a little all over the place emotion-wise, but I hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Summary: On her first day in Biology 2, Caroline Forbes gets partnered with Klaus Mikaelson, the scariest kid to ever enter Mystic Falls High. Only it seems he isn’t so scary when their first assignment is the dissection of a fetal pig.

Word Count: 3,110

Rating: T (for brief language)

The scent of formaldehyde in the room filled Caroline’s nostrils the moment she walked into the lab. Tin slabs were laid on the desks. Scalpels and blunt tools used for scraping away soft tissue and membranes stood neatly in small cups beside balls of twine. Bags of vacuum-sealed fetal pigs hid in a bin at the back of the room.

An excited tremor raced through her.

She loved dissections. Not for any weird reason. At least, she didn’t think it was weird. Whenever her mother would be working night shifts at the Sheriff’s station and Caroline was home alone, she would stay up way past her bedtime reading all of the books she could about animals. Cute, fluff balls to spiky-teethed deep sea creatures – they were all so fascinating. Everything about them interested Caroline. She knew tidbits about nearly every animal known to mankind. Though it did, of course, make her marginally sad for the animals she dissected, it was always more thrilling to see how they worked firsthand.

Signing up for a second year of biology despite wanting to one day become editor in chief of a newspaper was a good idea. Dissection on the first day. Senior year was going to be amazing.

Caroline walked further into the room and took a seat at the front. She wanted her teacher to see just how willing she was to get her pristine, manicured hands dirty. She was the first inside, having just come off a free period. The teacher, Mr. Salvatore, wasn’t even in yet. Eyeing the clock as she set out her things – gloves (multiple pairs), lab coat, her own set of dissection tools, and glasses – Caroline counted down until the bell rung, releasing her fellow classmates from the bondage of third period.

She clasped her hands and waited.

Steadily, students trickled inside the room. She spotted Tyler Lockwood coming through the doorway. Her heart sped up. He had just broken up with Vicki Donovan right before the end of summer. He was hers for the taking. Right behind him came Mr. Salvatore ruffling his brown curls. Behind him – Klaus Mikaelson.

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Cleaning tips for people who hate cleaning

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So I hate cleaning. Hate it. Despise it. Just.. ugh. But at the same time, I like to live in a mildly clean, hygienic home. So as a Certified Old with a lot of XP cleaning while hating every second of it, have some tips.

  • Invest in hardware: Yeah you already hate this first tip because you’re broke as all hell, but hear me out. If you can, invest in a good vacuum cleaner. You’re gonna use this thing, like, at least once a month so don’t make life worse on yourself than it has to be. I’m talking about a powerful vacuum with a long ass cord and a good handle, that doesn’t weigh too much so you can easily lug it up and down stairs or whatever you need to do. Mostly you need power. Especially if you have a kitty or a doggo. Their hair gets stuck in the carpet and you can’t get that shit out with a 20 dollar vacuum from Walmart.
  • Do not get a Roomba as your primary vacuuming device. I know it sounds amazing but that thing does not work like that. Exhibit a: stairs. You’ll still need a regular vacuum.
  • If you have a fuckton of money, do get a Roomba, they make great companions (and you can feel like you’re multitasking by like… doing dishes while it runs around the other room)
  • Also, get one of those sticks that you can attach dust attractive cloth thingies to. It doesn’t have to be a fancy brand, these are really low tech things and it’s hard to get them wrong. (aka, get the cheap one that you can buy cheap cloths for so you don’t get stuck with Swiffer tm brand locking systems that only work with Swiffer tm brand super expensive cloth thingies. Remember that you will need to buy more cloth thingies. It’s exactly like printer ink). These things are handy for reaching cobwebs on high ceilings and for quickly wiping dust off a floor or stairs without lugging the entire vacuum cleaner over there.
  • Do not get a feather duster. What are you, a 17th century butler? Feather dusters are only useful for maintenance, aka if you use them every other day. Let’s not even pretend like you’re doing that.
  • Vacuum the shit out of everything you can vacuum. You know the little hand brushy attachment your vacuum comes with? Use the hell out of that. Base boards, the weird nooks in your toilet, every corner in your house, the seats on the kitchen chairs. All of it. It’s easier than wiping and it actually removes dust from your house (as long as you don’t explode the vacuum bag)
  • Vacuum between the couch cushions like at least once every two months, guys. Crumbs get in there.
  • Wet cloth wipe everything else. You’re on tumblr, don’t try to tell me you have antique furniture. Every surface Ikea makes is resistant to a slightly damp cloth. Rinse it, squeeze it as hard as you can, wipe it. It actually takes in the dust and assorted shit and holds it until you rinse it out again (unlike the friggin feather duster). This means stuff stays dust-free longer, and you have to clean less often.
  • Vinegar. Everywhere. Put it on your damp cloth for Moar Power. You, or more likely your mom, has seen this on Pinterest and it friggin works, ok? Remember how I told you to invest in hardware? Now you can save moneys on expensive cleaning products. You can reliably clean the vast majority of your house with two products: a detergent (aka dish soap) and white vinegar. Clean the toilet? Vinegar. Get the grime out of the shower? Vinegar. Descale the kettle? Vinegar. Make your taps look super shiny? Vinegar.
  • Bonus round:If you want to be a Proper Pinterest Person you can add a drop of essential oil to your vinegar (i like mint!), so everywhere you go with your wet cloth ends up smelling nice. It will make you feel like a domestic god(dess). Also, vinegar smells like, ya know, vinegar, so there’s that.

