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Parfait house part5 - library room

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Peter Gerard Scully is an Australian child molester guilty of the murder of an 11-year-old Filipina girl, and of the torture and sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant. Scully also filmed the torture and killing of the children, rumour has it the video “Daisy’s Destruction” is hidden somewhere in the deep web, nobody is sure if this is true or not as FBI officials have already claimed to have destroyed the video.

People who have claimed to have seen the video have said that the video shows the 11 year old girl being amputated and stuffed in a vacuum seal bag to suffocate and die. The 18 month old girl (Daisy) survived through the torture.

🌜Cottage Witch Tips:🌛
Cottages Witches weave spells into their housework. I have done cottage witchcraft for years and it makes it so much more fun to clean with witchy intensions.

*Here are a few to try:*
•Wash dishes in lavender or lemon verbena soap to to banish negativity
•Vacuum up bad spirits by putting cedar chips in a vacuum bag
•Glamour clothes when washing
•Dust with vinegar to drive away negative energy
•Polish with lemon oil for protection
• Keep bowls of dried flowers around the home to bring love into a room
•Place Lavender sachets around the home for calm and serenity
•Spray your home with homemade cleansing mists made of herbs and flowers to banish negativity and bring love and tranquilly to your home
• Use a broom to sweep away negativity
•Wash floors with Florida water to bless your home and keep away bad spirits
•Organize drawers and leave a spell on them to remain organized
•Keep cedar chips in drawers to keep away negativity
•As you clean your bathroom glamour it so that when anyone uses it they leave refreshed and feeling gorgeous
•Fold clothes with success spells upon them
•Iron wrinkles and troubles away from you when ironing clothes
•Cast a spell on your kitchen so all who eat your food will be blessed with love and compassion
•Clean your bedroom furniture to banish negativity, then polish with lavender oil to bring serenity and peaceful dreams
•Keep a Citrine Crystal next to your bed to banish nightmares
•Throw rose petals around your room and on your bed, leave them for a few hours to imbue it with love. Then vacuum them up and the roses will banish bad spirits when you vacuum other parts of your home
•Wash sheets in lavender for restful sleep
•Leave a spider in your home or garage to weave webs for you

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Venison neck roast.
10/21/2015 Atlanta, Ga.

My wife harvested this buck on opening day of rifle season. The first part of the deer we cooked was normally a piece of meat we left in the field.

This is the first time I’ve prepared neck roast. To be honest, I have normally left the neck in the field because I thought it was too bony. Boy was I wrong. I dry aged the neck for two days. Early this morning I trimmed off the fat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, poppyseed, crushed red pepper, and olive oil. I then slid it into a vacuum sealed bag to marinate at room temperature for about seven hours. I browned the neck in our pressure cooker then threw in black trumpet mushrooms, potato, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, a big handful of grape tomatoes and two cups of water. I pressure cooked it on high pressure with a low flame for 45 minutes. We were skeptical until this amazing aroma begin to fill the house. We were all blown away on how good this was! My wife and I were contemplating when we’ve had a roast this good. We will never leave another neck behind in the forest again ;-)

momordique  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could explain what to do about these small black bugs that sometimes find their way into my flour/cornmeal/starchy food, and if they are in any way dangerous? Thank you!!

I’m sorry to inform you that you almost certainly have weevils, which are so common in flour that their nickname is the flour bug. The good news is that they won’t bite you, but they do multiply quickly and will get into all kinds of food.

What to do if you find weevils:

  • Throw out whatever is in your pantry. Take special note of items like flour, sugar, pancake mix, or cereal.
  • Throw out your shelf paper (if you have some).
  • Vacuum your shelves, paying special attention to corners and crevices.
  • Throw away the food and vacuum bag outside of your house. You don’t want to keep that in your kitchen.
  • Thoroughly wash your cabinets with soapy water.
  • Wipe down the cabinet with ti-tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or white vinegar.

What you can do to discourage weevils:

  • Keep your flour, cereals, etc. in clear plastic containers. This is also good for space usage and just makes you look really organized.
  • Buy flour in small amounts - whatever you think you’ll use sometime soon. This way your flour doesn’t sit in the cabinet for months at a time.
  • Whenever you buy new flour, put it in your freezer for 4-7 days to kill off any weevils or eggs already present. I mean, the dead ones will still be in the flour, but they won’t reproduce or spread.
  • You can put dried bay leaves in your flour to keep weevils away.
  • You can also put small bags of black pepper on your shelves.

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Have you ever considered vacuum seal bags for your plushies instead of tubs? I feel like they would help for packing, but I understand if they squish your plushies too much or something!!

I always vacuum seal them, they wouldn’t fit in my car otherwise. They sometimes get a bit wrinkly, but not badly and it goes away.

They just go in boxes in the house to keep them safe from dust and water and pet hair.


Waste of Space

Packaging and the display of food has become an illusion an fantasy. We are shown what the brands think we want to consume. Large flashy packages, great value for money filled with a bounty of food. But when you open the package the reality is often far from your expectation.

Chips are a category that has always infuriated me. You hold a puffy packet then when you open it and let the air out you are left with a tiny pile of chips at the bottom. I wanted to investigate this issue deeper to see who were the biggest pushes of expensive air and underwhelming contents while also creating the largest carbon footprint in transportation of the unwanted chip air.

The size of each bag was calculated fresh from the shelf and then the contents removed and vacuumed sealed in another bag to see how the size compared. The results were a loss for the consumer and the environment…

also like??? growing up with trichotillomania is wild because most people have never had their trashcans searched or have been angrily confronted with the contents of a vacuum bag. I haven’t had a bald spot recently, but the last time I did I was around eleven I believe? And I had one or two before then when I was around seven. And my Mother does not believe in mental illness and even now that I’ve explained to her what I have she still does not and will not understand.