Recipe: Awesome Juice.

This is, again, something the pinteresty people have discovered, but I clean my entire kitchen with it. Grab ye a discarded spray bottle and clean it. Then: Put like… a third of vinegar in it, and a healthy dollop (like a sixth?) of dish soap. Fill the rest with water. It’s not.. a very precise recipe.

  • Congratulations, you now have Awesome Juice. Spray it on everything in your kitchen. Wipe away and marvel at your cleaning prowess.
  • Here’s how that works. Vinegar has a mild disinfectant effect, combined with the fact that it breaks down a lot of grease, and it dissolves chalk/calcium/lime/that matte white build-up you get in places where a lot of water is used. Meanwhile, a detergent such as dish soap is meant to break down grease. Combine them (they don’t cause a harmful effect when mixed, like bleach and vinegar do) and you have something that will destroy any grime you may have in your kitchen, while also being food safe!
  • Use time to your advantage. You know how I told you Awesome Juice breaks down grease and calcium deposits? It needs time to do that. Spray the stuff on, then let it do its thing for like ten minutes. Have a coffee break. You’ve been in need of one anyway. Your friend vinegar will do most of the work so you have less scrubbing later.
  • Always vacuum a floor before you even think of mopping. Otherwise you’ll just end up with dead moths and shit in your water.
  • Extra Cleaning hack. Streaks from window cleaning happen in part because you’re using a wet cloth, or a squeegee that you’re not particularly good with (i cannot judge you on this, neither am i), and so water is left behind to dry by itself. But you know what’s super water absorbent? Kitchen towels. Go over your newly cleaned but slightly damp window with a single piece of kitchen towel and watch that bugger shine.
Common Fursuit-related Questions

Is it hot in a fursuit?

Yes it can be. When building your costume plan to add vents in as many places as you can. I prefer to leave the mouth area open as much as I can by hollowing out the muzzle all the way to the wearer’s nose. I also add ear vents and have large eye openings good for ventilation as well. Small battery-operated fans can help move air and ventilate as well!

Is this hobby expensive?

It depends on your budget! It is possible to build fursuits on a budget, use fabric store discount coupons as much as you can! Some things involved in fursuit-making can be expensive, particularly the faux fur and the foam. Even online retailers of faux fur have sales, so if you are budget-conscious be sure to get on their mailing lists so you know when to buy! You do not want to “cheap-out” on your thread or faux fur, however, so buy the best you can afford.

How much fur do I need to buy?

Create your patterns and then measure them. Everyone is a different size and their projects are varying shapes, so this is a hard question to answer with one number! It is easy to figure out for yourself, though! You will know exactly how much fur to buy if you mark out a space on the floor 60 inches (5 feet) wide by 36 inches (3 feet) long – this is the amount of fabric you get for one yard of faux fur – and arrange your pattern pieces to estimate your yardage you would need to buy for each color. Fur is directional, the fur lays with the length.

What is the best way to cut out my patterns in fur?

Use a razor blade and cut only the backing. Your fur will not shed as much and it makes the process go by quicker than using scissors! Cutting against a carpet remnant is better than cutting against a hard surface as well, it will reduce the likelihood of shorn fibers when cutting with a blade.

Why did the fur I order arrive wrinkled?

The fabric known as faux fur that we all know and love is manufactured in various places around the world. Some is manufactured in the USA while others are manufactured in China or other countries. During their long trips from the manufacturer, to the distributer, to the fabric store, and then to you it is possible that the ship, truck, or warehouse endured hot weather, hot climates, and/or compressed conditions. This recipe of heat and compression is why occasionally the fur will arrived wrinkled, creased, and sometimes even damaged when it finally reaches our doorstep. Many online suppliers have a good return policy and you can return it if it is something you do not think you can fix. I have a tutorial on fixing wrinkled fur here.

Does storing fur wrinkle the fibers?

Long-term compression and heat are often what wrinkles the fibers. Storing your faux fur and finished costumes in a cool place where they are not compressed or folded tightly for a long time will prevent wrinkling. You can also re-arrange your fabric every so often so it does not get the chance to compress down on itself.

Will using a space bag or vacuuming the air of of plastic bags when I travel wrinkle the fur?

Space bags are the perfect way to travel with a fursuit. Space bags are special bags with a nozzle that you vacuum all of the air out with. They are an excellent solution if you are traveling with multiple costumes! It is perfectly safe to space bag your costumes for a day or two while you are traveling. Be sure to unpack them right away at your destination because anything longer than a few days can wrinkle your costume. I would never recommend storing any costume or fabric like this long-term.

How do I accommodate for glasses when making a fursuit head?

Get some used sunglasses, from a thrift store for example, and tape them directly to your dummy head. This way you can build your head over that dummy form with glasses on it to accommodate the wearer having glasses worn under the mask. Make sure the neck opening is big enough so it is not a struggle for the wearer to get them on that way though!

Do I need a sewing machine?

No, many people get by without the use of a sewing machine and have had lots of success hand-sewing their costumes. However, know that a sewing machine is a tool to help you sew faster and more accurately, it can be a really awesome time-saver on a large project such as a fursuit costume! There are some techniques that cannot be easily done without use of a sewing machine.

Do I need an “old fashioned” or “heavy duty” machine?

While an “old fashioned” machine (pre-1980’s) is perfectly suitable for sewing, it is by all means not necessary. The same goes for “heavy duty” or industrial-rated sewing machines, they sew but are not a necessity for fursuits. Modern sewing machines have modern advantages, I personally use modern Pfaff brand sewing machines and highly recommend them! I have two, a LifeStyle 2022 that I used for over 13 years and an Ambition 2.0 that I recently upgraded to. I learned to sew on an “old fashioned” White brand sewing machine. I struggled and fought with it, but it sewed. When I upgraded to a modern sewing machine, sewing no longer felt like a struggle or a chore and I was delighted to sew any and everything!

Can I use a cheap sewing machine?

Sure, but you do get what you pay for! Like what I mentioned above for “old fashioned” and “heavy duty” style machines, they will sew. But if you find it is a struggle or a chore because you are constantly fighting with your machine you may be using the wrong one for the job. Take a trip to a sewing machine store and bring faux fur scraps to try out on the display models with the salesperson.

Do I need to use “upholstery”-weight thread?

No. You are sewing a garment, not a couch or curtains! It is better to have your seam pop than it is for your fabric backing to tear. High quality thread suitable for sewing clothing is what you want to use to sew your costume items with! Many sewing machine issues stem from using upholstery weight thread, especially in the bobbin. If you are using this kind of thread and having machine trouble, definitely switch to a garment-weight thread. As for the history behind this question: Upholstery thread is an old-school fursuit maker recommendation from a time before fursuits knowledge was as vast as it is now, and costumes were not tailored as well as they are nowadays. So it was a choice to use Upholstery thread to make a possibly ill-fitted or quickly made fursuit last the long convention weekend. Now fursuits are worn for record numbers of years and tailored very well, so appropriate materials are extremely important for a fursuit that lasts more than 1 weekend.

What kind of thread is recommended for sewing a fursuit?

Polyester thread is perfect for fursuits, definitely buy the best you can afford – you get what you pay for! Note, unfortunately Cotton thread has very little give to it and tends to break easily, so is not suitable for faux fur. Since Polyester has a slight give compared to cotton it is perfect for faux fur’s backing.

What kind of sewing machine needle should I choose?

A ballpoint needle is recommended for the knit backing that most faux furs commonly have. It is very important to use new needles when sewing, otherwise over time the tiny holes created by a broken or dull needle can become larger.

Do I need a serger or an overlock machine?

No. While many manufactured clothing seams are serged or overlocked in a factory-setting if you are a hobbyist you certainly do not need to serge or overlock your fursuit’s seams. In professional fursuit making it can be used as finishing step to make the interior look nice for a paying client. A serged seam has built-in elasticity common for use on knits, but due to the bulkyness of faux fur using the cutter of a serger is often not practical for directly sewing pattern pieces together, so a serger is only a finishing tool, and not a replacement for a sewing machine.

Do I need to double-stitch or reinforce any of my seams?

Not every seam needs double stitched. Only the heavy stress areas such as the crotch, and armpit areas. I recommend reinforcing them with a zigzag, in case the straight stitch breaks the zigzag is a more stretchable stitch. Again, it is better to have your seam pop than it is for your fabric backing to tear.

What if my fabric backing tears?

You will either have to cut a new pattern piece, or patch in a new piece of fabric. It is not as easy as sewing another line of stitching if it were just a seam that popped.