She never once tried to help me. Instead she threatened me because I made her look bad and ‘’embarrassed’’ her in public. I had to teach myself how to deal with it the best I could. It was during the summer and my spots got sunburned and had open sores and she never helped me or cared because it was all my fault. 

And once we had driven up to Washington State to see my Aunt, and by the end of the trip my Grandmother had found a massive clump of hair and asked my Mom about it and she was incredibly unhappy with me to say the least.

Support your kids people.

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niall writing an anthemic song we'll hear 38229 times on sports promos and tv shows and soon Niall will be a rich-ass adult musician with fifty thousand bags of vacuumed packed socks because he wrote this decades Don't stop Believing


The year is 2025. Niall Horan opens the door to his modest but tasteful contemporary home and invites a camera crew in. 

“Hey MTV, this is my crib, like! *gestures dramatically* Where d’we start? The kitchen? Uhhhh…that’s Willie on the couch there say hi Willie.”

*muffled voice from living room, sounds of FIFA 25*

“Legend. Right uh people do the fridge thing right?…this’s me fridge! Oh, that’s me candles there on the table, got a mix there, good smells. Right, here’s me Actimels, sorted by date. Willie! Did you rotate the Actimels while I was away at the Grammys??”

*muffled voice from living room*

“Whatevs. Anyway, got like six Grammys this year. Got a snog from Rihanna I was BUZZIN. Um…come over this way. That’s the garden. Obama out there, hi Obama! He says hi. Doesn’t talk much. This is the telly…that’s FIFA…Willie’s crap at FIFA, don’t film that you’ll embarrass him. Got a song in there this year though. Lotsa trumpets and drums and the like like BAM BAM *air drums enthusiastically, imitates trumpet noises* Anyway down here, I know what you’ve really come for, right? It’s just down the hall.”

*Leads the camera crew to a closed door at the end of the hall and makes a shushing motion with his hand*

“Gotta be quiet. And don’t breathe too hard, the air in here is filtered. Paid like a bajillion dollars for that. *opens door* So like…here they are. Here’s me socks. *gestures at three walls lined with display shelves full of shrink wrapped novelty socks, arranged by color and pattern* There’s me world record plaque on the wall over there. Biggest sock collection in t’ world! Haha. It goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, black and white, dots, stripes, herringbone, plaid, animals and nature, funny phrases, celebrities and historical figures. Got a special section for horse socks in each color. Fuckin LOVE horse socks they’re so funny. Check these out though, custom made Gucci horse socks, hahaha I like these one too. Horses playing golf! HA! Here’s the Obama socks. Got like fifteen pair. These here are socks Harry’s bought me. Mostly like floral shit and hearts, I dunno he’s just like…really into hearts. I really like coming in here when I’m like…stressed out or like having trouble writing. Bring my guitar in here some times, they’re just really inspirational, you know? I like these ones here ‘I hate Mondays!’ with the little frogs. It’s so true, right? Mondays are the worst. The frogs remind me of Harry sort of. Lemme know if you want to touch anything, I’ve got gloves for that. I can pull stuff out for you. No? Alright cool I’ll just pull these dog socks out though they’re hilarious! It’s the queen mum’s corgis, right? But they’re wearing little suits. Hahahha! Cute. *muffled sound of Never Enough playing from a tiny speaker* Shit that’s me phone. It’s Harry. Sorry, I’ve got to take this, he’ll want my opinion on a blouse or somethin’. Anyway, thanks for the visit MTV! Now get outta here I’ve got to organize me socks!”

The Modern Vampire

- has vacuum packed bags of grave dirt under their mattresses, and in shoe insoles for crossing running water

- utilizes tempered glass, plastic, and black out shades

- owns very strong foundation, sunscreen, and has abundant skill in makeup application

- files paperwork with hospitals and donation centers in order to feed legally and safely, thus allowing for a more secure relationship with the local population

- adjusts for inflation, and always maintains multiple stock portfolios to best ensure wealth accumulation is done in the latest fashion

- carries an epi-pen in case of garlic, and sudden attacks by holy relic

- always carries a pair of tweezers if confronted with counting small things in large numbers

- maintains a polite distance from those with a less enlightened view of the Vitally Differentiated community, but strives to educate where possible

- always has a SHOUT pen for when snacking on the go becomes messy

- invests in thin body armor to cast off blows from stakes

- would do well to adopt a closed mouth smile in mixed company

- maintains a good working relationship with surrounding historical societies and writers

- understands that savagery met with more savagery is the reason that they’re forced to file paperwork, tread lightly, and blend into the human population as seamlessly as possible



Also it is legitimately so huge that the only way I can store it is in the vacuum sealable bag it came in lmao. Those photos are without any hoop or petticoat under it. YES IT IS THAT POUFY ON ITS OWN.

Plz excuse my freshly showered, sans makeup self, I was too excited to try it on to make myself presentable XD

Brb styling the wig now :OOOO


Hey @ufyh! I just unfucked my living room!

It took me 4 20/20s (not 20/10s because it’s my day off and I have the time to use). Before pics are on top, followed by after pics.

–Cleaned the coffee table, computer table, and couch
–Put the “donate” bags in the car
–Packed more for the move

So! It’s clean, but it looks sparse and temporary…because it is! I’m moving at the end of May! And now I don’t have mess stress compounding moving stress, which is cool.