Do I need to hem?

Hemming is a technique where an edge is folded over once or twice and then sewn. On faux fur, hemming is just not practical or necessary. Since faux fur does not tend to unravel is it perfectly safe to leave arm and leg cuffs untreated. In fact the costume parts blend nicer with one another (such as between an arm cuff and a paw glove) if the cuff edge of the bodysuit is left untreated. If you want to prevent an edge from stretching, instead use bias tape to finish the edge. Bias tape is a small strip of folded cloth cut on the fabric’s bias so it has a slight stretch to it. Bias tape can be used on the bodysuit’s neck opening, the cuff opening for a paw glove, or the cuff opening for a footpaw. It is not used on the arm or leg cuffs of the bodysuit or the neck of the head, those are left untreated.

I thought I knew how to sew a zipper, why is my zipper slider always getting stuck in the fur?

Faux fur is a completely different animal, and it needs a special approach when sewing in the zipper. It cannot be sewn in with traditional techniques if you want the zipper to not be exposed. Please see my tutorial here.

What is “DF”

This term is semi-dated, it is a furry fandom word to describe a specific quality of faux fur. “DF” originated because Distinctive Fabrics was the first to the awareness of the furry fandom that that carried a soft fine grain 2-inch pile faux fur that Shannon Fabrics manufactures under the “Luxury Shag” name. Since Distinctive Fabrics is not the manufacturer (only one of many suppliers) using DF to describe it is a misnomer. It is also known as shag, punky muppet, or promo shag, all to describe the very same product. It is a nice quality faux fur suitable for use in fursuit costumes.

What is “fun fur”

It is a dated term, it is a furry fandom word to describe a specific quality of faux fur. Fun Fur is used to describe a low quality, cheaply-priced, dry, easily matted, rough-textured fur that is not suitable for use on fursuit costumes. The term is slowly going away because of the prevalence of much higher quality fur choices now available and saturating the market. A decade ago “fun fur” was common, now it is not.

What is “Buckram”

Buckram is a type of white, stiff, woven fabric mesh that is saturated in starch. It is primarily used for hatmaking and as an interfacing, but fursuit makers have discovered that it works perfectly for the iris and pupils of fursuit eyes. It can be colored with a variety of pigments and inks and can then be sealed to protect it from moisture. It is not waterproof, however.

Do I need an “Action Packer” to travel with my fursuit?

Absolutely not! If you are traveling, high quality luggage is most appropriate for a fursuit. Unfortunately Action Packers are prone to the handles breaking during flights and lids falling off, there have even been cases of parts of or even complete fursuits being lost while being shipped in an action packer and the costume spilling out and becoming lost. That just doesn’t happen with normal luggage! Most Fursuits are completely soft with very few hard parts (often only the nose, teeth and eyes) so it is safe to squish and vaccum pack them. If your fursuit has a resin-built head, very nice hard-sided luggage is available to prevent breakage. Most Action packers are literally sold alongside the trash cans in stores and nowhere near the luggage section, don’t trust your expensive fursuit to that!

How do I check for quality in this fursuit I bought?

Quality in many cases can be subjective, but the list below is very objective and is what the average buyer should expect from their maker in a fursuit that they buy:

  • No pins remaining or sharp edges left behind.
  • Fur pile is brushed from seams.
  • No stray threads left untrimmed.
  • Any edges that are left untreated are a material that does not unravel or at risk of separation (faux fur, fleece, lycra, starched felt, plastic, vinyl, and leather are among those that do not unravel)
  • Decorative stitching (i.e. on cuffs, paw pads) is even and thread color matches.
  • Interior lining (if present) has edges either sewn down, glued, or trimmed flush so it does not obstruct ventilation or vision.
  • Vision area on interior has fur pile or fabric trimmed or covered so it does not obstruct or fall in the way.
  • Materials used can withstand moisture or humidity or are sealed so they can.

If you are selling a fursuit, new or used, be sure to examine the above list to make sure that your client is aware of any issues before they commit to the sale.

I am happy to field more questions on various fursuit-related topics! Feel free to send me an Ask if you have something you’d like to know! Please note: I may not reply directly since I plan to update this list with future question(s).


Parfait house part5 - library room

#door  #bench window  #girl neon sign  #fireplace  #hanging candle  #lace table  #deco blazer  #curtain  #suitcase table  #chair  #hanging  feathers  #white bird cage  #beer & taiwanese food  #hanging planter  #deco stove & pot  #bookcase  #oreo  #table cloth  #cushion  #white ladder  #clip paper  #deco box  #vacuum  #brick walls  #lemon bag  #white living chair  #rug  #vintage fan  #white tray  #ceiling lamp